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Bless and Be Blessed! Learn more about the Oneness Experience Course

Dear Beloveds, this past weekend I attended The Oneness Experience™Course in Lansing, Michigan.

For two days, blessings givers from across the state, along with a wide variety of spiritual seekers from Michigan and Wisconsin, raised consciousness by meditating and discussing personal growth issues while receiving the Oneness Blessing. New attendees released old emotional patterns that held them behind and began to experience self-expansion.

Understanding Oneness within oneself, in each other, with nature, and with God (or your Divine Source, in any wisdom tradition), is about returning all of life to a much higher order. When we see our God-Self in each other and live from a higher level of self-awareness, our individual journeys have more meaning. We move beyond merely existing to interacting with all of humanity and with Spirit. Life then becomes a robust and amazing experience!

I encourage you to learn more about these courses, which are now offered all over the country, by clicking here.

Be prepared to look deeply within and learn the basics to manifest better relationships, excellent health and prosperity! Of course, the Oneness Blessing and Divine Grace help tremendously.  Sri AmmaBhagavan’s teachings are given through Acharya Samadarshini, a Senior Guide of the Oneness University on DVD. This interactive program includes yoga and meditation exercises given by a live facilitator too. You can take home these beautiful practices to incorporate into your own Daily Sadhana (your own personal spiritual practice!) Beautiful music makes the entire weekend a wonderful, right-brain experience.(We were even given free monthly downloads from Kosmic Music!)

The course takes two full days of participation. I encourage you to be well rested and prepared to be there! Make a commitment to be fully present and you’ll learn to calm that chattering, inner dialogue in your Mind that interferes with your potential.

One attendee, Lee Schaberg, met me in the hall to tell me she had received the Blessing from me in my office last year. I remember Lee showing up for meditation class and we worked on our breath awareness, developing present moment awareness, and forgiveness. After she had received the Blessing, she became more interested in personal growth and she attended the Oneness University Level One Fiji Program with the Dasas. She went to Fiji and had a life-changing, empowered experience. She is now on her way to becoming a Level Two Blessing Giver and leads a life of conscious awareness and inner peace. I know this because I can see it in her beautiful face.

In her own work, I know Lee will help to inspire and teach others to live more completely from the heart, as it is one thing we all learn at the Oneness programs. The Dasas always encourage us to love others deeply and wrap our minds around what that really means.  We can only give what we are, so we must first become it, an important Oneness teaching. When we embody love (not just casually tossing out a “Love Ya” but actually become the idea of love) and fully express it from every pore of our being, we are more capable of being a conduit for goodness and Grace. We can change the world!

All of us can learn to love wastefully, as John Shelby Spong said when speaking of the life of Master Jesus, because by loving ourselves completely, we have an abundance of love, so much that we are over-flowing with it. There is plenty for everyone and it spills over to permeate every corner of our lives – to our children, partners, the environment, our workplace, and even the guy who rang up your purchase at the hardware store. By watching many people participate in Oneness Programs, and also having been there myself, I can honestly say this is the greatest gift of these teachings.

Give a “Self” gift today and treat yourself to some introspection and self-reflection.  You life will be so enriched! By generating more love, and as Grace becomes inextricably intertwined in your life, your relationships will become more authentic. You will witness many other unexpected changes, and I guarantee you will expand personally and spiritually from all avenues. Visit the Oneness North America website or email me at to learn of other courses in the area!

Many Blessings,



Oneness India Adventure

Hello Beloveds! I just returned from The Oneness World Headquarters in Varadaiapalem, in the Andhra Pradesh area of Southeast India. I spent two weeks with the Oneness Spiritual Guides who reviewed the Oneness teachings as given by Sri AmmaBhagavan. Nearly 400 people seeking to become oneness trainers (those who can initiate Blessing Givers to give Deeksha) attended from every country on the globe: Russian, China, Japan, The Netherlands, Italy, and Spain to name a few. All faiths were represented. During the week, Bhagavan met with each country separately and we had an opportunity to laugh with him as we received his blessing. His mission remains the same: to spread the power and beauty of God’s grace to every corner of this planet, as abundantly as possible.

Golden City, where the temple was built, is an amazing structure. It hosts thousands of visitors and local residents for ceremonies and darshans with Amma and Bhagavan. A darshan is an event in consciousness, where the spiritual seeker or devotee develops a greater love and devotion for the Divine Presence. The energy in the temple is very powerful and in some areas, I could feel it throughout my entire body.

At the Oneness University campus, we spent two weeks in deep meditation and honed our spiritual practices, such as PranaYama. Our group had many Homas which are ancient sacred fire ceremonies in the Vedic tradition of Sanatana Dharma. They last about 2 hours, and during many of these, my third eye opened up and I saw many mystical symbols while meditating. During a Homa, the spiritual guides hold an intention for healing, world peace, or even prosperity, and forms of the Divine are invoked through mantras and prayers. They cast offerings of fruit, flowers, or money in the fire, while chanting in Sanskrit. These chants have a unique vibration that infiltrates the energy field of everyone present.

On the last day of our spiritual pilgrimage, we were invited to do our own individual Homa, in the tradition of the local villagers. Under a thatched roof in the countryside, we sat at our own alters while Satish, a Oneness guide, presided over the ceremony. In conjunction with the fire, he instructed us in how to transform our intentions and prayers into reality. It was a beautiful experience!

I will be offering Blessing Giver events this spring in addition to the Oneness Experience course, so please check my website for details! The course will be given in an ‘East Meets West’ style, encompassing some of the eastern spiritual practices from India but will also include reverence and love for Jesus, the Spiritual Master. It should be very interesting! Above all, these classes will cultivate a deeper love for the Divine Presence within you, in whatever wisdom tradition that you hold most dear. Remember, we are all one within the Divine. I hope to pass the grace to many of you soon so please stay tuned! Om Shanti and Love, Charlene
Links: Oneness University: http://www.onenessuniversity.org/