Oprah has taken an interest in people who had vision boards that produced positive and abundant change in their lives. On February 11, 2007, after the February 8th airing of the The Secret with James Arthur Ray and Michael Beckwith, I sat myself down and spent the entire day creating a vision board of my own. Since I have no problem visualizing anything, I felt this was a terrific exercise in setting goals, creating an intention, and thanking the universe for what I have already received. I remember looking at my new vision board and thinking, Well, God wants us to have it all, so why not? I held nothing back in creating the board. It was complex, crazy, I shot for the moon.


When I finished, I celebrated. I spent at least an hour dancing joyfully around the living room in a state of gratitude. I allowed every experience on that board to come into my being (and believe me, there were events on that board of such complexity I think even God would have to pause to figure out how to make them manifest into reality). For the first time, I allowed myself to really feel what it was like to receive these gifts and have these events happen in my life. To be given all the gifts on that board, to know them, was humbling. When we ask, it is given, and then we offer thanks to the Divine for being a co-creative partner in our growth and evolution. This is one of the secrets of the visualization process. It's how we attract new conditions and circumstances. I was reminded in Oprah's show that after we create in the mind we must express deep gratitude from the heart. This expression tells the universe that we are already in receipt of what we asked for.


But after we ask, how do we draw ourselves into alignment with what we want? With healings, gifts, or more love? During the last three years, the gifts on my board I received were healthy skin (I beat cancer), a healthy body (made it through back surgery), and improved family relationships. I asked for simplicity at work—and wound up losing my office; I wish I knew why I asked for that one!


But many other things I did not experience or receive. Things like working with Michael Beckwith in raising consciousness, or my next book hitting the New York Times best-seller list. The book I was writing at the time didn't get picked up by a publisher, and since the idea was not well received, I dropped the project. There was no media blitz, no fresh material, and I went back to the drawing board. How long would it take, I wondered to write a book that everyone wants to read? And what am I not doing to support this vision of being a teacher who uplifts the human spirit?


I put the board away.


Then one day I got an email whose subject line was "What guest I learned the most from on Oprah." I retrieved the old vision board from the shelf and dusted it off. I carefully looked at it. When I created it, I ran of room on the front and starting putting more things on the back. When I was finished, I had created a personal statement, a letter to the Divine, about how I needed support. My work at the time was out-of-balance (burning the candle at both ends), our family life was in an upheaval (a family member had just entered a dark, painful three-year period of alcoholism and addiction), and I felt my marriage was suffering from insufficient emotional intimacy. In this "back-of-the-board statement," I wrote about my desire to go to Fiji or India. I needed to make space in my life to align with the energy and Presence. These are, of course, ideas Oprah has discussed for nearly twenty-five years.


When I think about it now, I gasp. I did go to Fiji. Twice. Back then, it was a remote thought in my mind, and the idea of going to India was completely absurd. But I went to India earlier this year. All three trips led me to studying with the Oneness Guides at the Oneness University in India. I learned to be a blessing giver. Now I teach people to how to breathe and make space for the present. I had many extraordinary mystical experiences in Fiji and India and brought the teachings and those mystical experiences home to make them easier for Westerners to understand. I no longer saw myself as a Lone Ranger, but part of a thing we call Oneness, the collective consciousness. My energy centers were open, my kundalini rising, and I was astounded at what true harmony felt like. I hold a Ph.D. and have lived out of my head and left brain for nearly my entire life, so surrendering to principles and experiences that involved sinking into God's mystery was very challenging. The Self is not separate from God. We don't have to do everything all on our own.


If anyone had told me in 2007 that today I would be giving deeksha blessings, transmitting grace to heal others, and helping to raise consciousness, I would have laughed so hard I would have fallen out of my chair. But I surrendered and just remained open to learning. I knew that someday, this subject matter and blessings might help a great many people.


