With the turn of a new year, most of us want to set and meet empowering goals. We pause to correct negative thinking and make a commitment to process life differently. We take a self-inventory and then make new year's resolutions. It's amazing how often we keep wounds open from situations that no longer matter. Memories and resentments, such as old hurts left over from parents and institutions, guilt, unforgiveness, and old mental programming all translate into heartache. How can we stop carrying over negative and unproductive states of living and instead create long lasting abundance and harmony?

Develop Conscious Awareness

All beings are capable of peace and prosperity. It is a choice through word, action, and imagery. To feel more productive and balanced, work on developing conscious awareness of those thought patterns that prevent you from expressing your gifts. With a little self-discipline, choose to express yourself with positive language. Vow to eliminate arguing from your reality. Choose to be aware of love. Stop focusing on suffering and finding fault with others. When you do these things, you will begin to experience less struggle and more joy for as long as that idea is held in your consciousness.

Choose a Positive Attitude Every Day

We have an opportunity every day to choose our attitude and focus our intentions in the present moment. Our own lives and all that we see in the world, originate within the mind, so we can make such a choice. Our physical experience is a 360-degree review on how we think. Negative thoughts and old patterns of thinking prevent us from offering the world our special talents and doing the work we love, which can be anything from managing a home or a family to running a Fortune 500 company.

Having the discipline to choose your attitude can be a challenge, however, especially when old baggage gets in the way. Understand that your job is to fully participate in life, but at the same time be consciously aware of what you want to create. Then look at the results and make adjustments. To do this, know that life is a cooperative arrangement between you and the Divine Presence. Thoughts and choices eventually become reality, so you can measure your progress by being aware.

Rely Upon Your Inner Power and the Present Moment

To realize your inner power, recognize that strength and self-confidence live within each and every one of us. Power is that spark of divine energy that constitutes our unique and beautiful selves. The strength to achieve a goal comes from making choices based in the present moment, not as a reaction to events, relationships, or experiences from long ago that no longer matter. Decide to live in the present. This is the key to an empowered life. Honor the Divine within you, no matter your wisdom tradition, and find ways to connect regularly with your Source.

Remember, life is an exercise in making positive change in the most arduous circumstances. The power to create a new reality lies within. By claiming responsibility for what you create, you grow and develop. There is no failure, only a greater opportunity to put your Divine Light to work. Make this new year's resolution: take charge of your thinking when you celebrate the New Year. That includes taking charge of your destiny and ending the self-blame for past experiences that no longer have any bearing upon what you can accomplish today.


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