Are you ready to speak your inner truth?When my new book arrived, and our employees hoisted cartons from the freight truck and up the stairs of The Goddess Network offices, I was excited but my throat tightened. As the cartons piled to the ceiling, I realized when we get ready to speak our truth it is not uncommon to panic. Words are powerful especially when they embody real-life insight. Once the energy is released, there's no turning back.

Your voice is a reflection of your growth and evolution. As we mature, we feel compelled to pass on our personal truth. Be confident and shed your hesitation! Open your mind and heart to release it. Let the nervous butterflies fly free into the wind and be confident!  You have made a decision to fully participate in life by sharing the wisdom of your own experiences.

Humanity Needs Your Voice

Many people tell me that by the time they are 40, they are busting out of their skins.  They want to quit their jobs and start something new. They've outgrown old roles and past expectations and search for work that resonates deeply with who they are. They are ready to explore life from a fresh perspective and often feel the need to be heard. Isn't that often when we get an urge to find higher ground?

In my spiritual journey, I widened my perspective on East/West relationships, looking for commonality between well-known Christian texts and Eastern spiritual traditions. As a researcher, I was intrigued with the spiritual renaissance that was migrating from India to the West over the last ten years. After attending several retreats with Indian monks, I felt compelled to study with the teachers from the Oneness movement in both Fiji and India, to better understand suffering and the western belief in separation.

As I evolved in my mystical connections to the Divine presence and my own studies, I began to revisit the unity-oriented aspects that are embedded in Jesus’ teachings. I have always believed God is accessible and within all of us. A true spiritual awakening is simply our understanding that Christ consciousness, a concept that permeates nearly all wisdom traditions, is a state of awakening where we understand we are one with God. It is the Divine in us, fully realized. We are designed to be both human and divine; it is our natural state. Like everyone on a spiritual trajectory, my personal truth was the need to fully birth the awareness of my own individualized spark of the Divine that resides in me and more readily recognize it in others.

We Are Here to Share

 The day I unpacked my newly published books, I took a deep breath. I thought, “Why am I bringing this message to the masses? It’s as old as the hills!” But sharing practical advice on self-understanding, and telling others it is possible to shift disorder to order in our relationships is so vitally important. Aren’t we here to learn from each other? This is our common denominator as humans – to be on similar self-development journeys, recognize our impulse to share and help others along the way, and then DO something about it.

No matter what truth you speak, as long as it comes from the heart, it is valuable in our collective consciousness and communities.  Everyone has an inner truth, so when you get the urge, get out there, be courageous, and bring the world your theories, stories, what you believe, and what you know for sure.  Open up through your artwork, through dancing, channel your truth in all your activities, and in all corners of your life. I'll continue to do the same in the next book I write.  I think we will both find that our personal truth puts the fuel under our seats, and brings us a sense of completion as well as opportunities for new beginnings.


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