Mystical Experiences


One day in Fiji, we were told Amma and Bhagavan, teachers in the Oneness community, would offer a final blessing to the program attendees. One of the spiritual guides instructed us to get ready to ask Amma for all of our desires. She is reputed to be a very powerful healer who can fulfill requests for those who are pure of heart. Later, someone told me that the guides had said to only ask for one important thing and to focus on just one thing, but because I was already in such a high state, I don't remember this second instruction. Instead, shortly before Amma was to deliver her blessing, I compiled a very long list in my mind. (Yes, another over-the-top vision board.) I wanted to write a book on oneness. I wanted to be a spokesperson for a major organization. I wanted healing and peace in my family. I wanted more loving relationships, more fun in life, success in all things for my career. I wanted world peace. It was a lengthy list. In my state of heightened awareness, I made the list in my mind and gave it to Amma from my heart. Then I opened my eyes and looked at her.


What I saw was nothing short of phenomenal. I saw Divine Intelligence. I saw it coming out of her chest toward me in a wave of extraordinary power-energy transmission. There are no words to accurately describe what I saw and felt. This energy emanated from Amma like a broadcast system in a sort of funnel shape. It was a pattern I couldn't comprehend, mathematical, complex, active energy. It had an intricate, magnificent pattern, rhythmic, swift, and web-like. It looked like an ancient, mystical order of thought, a system as old as time. It resembled some kind of Rubik's cube, a divine computer program. And it knew. As I watched, everyone's requests seemed to be acknowledged and the situations and resources to make them manifest were being put into order. The energy was impartial. It moved toward me as it came out of her, its modules clicking into place as it responded to me and everyone else in the room.


At that moment, I knew this cosmic intelligence had taken my requests and begun to create the energetic infrastructure required to manifest the conditions that would make them a reality. It was the divine mind at work, the activity behind what we see, the presence that knows all and knows how to respond to every individual's needs and desires.


Needless to say, this blew me away completely. I knew at that moment that there is a god and that our human interaction and existence are a co-creative expression with the Divine. There is so much we don't see that occurs behind the scenes. But I saw it, so I know it is so. God is. We are never alone. There is a power, a presence, so ancient and complete that the minute we ask, the conditions are ordered and moved into place to make our desires a reality on earth. This great intelligence is the responsive universe itself. It responds to every thought and prayer, it reveals every gift in its own divine time, it arranges exactly what we want. We only need to ask for it to make an appearance in our lives.


It was a good thing I remained in Fiji for a couple of weeks. Once you see God, it takes time to process the magnitude of what the essence of All That Is can look like. I was deeply humbled and remained in a high state of gratitude for days, thanking all my spiritual teachers, past and present, who had prepared me to be able to see this. Afterward, I remembered a lesson that had been given earlier in the week about mystical experiences of the kingdom. They get you so pumped up about life's endless spiritual growth that you're less consumed by the material world.


But a peak experience like I had should never take the place of a loving dedication to everyday life or the need to serve humanity. It should not replace prayer, meditation, or self-reflection, where much personal growth originates. You do have to come home and ground yourself in everyday existence. Mystical experiences don't happen every day, but when they do, they are meant to show you that God does in fact exist, no matter how we see him. And that things are moving into alignment the minute we ask. The moment we ask. Whether we put it on a vision board or not.


I can only say that all the events on my vision board have not taken place at this time. It's been three years. But, maybe it took three years to lay an infrastructure for these things to occur in the future. Perhaps. Since Oprah was on that board, and her show is ending, I'm not sure how that works, but I do know one thing she's said all these years that has stuck with me: God always has a greater vision for you than what you have for yourself. Always. Maybe my vision board was only a starting point for God to get an official notice that I wanted to be filled up. The funny thing is ... I feel full. Whole. My new book is coming out. I am excited about that. Our family is doing great. My husband and I started ballroom dancing two weeks ago. (I had no idea when we started dancing that 'ballroom' was on the board, but, unbelievably, it was.) I feel that my life is an endless opportunity to teach and share.


I'll go put the board away for now and revisit it in three years. Whose vision will it be at that time? Mine? Or the Divine's? Maybe we can decide together.


Every Blessing,


Charlene M. Proctor, Ph.D.


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