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Oneness is not a new teaching. It’s a timeless, fundamental principle of all creation that refers to one source uniting everyone. Humanity’s yearning to find congruency with God and the Divine within us has given us common ground. From cave paintings all the way to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, it doesn’t take much to see that this intention has been around for awhile. Whether we find it in the Vedas or Christianity, oneness has been a popular subject for great spiritual masters who have offered us plenty of opportunities to awaken. We’ve been talking about being one with creation for thousands of years. Oneness is the nature of existence, a law governing every function of the universe. Once we discover this blueprint for living, we see that it’s abundantly ripe with the possibilities of what life can be. Call it a flowering of the heart, call it freedom from the mind, call it discovery of the higher self, or call it becoming God—it refers to the end of our perception of duality and separation.

You Are The All

The universe is one system because matter and energy are eternally united, a concept deeply rooted in science. Every existing substance can be reduced to a pattern of energy that interacts and connects with other forms of energy. Although we think of ourselves as separate individuals, that separation is an illusion. There is only a changing totality, a self that is one. It is a vast, endless, omnipresent, collective self that dwells in all beings, a cosmos that moves as one entity. And if the universe is moving as one, we already are one. By being consciously aware of being the sum total, we are everywhere. Oneness is a totality where every level of awareness and all creation are held. It is effortless and uncomplicated.

Nobody leads an independent existence. You don’t suddenly arise from nowhere. You are connected and dependent upon the whole; therefore, you are everything. There is no independence. Your lungs constantly exchange oxygen with the trees. You receive energy from the sun. All life and nature are extensions of you. Your existence is dependent upon the planet, and the planet’s existence is dependent upon you. Your body is dependent upon thousands of other systems making your physical existence possible. You are one, big, extended body, and your thoughts are part of a unified consciousness, too. You are a daily illustration of quantum physics, a constant light-energy-body exchange. Can you claim any resource, property, or tangible item as exclusively yours? Of course not. But you can claim ownership of the All because that is who you are.

You Are Birthed From Within 

Clearly, if there is nothing outside of what is boundless eternity, then wouldn’t it make sense to think we originated from a single source? We don’t have to become somebody because we always were that source from which we came. Cosmically, we are birthed from within. There is actually great harmony on this point between the Christian and Hindu scriptures with reference to India’s Sanataan Dharma, the eternal truth. The Eastern view sees creation as a process of beginning where life grows outward from within, much like a plant developing from a seed or the formation of the human embryo. In contrast, when we fabricate something like a car, we impose upon nature from without instead of from within. Life definitely manifests differently than the objects we produce.

In the beginning, the One Spirit was the source of all creation and birthed finite creation without changing Itself. For in Spirit, there was neither beginning nor end. No time and space existed. This cosmic consciousness had no dimension, no objects of creation; it was only Spirit. Ancient wisdom tells us that God (or Goddess) dreamed or vibrated the universe into existence, and it became creation. The opening verses in John restate the spiritual cosmology set forth by in the Indian scriptures that were handed down to the masses by the rishis (shamans or holy men and women) when they were in high states of consciousness. These seers were representatives of God through whom the wisdom of the Vedas flowed. According to the rishis, John’s Logos, “word,” meant “intelligent vibration and energy going forth from God.”  “Word” is a cosmic vibration that has materializing power. It was the Prakriti that informed all matter. As soon as unmanifested Spirit had a thought, it became God the Father, the Creator of all vibration. In Hindu scriptures, He is called Ishvara (Cosmic Ruler) or Sat (Supreme Consciousness) and remains untouched by any vibratory tremor. He is the primae mobilae, static and immoveable; hence, unchangeable and eternal. In verse 42 of the Bhagavad Gita, it says “I, the Unchanging and Everlasting, sustain and permeate the entire cosmos with but one fragment of My Being.” So when creation was birthed, we came forth as intelligence from vibration, which started from thought. Today, as humans, this is the way we create anything. It all begins with an intention and a thought, and we use energy to make it a reality.

When this vibratory force emanated from Spirit (called the Holy Ghost by Christians or the Great Cosmic Mother by other wisdom traditions), it was said to be the word Aum (Om). Aum is the vibration that brought matter into being. In the Gita, the Lord affirms, “Among words, I am the one syllable Aum.” Aum is the sound that one hears in deep meditation. To merge into its stream is to experience boundlessness. Anyone can do it. Yogananda said we are all vibrations—the frozen imagination of God. In science, matter appears to be solid, but solid matter is actually subatomic particles in motion, tiny strings whose rates of vibration in different patterns produces different creations. Although diverse, this stuff composing all matter and forces is the same.

