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Love to Learn

When my son graduated from the U.S.C. School of Music, Vince Mendoza, a famous composer and arranger, gave the commencement address.  He advised young musicians entering the music industry to always ‘practice and play positive.’ Have positive energy while creating music, he said, and if you are making music with gusto and love, you will not only translate the art form into something that uplifts humanity, but you’ll make the loudest mistakes. The best musicians are unafraid to put themselves out there 100%.  Finally, he reminded the graduates to have faith. Remember, the music is always in you. Always.

He also spoke about how important is to have an attitude of continuous learning in life. Without this humble attitude, a person can never be empowered to serve another human being, nor personally or spiritually grow. We teach our children the importance of a good education, going to school and the value of homework.  But learning is more than getting prepared for a better job or tomorrow – it’s a positive attitude about how we should view life.

Commit to Constant Improvement and Growth

We can showcase our capabilities simply for the joy of doing it, but also we must make a commitment to constant improvement. Life is a process and we can never really expect to reach perfection. Often, it is not the material that provides a personal growth lesson, but the context surrounding the learning.  Volunteer for an organization that teaches impoverished inner city kids to read. At the end of the day, you’ll find you learned far more from them then they did from you. Life is a big, reciprocal exercise and if we don’t put ourselves out there to learn something new, we will miss an opportunity to grow.

The possibility of what you can do keeps life interesting! To live a balanced life and feel empowered we must encourage others to learn, but also show we are not above making positive change. As adults, it is important to take a class. Test your limits to learn anything new. Develop your innate gifts that can help someone.  By doing so, you are helping to serve and uplift humanity.

Together, let’s:

  1. Show people that learning is about elevating the human condition. Learning, and improving your mind and heart, is about how we can better release our gifts to the world and serve humanity. Show your children you desire to challenge yourself in order to serve another human being. Teach them that learning and education is not all about making more money.
  2. Fill each day with enthusiasm, positivity, and hope for a better world.  All positive energy is contagious when you are committed to living life fully. Learning is a result of that process. You will experience life differently when your attitude is positive and hopeful. Teach others to see their challenges as opportunities, not obstacles.
  3. Be humble to the process. Whether you want to learn to dance, get a high school diploma, or complete your Ph.D., feel empowered by the process. Don’t be critical of yourself and feel you cannot learn fast enough than someone else.  You will always have your own rendition of every song, so sing with gusto and happiness. If you do, no matter what you learn, you will face your responsibilities with a sense of renewed joy and confidence.

We can trust life to show us what we need to learn but we must put effort into the process! Let’s affirm:

“When I look in the mirror, I see a person whose potential knows no boundaries. I am an example of a miracle and a work in progress. I engage in life robustly and wholeheartedly, without fear, knowing I contribute to the greater good of humanity.  My contribution is important because no one has my unique essence.  I love life, and love to learn.”

Become a life-long learner. Your desire to learn uplifts humanity and is vitally important to experiencing an empowered and balanced life.


Every Blessing,




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Each day is an opportunity to stretch the limits of my mind and give more to humanity. The unlimited universe now gives me room to grow in unlimited fashion. It is time for me to step outside my space and expand my world. I give to the world with excitement and love I have extra energy to find ways to channel my capabilities, through either this situation or another, and I am grateful that I have time to take mental, emotional, and spiritual inventory in order to improve myself and my attitude. New opportunities are coming to me now!

Life Passing Me By

I live in the present moment; therefore it is impossible to watch the past or the future. I am fully engaged in a present life experience. I am the center of experience; I watch nothing and experience everything. My presence on earth contributes to a beautiful mosaic of everyone. I leap into life with vigor and say yes to all life has to offer!


Accepting Life’s Challenges

Everyone experiences pain, loss, and setbacks. How can we look at our disappointments and hurts and still maintain a positive perspective on life? How do we increase our resiliency when we’re going through turbulent changes?

