The Heart to Lead: Women Who Make a Difference

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As a ‘New Thoughter’ I am interested in healing. Healing is facilitated by spiritual awareness and the mind and heart-space working in conjunction. As long as we are working to uplift consciousness, we can heal negative circumstances and facilitate planetary healing.  We heal others through our own self-realization, so our personal and spiritual growth is vitally important. And everyone has a wonderful, unique way of healing!

 Not long ago, my dear friend Bonnie Kelley of Evolutionary Women, an organization dedicated to raising awareness of women and their intimate connection to the Divine, helped make a film about the dynamic awakening to one’s own personal development. The Heart to Lead explores the emerging paradigm of feminine leadership. Women have built-in homing devices to return to who they deeply are and to where they belong! I highly recommend this film’s positive message! It is empowering to see a variety of women like Dr. Barbara Marx Hubbard, Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell, and Dr. Barbara Fields attune to their strengths. They show us how to be catalysts for social action and personal growth.

Rachael Jayne Groover of the YIN Project, inspires women to be empowered and feminine. She has wonderful videos on how to cultivate a stronger feminine presence. Click here to learn how to project your energy from your womb space. Rachael also serves as the Spirituality in Action Coordinator for Humanity’s Team, an organization whose purpose is to communicate the idea that we are all one with God and life.  With this shared understanding, the people at Humanity’s Team believe that the behavior of humanity will shift with that understanding.  I couldn’t agree more!

Another empowered woman making a difference is Linda Beal, who has opened a spiritual and metaphysical online center called Liminal Consciousness. Linda and I met at a Oneness course in Fiji, and she heals and awakens many people with the Oneness  Blessing.  She offers many spiritual and personal growth programs, and has a wonderful link on her site called the Ocean Research Library. It provides a free download of the religious texts and writings associated with Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islam, Judaism, Sikh, Tao and Zoroastrian religions. Wonderful for the Unity student!

Let’s appreciate our unique ability to lead with our hearts today, as empowered and loving individuals. We are working together to make a difference in the world!


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