This oneness is often referred to as the trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. It is acknowledged in Hindu scriptures as Tat, Sat, Aum (All That Is the Truth or the Supreme and Absolute Truth)or Sat Chit Ananda (The one and only reality, pure consciousness, bliss) in Sanskrit. “Of all manifestations, I am the beginning, middle, and end,” says the Creator in the Gita, who pretty much describes himself as All That Is.  Of course, biblical writers were not versed in any terminologies of modern science, and maybe not Eastern philosophy and beliefs, either, so they used “the Word” and “Holy Ghost” to explain the character of cosmic vibration that created the universe in a perfect pattern.

In using this same cosmic principle, the spiritual master Jesus aligned himself so completely with divine intelligence and God’s will that he consciously yielded healings and “miracles,” which are simply manipulations of matter. The rishis believed that if human will power and mind are aligned with God’s will, anything can be successfully materialized. We actually practice this same principle by releasing the vibration (thought + energy + intention) that accompanies human speech or writing. It is the power behind the Word or the creative principle affecting all matter. In India, Vak is the potential power of speech. To manifest any desired condition, keeping your speech auspicious and positive at all times is essential to raising your individual vibration; hence, raising your consciousness depends upon how disciplined you are in aligning your will with God’s will in thought and word. It takes self-discipline to have complete awareness of your own thoughts and to bring them into positive alignment with God’s will.

Essentially, we are sparks, or individualized ideas, of the Divine Presence that exists within all creation. But just as human intelligence is needed to create anything purposeful, vibration and consciousness need intelligence for matter to evolve. Hence, God’s intelligence is present within all vibratory creation and is called Christ consciousness. The yogis explain that Christ consciousness is the pure reflection of God, or the only begotten Son. Not the only person who could reflect God, but one who has already done so. This consciousness is present in the tiniest specks of creation and is the only undifferentiated, or indivisible, pure reflection of God the Father. It is more of a universal, cosmic principle than a person. In other words, it is the conscious presence of God’s intelligence in you. It’s kind of like his perfect, personal signature in each one of us. And everyone has it.

Oneness is being completely aware of God within yourself. God is knowable; it is your conscious choice to lift your awareness higher to do so. Oneness is to look beyond matter to see clearly. Matter is not the only reality – we must look for the truth that lies within the heart of every human. To be aware of God within ourselves is to be free of delusions, and reflect the intelligence and light of God nonstop through compassion and love. We must see ourselves as conduits for grace.  

Oneness is living with the deep knowledge of a shared consciousness. It is realizing our God-self, our infinite nature. Oneness is not only feeling compassion for every life form and acknowledging the magnitude of God’s genius, but also having humility and deep gratitude for who we are as individualized sparks of divinity, from the universe’s strings and quarks all the way down to our own quirks and DNA.

Activating Our Potential

Oneness is the vision of humanity becoming God and God becoming us, a merger that signifies the end of dual perception. It is a shift in perception. But we get into trouble when we insist on seeing ourselves as less than an extension of God. Until we wake up to the truth of who we really are, our minds work overtime to show us why we are individual pieces of matter and not one with the Source. To move in the oneness direction, we need to heal our own lives first. This begins when we look within to uproot our negative conditioning and the impulse to blame our woes upon someone else. We have to search our database for negative experiences that have grown into narrow-mindedness or dislikes for certain family members.

For my generation, oneness is no longer an option. It’s not a function of fancy poetry about the origins of the human race. Oneness is a way to activate our potential and consciously evolve to higher levels of perception. I see this translating into world peace. Oneness means we can freely express the love that unites all people. The realization of oneness with God brings about an inner awakening more beautiful and more deeply satisfying than any other life experience. It’s a state of being, congeniality with other people, a joy that trumps any emotion previously experienced in the mind or in any ordinary human encounter. A spiritual awakening represents the first few threads of universal harmony. And we need it because we live in an age where answers are needed. Take a look. Many people are in deep pain, much of it emotional suffering, the residue of old relationships, bad parenting, being drafted, self-imposed shame, confusion, and disappointment in what their life should be. These perceived shortcomings prevent us from knowing the truth of who we are: we are creative manifestations of God, the One who objectified himself as matter, light, and mind.

Sure, regaining our memory of our oneness with Spirit might be a pretty big conceptual leap but it remains a choice: we can either have awareness of God who lives within us and move toward our own perfection, or we can be burdened by limitation. It is a state of mind, an initial decision, a point of view that can be expanded to a state of being. Choosing the larger Self as our own self is where we practice being God-in action, where performing real-world service or loving others seems like the most natural thing to do.

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