Meeting Russill Paul

Last weekend, I attended a Kirtan, lecture, and a workshop given by author, spiritual teacher, mystic, and gifted musician Russill Paul. Thoroughly illuminating and enjoyable! His East meets West teachings come at a time when humanity needs them the most. Russill was a monk and yogi under the direction of renowned sage and mystic, Bede Griffith, in South India for many years. I was able to experience his work on sonic mysticism and immerse myself into The Yoga of Sound for the weekend. This workshop was rare opportunity and helped me more deeply understand and refine my own spiritual practice. No matter your wisdom tradition, it is highly recommended! Please read his book Jesus and the Lotus or attend one of his many presentations on Christian prayer, interspirituality, unity, and eastern mysticism. You’ll be able to tune into the authentic sounds of chanting, mantra recitation, and enjoy a special connection to the Divine Presence within. Thank you Russill, for sharing your wonderful gifts. You are a treasure!