Oneness Blessings

“When each one of us is a conduit for grace, our world will be transformed.”  -- Charlene M. Proctor

The Blessing, sometimes known as Deeksha or the Oneness Blessing, is a hands-on transfer of sacred energy which helps you grow in consciousness. It is a non-denominational experience designed to awaken your connection to the unity of all creation and to the Divine Presence within.

Since the Blessing is interfaith anyone can receive it no matter what spiritual path they have chosen.

What does the Blessing do? The Blessing allows you to deepen your relationship with those you love, with yourself, and with your Source, however you may define that in your own wisdom tradition.

When we meditate, pray, or schedule contemplative time to free our senses from the constant chatter of the mind, we have more clarity and are open to the experience of love, joy, and peace. Making a conscious connection with the Divine during a blessing can dissolve negative life patterns, release trauma stored at the cellular and energetic levels, and facilitate deep emotional and physical healing. It also helps heal relationships and opens the door to a higher state of awareness. Overall, people report feelings of serenity and a connection to the unity in everything.

How is it given? It can be offered in a live session, by intention (from a distance), through the eyes, or over the phone or internet. A hands-on blessing is given by placing the hands at the crown of the recipient’s head. A blessing always commences with an invocation of the Divine Presence and takes place in an area where a sacred atmosphere has been created. It is a beautiful and thoughtful experience.

Who can receive the Blessing? Adults and children can receive it at any time. If you suffer from psychological illness (see below) or are pregnant, please consult your doctor first.

Why do we need to awaken? Humanity is in a period of transformative change. This evolutionary shift is impacting our social structures, our environment, and the collective consciousness. We need to erase inner conflict and suffering in our inner world so that we can see positive change in our outer world.

Free e-blessings!

Although a blessing is usually given by placing the hands on the crown of a recipient’s head, grace can be sent to anyone, anywhere, at any time by intention, through meditation or focused prayer, even over the phone or internet.

Join our mailing list and receive a free blessing. If your name is on the list, you get a blessing by intention. Charlene prints the entire list and blesses everyone on it before the newsletter is sent. In our newsletter, we will post the exact day and time the blessing was given. Feel free to email us via our contact form with the names of anyone in need of a healing. We post those names in our newsletter so they receive the benefit of the prayer of our entire list. It’s very powerful and heartfelt. No worries, we do not share our list with anyone. Subscribe to our eNewsletter list using the submit form on the left hand side of this webpage.

Live Blessings Experience a Conscious Connection with God

Sessions may include:

   > Simple stretching with music and chanting
   > A spiritual lesson
   > Sharing of participant stories
   > Contemplation: A brief, guided meditation
   > Invocation of the Divine Presence (May be Christian and/or Hindu tradition, but unity oriented)
   > A hands-on blessing for each individual
   > Lie down in Shavasan, a yogic posture used for relaxation
   > Blessing by intention and focused prayer for healing in relationships, abundance, and perfect health

Please check our posted events on our homepage and blog. For inquiries call 1-866-888-4633 or 1-248-322-1400. We limit our group size so please call ahead to reserve space. Teachings vary from the New Testament Gospels, teachings of Jesus, Abundance, Positive Thinking and The Mind, The Divine Feminine, Positive Thinking, Life Balance, The Quest for Significance, The Authentic Self, Suffering Management, Emotional Charges and Releasing Fears. Please feel free to bring written prayer requests for friends and family members.

Keynotes and Speaking Engagements by the Rev. Dr. Charlene M. Proctor
To have Charlene speak live at your next event call 1-866-888-4633 or 1-248-322-1400 or via our contact form

Please note: Podcasts, live or distance blessings, spiritual guidance, the Blessing, and books are meant to be tools for self awareness and personal growth. These programs are not intended to be a substitute for medical care, legal or psychological advice. If you suspect you have a mental or emotional disorder, are undergoing medical treatment, psychotherapy, are experiencing seizures, high blood pressure, or have any other neurological or neurorespiratory ailments, please consult your physician, licensed professional, or therapist and use these programs under their supervision. The author or The Goddess Network does not assume responsibility for your improper use of these programs.