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Are You Feeling Empowered?

Charlene Proctor

Charlene Proctor and Danielle Knox

Consumed by fast paced lives, we feel they have to be superhuman to keep up. But if we work out the problems and complexities in life by letting go of the negative and making time for our spiritual selves, life can become more manageable and meaningful.

Leading woman back to balanced lives and higher self-esteem are books by the founder of The Goddess Network, Charlene M. Proctor, Ph.D. Let Your Goddess Grow! 7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking reveals how women and men can grow in their spirit and harness the power to create a positive and balanced life. The Women’s Book of Empowerment: 323 Affirmations That Change Everyday Problems into Moments of Potential teaches the self-discipline needed to quickly and easily change negative thought patterns around.

Charlene getting make up done on the set of The Balancing Act

Charlene getting make up done on the set of The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV

Charlene Proctor, author and spiritual teacher, will be appearing on The Balancing Act. Airing on Lifetime Television on June 22, 2011, she will discuss human potential and personal growth with host Danielle Knox. This show includes a practical approach to using the Law of Attraction and ways woman can redefine their success. Local show times are posted online at http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/balancing-act.

For more information about empowerment programs and all of Charlene inspirational and self-help books, please visit www.charleneproctor.com or contact Angela Samuels, Marketing Coordinator at marketing@charleneproctor.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information. Feel free to call 1-866-888-4633!

Join Charlene in a discussion about empowerment on Lifetime.com


Oneness: A Timeless Principle of Creation

Charlene Aspire MagazineIn need of a spiritual awakening?  Charlene Proctor discusses Oneness: A Timeless Principle of Creation in a featured article in this April/May Aspire Magazine as it relates to her latest book, The Oneness Gospel.

Aspire Magazine is the premiere inspirational magazine for women since 2005 and is dedicated to inspiring women to live deeper, more authentic lives. As part of their global “Mission to Inspire 100,000 Women” campaign you can claim your FREE subscription and over 50 free gifts at www.SubscribetoAspire.com




Dancers raise money to benefit the Christ Child House and Lutheran Child and Family Services of Michigan

Charlene Proctor at Charity EventMore than 200 people gathered on March 27th at the Marriott Ballroom in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan to dance the afternoon away to benefit the Lutheran Child and Family Services of Michigan and Christ Child House. Bloomfield Hills Fred Astaire Studio professional ballroom dancers and students presented the “Time Machine Showcase” – a dance tribute to some of the best tunes from several decades. The event included a silent auction of items ranging from books, gift baskets, and services donated by local businesses and friends.

Studio owners Evan and Lada Mountain complimented their students and staff for their efforts to produce an entertaining show filled with high energy and plenty of ballroom pizzazz. “Over the last several months, we invited professional dance coaches from around the U.S. to teach and choreograph these dynamic dance numbers,” said Evan. “This year, we sold our event out completely, and we were delighted with these playful performances and the audience’s enthusiasm.” Lada added, “We are so thrilled that we can raise money to help supply orphans with computers, learning supplies, and other items are not provided by the State of Michigan. Dancing for a good cause the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon!”

Charlene performed two dynamic dance numbers with her dance partner Blake Kish. Feelin’ Good, a jazz number with music by Adam Lambert, was a moving, ‘Chicago-style’ celebration of joy and empowerment. “Two years ago, I was in the hospital on the neurosurgeon’s table, awaiting back surgery.  I had no feeling in my feet and was in crippling pain.  I spent 9 months in physical therapy and rebuilt my body the following year.”  She added, “In ‘Cowboy Casanova’, a Carrie Underwood influenced West Coast Swing, I get to be a playful, western-hottie who whips her man into shape.  How fun is that? Dancing is a passionate, energetic exchange with the universe and your favorite people.  I feel completely blessed to be dancing everyday and feeling like a miracle! A woman’s spirit is airborne, and that is the way she should approach life!”

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To see more photos from this event, visit Charlene’s Flickr Page.

Bloomfield Ballroom Studio Tops National Competition