Emmet Fox, a prominent New Thought minister of the 1940s, stressed the importance of setting a mental equivalent to create an abundant life. He borrowed the term “mental equivalent” from the concept of equivalence as used in chemistry and physics. If engineers, he said, can determine that heat energy has an equivalent in another form of energy, we, too, can apply this concept to our thinking and intentions. We are perfectly capable of creating positive circumstances by changing our energy.

We can create the equivalent of every experience or object in the physical world by changing the thought to which it corresponds. Before you manifest something you want in life—a satisfying job, healthy body, friends, or new relationships—you must first set a mental equivalent to attract it. If you have something you want to be rid of, such as ill health or strife, begin by striking the belief that those ideas and experiences must be part of your world and the world at large.

In terms of creating financial wealth, have you examined your bank balance? If it doesn’t look too good, think of it as an invitation to abandon old assumptions about lack. Just as we have to clean out our closets from time to time, we must change our limited belief systems in order to create new realities. We can choose positive, empowering thoughts to provide a foundation for our experiences. This is the basis of what we demonstrate in the business environment and in our personal lives.

The Principle of Supply

Our ability to cultivate abundance is related to our understanding of the inner, hidden world of our true reality. All things originate in the hidden world and then emerge into the visible world. Even though the forms may change, our true supply never dries up. Consider how you have been supported in the past by your mother or father and your various jobs, which gave you shelter and food. Many channels are temporary.Your true supply channel is Source, or Spirit. If you choose to ignore your continuous, infinite supply from the Divine, you negate your self-worth and fail to identify with the “what is” that is naturally abundant. The universe is infinite, and so are you! You will always be part of an everlasting supply.

Create a Prosperity Mindset

Be conscious of your belief in insufficiency. Look to the underlying principle of unfailing supply. Quietly know there will be enough for tomorrow. Remember, Spirit is constantly expressing a plentiful life through you. It is impossible to be anything but infinite supply. Just recognize it!To open room for abundance, create a new mental equivalent. Ask yourself:

>  What do I desire? Whether it is a bigger bank account or more love, feel what you want with tremendous passion and clarity. Be happy when you make a big shopping list for all your desires.

>  What are my ideas about money? Creating a bountiful life is about mastering the process of thinking. Your abundance is not determined by outside conditions, but is a manifestation of your beliefs about what is, or is not, possible. Take an inventory of your faulty thinking and release your old, outdated attitudes about lack, what you deserve, and old family and cultural attitudes about prosperity.   

>  Do I recognize I have unlimited opportunity? Recognize your participation in an unlimited creation that extends over many universes and time periods. You are endless and omnipresent. Meditate on the vastness of Oneness. Visualize yourself as an extension of this infinite and wondrous energy. This is your true reality, not the temporary conditions you may currently experience.    

>  Do I stop to give thanks? Be thankful for what you have and what you are about to receive. You have to have attitude of gratitude when you’re creating a new mental equivalent. Rejoice in the abundance of everything, not just in what you have, but in what others have, too. When you have a mindset of joyful thanks, you will resonate with all things that bring you positive results. When you notice joy and prosperity everywhere, you raise your vibration to match. You can draw abundance into every corner of your life. Like attracts like!

Practice Higher-Level Thinking

>  Believe you already have everything. After you have asked, it will be given. When you begin to live with a sense of positive expectation, trust in the process. This is the premise behind the Law of Attraction!

>  Know that unlimited opportunity is a state of mind. There is nothing holding you back. You are part of the All that is an unlimited idea. Your life is therefore without limits. The Divine Presence is universal, and there is one infinite mind in this galaxy and beyond. Start thinking big!

>  Be responsible for your outcome. Practice visualizing and making decisive choices anchored in the present moment. Take the action needed to show you are serious about what you want. Support your requests with well-thought action.

>  Practice Clarity and Interest. Feel the presence of a new situation today. Experience the emotion of what it is like to have what you desire.

Remember, manifestation takes practice. Get started by unseating old mental and emotional programs. Add this prosperity affirmation to your daily spiritual practice:

When I dwell on the idea of lack, I build a consciousness of lack and attract more lack. Whatever I ask for, I receive because the natural state of the unlimited universe is to provide for me. I now have the mindset of abundance because my source is unlimited! I am part of a universal order that provides an abundant and inexhaustible supply. I see abundance reflected in all areas of my life. My income and all things that are valuable to me are prospering and growing bigger as I notice how much abundance there is in the world.

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