Yesterday, one of my dear friends talked about the importance of the New Thought movement where the goal of humanity is to realize its oneness. It is our purpose as teachers to help others manifest this idea in their personal lives.  Together, we observed the numerous people who diligently work to move themselves into higher levels of conscious awareness. They travel worldwide to attend spiritual programs that help forward their own growth, and then come home to show people the way of oneness by offering support and nurturing.

Accepting the responsibility of such spiritual leadership means we become an example. To reach out and uplift another means we offer encouragement to a person who meets resistance in their challenging experiences. Often helping someone move forward is more powerful than getting that individual to attend a workshop or a class, which we may think shifts a person to a new point of view or gives them a push in the “right” direction. As an inter-faith, inter-cultural community, who are we to say what will forward their spiritual growth? If we raise ourselves, doesn’t that mean we transform collective humanity?

There are many of us who “just hold space” and what may appear as inaction or “doing nothing-ness” are actually providing a container of energy for others to explore. We live from our heart-center in unique ways. I write books, and within them, there is always a soft invitation to higher conscious awareness, a secret door to open that leads us to greater recognition of the Divine Presence from which to draw strength. By pushing this door open at our own speed, we discover the power to live every day in total awareness of God’s presence.

One measure of success in the Oneness movement is to practice the teachings in everyday life.  A practitioner becomes the teaching and radiates its energy. You can do this by speaking kindly to someone at the dry cleaners, blessing a friend, sending deeksha by intention, or expressing joy and bliss at the office. Your energy will uplift others – it’s the way God works.

As our Western Mind sorts out the value of “being” and “doing” let’s remain conscious of who we are in relationship to the Presence.  With that thought today, I’ve included a beautiful poem for your meditation:


I Am the presence you have been waiting for,
I have come before you not to be judged,
I have come before you to be loved.
As you do to me-you do to yourself.
Recognize your imperfections, love your faults
and in that moment you shall become I Am That I Am.

-          Sanatkumara

Om Shanti and Every Blessing,



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