Our culture seems to be riddled with negativity from the media, old parental messages, and advertising that tells us we are not smart, happy, or driving fast enough. Many of the outdated ideas or dramas we own from the past can derail us from today's positive thought track and crash us into fits of negativity, which attract more unwanted circumstances. How can we quickly change our energy around to build more confidence and happiness?

Recognize Disempowering Thoughts

Mainstream thought is often negative. It nearly always focuses on problems. If we believe everything put in front of us, we are not exercising the creative power of our own mind. Shift away from negative, self-defeating thoughts by being aware. Here are a few classic disempowering thoughts you may recognize. I'm not beautiful. I'm poor but good. I can't be happy. Life is hard. The world is a terrible place. I will probably fail. Things will never get any better. I'll never make any money. Being aware of what we are thinking is the first step in banishing disempowering thoughts. Learn to listen to your words, whether they're in your mind or coming out of your mouth.

Set a New Mental Equivalent

What we think, and how we set our mental equivalent on any given day tells the universe what to provide for us. If we want success, prosperity, better relationships, more self-confidence, or love, then that's where our mind needs to be, and not once in awhile but all the time. Instead of focusing on the disasters on the morning news, focus your mind on a sense of positive expectation. Rise out of negativity by thinking great thoughts about everyone. See yourself as a success. Believe that you've come to the planet with a gift. Practice positive and auspicious speech (no swearing!) Release your fears about being a worthy individual. It is impossible for you to be a nobody. Switch on the positive thought channel of your mental radio or TV the minute you arise each day and consciously invite abundance and opportunity into your daily experience.

Know That Thoughts Create Reality

In today's popular mélange of mysticism, psychology, religion, and science, Western thinking is moving away from scientific proof. Thoughts do create reality, whether hard data exists to prove it or not. Logical positivism had its field day, but now our culture is beginning to embrace the power of the mind. People are learning to rely upon intuition and spirituality as their guide in decision-making.

A positive mental attitude is the belief that we can increase our achievement through optimistic thought processes. This attitude comes from observing our environment and we reinforce it when we get feedback from other people, circumstances, events, or behaviors. A positive mental attitude, it can be considered a way to approach life. Positive thinking is a discipline that trains the human mind to change a perceived reality by repeatedly making positive mental statements.

To turn negative self-talk around, notice where you automatically shift to a negative expectation. This issue was discussed in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? Our neuro networks become ingrained in patterns that make us search for a chemical hit in our interpretation of reality. That is to say, when we continue to stay in a negative thought process that does not serve our higher purpose we are destined to keep repeating the same life experiences over and over because we will never view reality differently. Our lives never improve. Living joyfully becomes impossible because we are generating more of what we don't want.

Negative Thoughts Have Physical Effects

Our thoughts, memories, and emotions are not only part of our mental programming, but they affect our bodies. Scientists have determined that we hardwire our brains by our associative memory our associations with people, events, times, places, and things. We assign emotions to the memories recorded in complex strings of nerve cells wired together. The strings become networks of information we can access automatically at any time.

Connections between our nerve cells are strengthened when they are repeatedly stimulated in a process called "long term potentiation." Through associative learning, our brains are programmed not only by ordinary experiences but also by extreme circumstances. Trauma can change the structure and function of the brain and may create an automatic response in the form of anxiety or fear.

The good news is that we rely upon many automatic programs to function. Neural networks give us a wonderful opportunity to shift into a sort of mental cruise control where we don't have to think about brushing our teeth or riding a bike. We just do it. We've established the network by repetition so we don't have to think about every moment in life in excruciating detail.

Our thinking thus affects our bodies, especially thoughts that have become patterns that don't serve us well. For example, putting yourself down is an old habit built on old information. Old emotions like despair, low self-esteem, and self-pity give us a chemical boost of neuropeptides that guide our perception of our new choices.

Cancel Old Thoughts and Substitute Powerful Ideas

Do you want to feel better? Stop engaging in negative self-talk. Prune away your old negative programming and plant new seeds for your current circumstances. Positive thought strings create new systems in the brain, producing the new chemistry associated with emotional changes. To translate this technical talk break your "put down" habit and learn to react differently to life. The next time you catch yourself in a put-down, say out loud, "I cancel that," and instantly substitute a new and powerful thought about yourself.

It's vital to remember that your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and physicality are intertwined. Negative self-talk down can make you feel unmotivated and physically ill. Move your mind to a new way of being. It's a healthy habit you can easily cultivate.

Here are five ways to shift to your positive self-talk channel:

1. Check your state of mind. Choose your own attitude and emotions. Don't accept another person's outlook on life. Focus your intentions in the present moment. Because we have choices, our experiences begin in the mind. As within, so without. Be consciously aware of what you want to create. 

2. Focus on today. Step away from old memories, past relationships, and hurts. Attend to the present. Find joy in what you bring to the world. Take a deep breath, stay centered, and remind yourself that your presence is a gift. 

3. See the big picture. In the universal equation, today is but a blink in time. You are not permanently stuck in difficult moments. You can move through them with ease and grace. You can do this without depleting your energy reserves by making a commitment to doing so. Remember, life moves all too quickly. Make each day count and quit wasting your energy on negative thoughts, unproductive thinking, and who said what to whom ten years ago. 

4. Release negative expectation. Focus on what YOU can do to contribute to a better world and not what others expect you to do. Pace yourself. As you practice positive expectation, you'll find that better circumstances will be naturally attracted to you. Have faith in the process.

5. Be thankful. There is no better way to change your energy then to turn up the volume on gratitude. If you are thankful for what makes you happy, by the Law of Attraction, the universe will provide you with more to be thankful for. Be generous and say thank you to those in your life who care, to your Higher Power, and to yourself for being an individual spark of Divine Power. Your natural state is unlimited abundance, so be thankful for all you are. Be thankful for and your journey.

Experiencing success through a positive mental attitude begins when we retire negative perceptions and break the addiction of old emotional states. Doing these things is a choice that requires persistent effort. Let go of self-criticism and move forward. When a challenge arises, change your thought process to include more thoughts of gratitude, unconditional love, self-appreciation, freedom, and joy. That's the foundation of a new and better reality.


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