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Where is the Sun?

Recently I traveled to South Florida for a little R and R along with some sun and fun. Tarpon fishing!

The peace and solitude of the open water was a reprieve from the 12 hour days I have lately in front of my PC, as I channel grace into writing my new book.

It was a great trip but alas, no fish for my efforts!

But I didn’t mind. The true “trophy” from the adventure were the moments of stillness I was experienced under the sky. So much connectivity with nature.

Out of my office window, today’s Michigan sky looks gray, gloomy, and rainy – hardly resembling the peaceful canopy that enveloped me on my trip. But all I need to do is to remember the peace and harmony of those hours on the open water.When we are connected with nature, life’s Mind chatter falls away and we can fully and openly receive the Divine (as the true sunshine!) inside our being.

Repeat this affirmation today to recognize your spirit:

(Found on Page 372 of my book, The Woman’s Book of Empowerment.)

I now align my God-self and know that my own consciousness belongs to everyone on this planet. All life contains Spirit and I am a reflection of the Divine. I am He, I am She, and they are within me.Together we are unified as one presence, one blessing, one light.


The Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible

The Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible by Rev. Dr. Steven Hairfield is essential for your self development. Read it!

I told Steven last month that this extensive and magnificent piece of research will permanently change the way humanity’s path to self-development and understanding of Jesus. I was so inspired! I have never had such an appreciation for the Master’s teachings as I do now.  I am in a deep state of gratitude for being led to this work.

My life is so enriched by Steven’s easy to read commentary – it’s filled with love! Steven, thank you for being the vehicle for this wisdom. I also have a richer perspective on what the Eastern teachings mean to Christian Westerne

This book has made me a better teacher and writer and I know it will have a profound impact upon your life. Click here to order!

Visit Steven at

You’ll be able to find his radio show, lectures, and other writings!