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How Can a Blessing Change Your Life?

Pierre Pradervand asks this question in “The Gentle Art of Blessing: A Simple Practice That Will Transform You and Your World.”  

I am currently reading this wonderful book that explains how we can make a conscious choice to bless every person or being around us.  Blessing others makes a positive difference! Blessing another individual is to acknowledge the divine light within him or her and their beauty that is hidden from material eyes; it is to hold in reverence a person’s potential and to behold with awe that which is a gift from the Creator. It is to wish, from the deepest chamber of your heart, unrestricted good for another person.  And when we invoke divine care upon, speak or think gratefully for, or confer happiness upon another person, Pierre says, we are never the bestower, but simply the joyful witness of life’s abundance.

For all blessing givers, deeksha givers, or anyone who wants to acknowledge the universal goodness in an individual, make it your daily habit.  As you walk though your city in which you live or the office where you hang your hat, bless people even if they are unkind. Bless them sincerely, totally, and joyfully. Be conscious of blessing someone at least ten times a day. Wish for their peace, and see them stepping into a vision of who they are in the eyes of God.  Acknowledge their unlimited good.

I guarantee, once you make this a habit, you will see positive change or an event turn around. Last Tuesday at 4 a.m., my son asked to be taken to the hospital. He was in a great deal of pain. He has a tumor on his appendix; it was infected and had ruptured. When we arrived, it looked like a long wait. I sensed inefficiency, and negativity. The nurse who first attended him came in his cubicle, complaining about being sick herself, saying since she was coughing and feeling lousy, she should not have to be there (meanwhile handling his I.V.) Something needed to change!

If you would feel happiness and ease to be blessed by those who create problems for you, Pierre writes, why not be the one who takes the initiative of reversing the negative energy by starting to bless them? He says instead of feeling like you’re the victim of a situation you can’t control, manifest your dominion by taking the initiative to correct a situation. You can choose not to submit to an apparently helpless situation.

As my son lay on a gurney waiting to be seen by the surgeon, I took a few moments to bless him and the hospital staff too. I asked for healing for every individual that entered our space. I blessed my son and his perfect health that would be made apparent to him soon. I blessed every person that we would encounter that day, and asked for God to reveal their perfection to them. I blessed the patients at the entire hospital, asking for their joy and vitality to be revealed to them. And I blessed the staff’s capacity to provide compassionate care and wisdom in delivering what they were trained to do, and to use common sense and wisdom in the process.

It took about 15 minutes to change the energy around on Tuesday morning, and for the rest of the week, it could not have been a smoother process.  We were the first ones in surgery that morning, and landed the best doctor at the hospital. My son never had a roommate assigned, the nurses were cheerful and wonderful, and he healed very quickly. I constantly emanated the energy of gratitude and expressed my thanks for anything anyone did for us. I gave every nurse on our team a chocolate bar and blessed them again. Our resources fell into place, and all was well.

Together, let’s practice the art of blessing. Take a few moments today to give a blessing. It is not a magic trick… anyone can do it.  Let your heart do the talking! Know there is more unconditional love to go around than we can possibility imagine. Start with your significant other, your kids, neighbors, and your co-workers. You’ll be glad you did!  If you bless someone today, please let me know how it made a positive difference in your life.


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Daily Word starts the week off with a focus on visioning. Forming a steadfast vision of good is a lovely way to begin your day!


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A Reader Asks, "What is Christ Consciousness?"

Recently, a reader asked me to briefly explain what I meant by Christ Consciousness. It is discussed in my newest book The Oneness Gospel: Birthing the Christ Consciousness and Divine Human in You (coming soon!)

By Christ Consciousness, I mean the state of attunement and alignment Jesus had with the Father, a state of being, and elevated state of consciousness. A state where only love exists.

Hence, he was so identified with the Father, he considered himself one with Him at all times. You will find him referring to himself as such, throughout the Gospel of John.

It is important to note that he told us we could achieve this state too, with diligence and attention paid to what we carry – our thoughts, intentions, and our forgiveness factor. Also, an awareness of what resides in our hearts, which hopefully, is good (God). These are all are important to rising in conscious awareness of our relationship to Spirit. In The Oneness Gospel, I discuss this state of oneness, talk about how we discover it, and make it work in our lives.

Since I went to India this year, I noticed many congruencies with some of the teachings of the monks who studied under Sri Amma Bhagavan, the founders of the Oneness University India, and the teachings of Jesus. I thought this was very interesting!  In many respects, the two camps are really talking about the same ideas, only using different terms. I thought my readers would be interested in the oneness teachings enough to spark their interest in New Testament, and read it with fresh eyes.  To embrace it at a metaphysical and metaphoric level!

Remember, whether we are from the East or West, and no matter our wisdom tradition, we are all one people who carry the same light within. It is the Christ within that illuminates your life (and the life of others). When we attune with that, and realize our potential, it allows us to achieve excellence in all things. When we recognize it in ourselves, we can then see it in our family and friends, and all of humanity.

How do you view this light that is within you? Do you feel this helps you rise in confidence and tackle difficult circumstances?  Does it assist you in inspiring and uplifting others? In what ways do you rise in conscious awareness? Let share some thoughts!

Today’s tip from a reader:  pay careful attention to using auspicious language and simply speak positive in all ways, no matter what is going on in your life!  See if you notice any difference in your energy, attitude, and the way people react to you.

There is a wonderful affirmation on Daily Word at www.unity.org! See http://www.dailyword.com/ about excellence and the Christ Light within. Check it out!

Have a beautiful day, filled with many blessings. Thank you for writing in!



Conscious Studies with Kurt Johnson PhD

Some amazing courses on consciousness and interfaith topics are coming this fall! A worthy list to be on. I highly recommended this!

One Spirit Interfaith Seminary: Consciousness Studies with Kurt Johnson PhD



A Wonderful Event: Russill Paul visits Metro-Detroit

Russill Paul is an inspiration to experience and he’s returning to Metro-Detroit on August 20-21st. Be sure to mark your calendars! I know I have – here are the details:

Exploring Enlightenment and the Deeper Dimensions of Yogic Spirituality

August 20-21st
NW Unitarian Church in Southfield, MI

For more details follow this link or contact Alex Riegel.