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Kingdom of Heaven

Many enlightened beings have pointed out that we look everywhere for God but never find him until we look inside. Finding God inside seems too simple, too improbable. But the kingdom of God, which we also call heaven, is not a place in another galaxy far, far away. It is within us, and it’s a completely accessible state of attunement containing all the qualities we ascribe to God: wisdom, bliss, love, and a higher-level vibration. To know heaven, we must replace error-ridden thoughts with joy-producing good vibrations. Heaven, which is inner truth, lies within our reach and can be revealed to you as you ascend to a higher level of conscious awareness. In deep meditation, when we withdraw from the issues of the outer, material world and focus on the realm of heaven in the inner world, heaven is near. To experience heaven, we must visit the place where God resides, which is a higher state of vibration. We must redirect our energy and draw from their natural energy stream. Heaven is a meditative place where a person first realizes that the kingdom is within and acts accordingly and wholeheartedly to express it in thought, word, and deed. This is how we each bring the kingdom of heaven to earth. We saturate ourselves in the work of translating higher ideals and principles into daily life. This is what a spiritual awakening is.

Regardless of external circumstances, anyone can find and express the kingdom of God. This expression is a place of clarity and calm, where the unity of all things is revealed, and is your higher self at work, the antaryamin within you. When we are centered in such knowledge, we don’t need to seek love or acceptance from other people or the external world at large. It is more enjoyable to focus on truth and humility and project our self-love than to worry about what others think. When all we do is seek praise and accolades from our contemporaries, we become blinded by the temporary happiness of celebrating ourselves and forget about our brightest light, the spirit within. When we have complete self-acceptance and honor the divine every day by expressing our gratitude, it is easy to feel comfortable with who we are and accept others. This is also where the kingdom is to be found.

A new 90-minute movie on where we find the kingdom is Being in Heaven. It’s about losing everything when life takes an unexpected turn. Often those are the times that lead us to real answers! I think you’ll enjoy this film about letting go of the past, embracing personal transformation and freedom, and finding true happiness.


The Art of Conscious Creation

Are you seeking a powerful set of lessons and interactive information refining your Art of Conscious Creation? Then check out Jackie Lapin, Char’s Fav for this week.


Creating Abundance in Your Life

Recently I’ve unearthed a number of amazing seminars and presentations on creating an empowering life. Abundance seems to be a timely topic and so I felt this slideshow would support you in achieving a prosperous August!

Interested in the Empowerment Show? Take a look for more details on how you may add this to your inspirational home library!

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