Many people worry about how change will affect their personal lives. Media culture tends to be negative. If you take a daily dose of fear, blame, scarcity, or doom, and allow it to condition your response to life, you have allowed someone else’s worldview to become your own. You have the ability to think positive, and while you train yourself to affirm the best in life, it is necessary to build an attitude of gratitude.

Living in a true state of thankfulness allows you to manage what you do with ease. No matter how difficult, life’s lessons are always learning opportunities. Spirit may be attempting to get your attention in areas that are not serving your best interests. Acknowledge the lesson, learn from the experience, and feel gratitude for the personal growth.

Let’s practice five ways to build gratitude:

 1. Yes, you can cope. Affirm it! When the worst happens, affirm your innate ability to cope. Human beings were designed to withstand environmental stress. Be on top of your mental game and don’t make excuses.

  • I can do anything I set my mind to.
  • I am strong enough to rise above criticism. I’ll take what is important to improve myself, and leave the rest behind.
  • I navigate with ease through this challenge.
  • I am able to see past this situation. I believe in myself.
  • I live effortlessly. I meet today with a sense of ease and confidence.
  • I help people wherever I go by being an example of strength and wisdom.
  • I am one with spirit, which knows no boundary. I am unlimited in my creative abilities to face any challenge set before me.
  • I’m smart, competent, and wise.

 2. You are an individualized spark of divine spirit. You consciously create with The One Infinite Creator. Invite the presence of light and love into difficult circumstance, and ask that you be a catalyst for positive change for all involved.

  • The Prime Creator helps manage this situation.
  • I am an agent of positive change. My presence illuminates these circumstances.
  • Universal wisdom works through me.
  • I pour unconditional love into this relationship.
  • With each breath I take, I am blessed and supported by a higher power. It is impossible to be outside a unified universe. I am never alone.
  • I can heal this situation with my thoughts and intention.
  • I operate from a higher conscious awareness. Therefore, I can rise above negativity and pettiness. Every word I speak is filled with love and light.
  • I am fully supported.

3. Widen your perspective. View traffic jams, unemployment, lousy weather, lost dogs, and missing luggage as a temporary energetic renovation. You’ve shifted reality. Chaos is a by-product of transformation, so go with the flow.

A thankful state of mind and heart means continual acknowledgment for life’s experiences because they are for your greater good. Express gratitude for material possessions, job security, or life accomplishments.   By doing so, you are building trust in life and strengthen your connection to the divine.

  • I am grateful for this opportunity to learn more about my capabilities.
  • I am thankful for this situation so I can be more compassionate toward others.
  • I appreciate my beautiful body because I am a wondrous creation.
  • I welcome this challenge in my life. I’m thankful I can inspire others who are experiencing the same difficulties.
  • Because of my family, I am thankful to be even stronger than yesterday.
  • I receive all goodness with an open heart. I rejoice in my blessings!
  • Any problem is an opportunity to develop wisdom. I am a wise soul!

Practicing gratitude puts you in the Super Bowl of big picture thinking. If you’ve suffered bad circumstances, affirm what you do want, and express gratitude for what you already have. Be thankful for your healthy body, family, job, kids, and anything you can think of. You will flourish because seeing only perfection and the good in all things and people will attract more of the same. Have a complete appreciation for what life offers, in all its wonder and complexity.

4. Use the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. Similar vibrations resonate with each other. People at the same level of consciousness will seek and attract one another. Work in conjunction with the law! Raise your consciousness and vibration by being positive. Do not judge others and practice forgiveness. Love for the sake of loving, without expecting anything in return. Raising your vibration this way will naturally improve your circumstances.

Think of a time you helped a friend or employee and were overwhelmed with thanks. We always feel inclined to give more to someone when they are enthusiastic and appreciative, and it’s the same for the universe. Don’t forget to thank the higher power for all you have.

If you want to be loved, then be a loveable person. Thank others for all they do. Life provides exactly what we acknowledge. Learn to love life and be in love with life at an intimate level. Have gratitude for your sustenance. Feel and visualize the support you receive. Appreciate all people who have ever loved you. Anytime you acknowledge life is good, wholesome, and loving, you are entering a state of gratitude.

5. Make gratitude a daily practice. Thank others on a regular basis. Wherever you go, show up with a compliment. Visit your family and bring affection or caring. Tell your friends how much you appreciate their sense of humor or their graciousness. Never assume they don’t need to be thanked. Write thank-you notes for dinners, gifts, and prospects you receive from all the people in your life—your family, your partner, your children, and your business colleagues. Quit procrastinating and learn to get the words out. Once you learn how to practice gratitude, you will be amazed how much positive energy returns to you.

Living in a state of gratitude for being alive and well quickly turns negative situations around. Be thankful when you can improve the lives of others through your words and actions. With an attitude of gratitude, you’ll be among the most beloved people on this planet. With a thankful approach to life, you will have a great opportunity to explore the limits of your patience and your capabilities as a loving individual.

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