The story of Kisa Gotami

A Buddhist story, “The Mustard Seed,” shows that we don’t suffer independently or differently from others. This story is a favorite of the Oneness guides of India. As the story goes, Kisa Gotami, a woman whose son has died, is in deep suffering. In her grief, she carries her son’s body to all the people in her village and asks everyone for help. Finally a villager sends her to see the Buddha, to whom she cries out, “Master, please help me! Give me medicine to cure my child and bring him back to life!”

“Bring me a handful of mustard seeds that were taken from a house where no death has occurred and no grief experienced,” the Buddha replies. “It must be a home where no one has lost a parent, friend, spouse, or child. Then you will be free from suffering.”

So Kisa Gotami searches for a family that has not experienced death. She cannot find such a family, of course. At each home in her village, she is reminded that everyone has gone through the same grief she is experiencing. There is no house where a beloved person has not died. Everyone has suffered as she is suffering. Finally, she realizes that her suffering is not unique. Now she knows that her situation cannot be changed. Since death happens in all families, she can no longer remain selfish in her grief. At last, because she sees that she is not alone, Kisa Gotami releases her suffering. She buries her child in the forest and returns to the Buddha to take comfort.

This story is a lesson about shared suffering. It’s about understanding that we don’t suffer differently from other people. Like Kisa Gotami, we have experienced joy, happiness, pain, and fear. None of these are new, and our suffering is not special. Suffering is common to humanity because no one leads an independent existence. In the New Testament writings, the mustard seed represents faith. Everyone has the same emotions, even the same habits that we use to avoid suffering. We are intimately related and connected through suffering, and we share it collectively. We can no more own suffering than we can own the stars.

Your suffering is not unique

Your suffering is not unique, nor are you alone in your suffering. Suffering is shared, nobody owns it, and we even suffer the same way. Suffering is the same for everybody, because it is always the same mechanism at work. Since we share the same mind and consciousness, why would our suffering be different?

There is no one on this planet that will escape suffering. When we resist suffering, we dissociate from the experience, we blame others, or we set up escape routes in our mind to distract us. We’re afraid to experience suffering, but if you want to be finished with it, then you’ll have to allow those feelings to come. Resistance can be its own brand of suffering. This is because your resistance will keep the experience coming back again and again.

If hurt is present, don’t create some explanation for it. Experience the hurt completely and let yourself go straight through the experience. Give yourself permission to feel these things just as if you would if joy were in front of you. Don’t be afraid. Suffering is just another experience. It comes to an end. When you embrace it and move though it, you won’t get stuck in it.

How can we embrace the light and dark sides of life and still respect life as a learning journey?

  1. Change your outlook on change. This is “big picture thinking.” Of course major upheavals in life can be challenging, but you still need to view adversity as change, not loss and failure. Changes teach us resiliency, both physiologically and emotionally. Change is necessary for all life forms to evolve. You have to give up certainty and trust the ever-changing process of life. Know that Spirit supports you, no matter what. Adversity is a deeply spiritual lesson because God is showing you a piece of life you need to view for your own evolution and transformation.
  2. Remain fully present to your suffering. Being fully present during loss, grief, and other forms of adversity is important. Until you process your pain, you cannot move through it. People often stuff or manage their emotional pain, which then translates into poor health, bad habits, and more psychological suffering. Embrace your suffering. Feel it and experience it in order to move past it.
  3. Affirm your positive, present-moment benefits, no matter what. Accepting life’s contrasts, whether from financial loss, divorce, illness, or grief, means you accept life wholeheartedly. You must accept the bad with the good. As adults, we tend to resent life. Keep moving forward, look up, and ask for Divine assistance. You’ll be amazed at how help arrives, so be open to receiving your good. The universe is infinitely creative. It will send help in ways you cannot imagine.

Let’s draw our strength together and remember that each day is a new opportunity to make positive change in your world, no matter what. Affirm:

“Change is good. I am comforted by knowing that starting over is an ongoing job. I am becoming more resilient with every circumstance. I never give up. Life is a cycle, so there’s always more room for love. I believe I am evolving every day.”

Suffering is a condition we can move through. Humans are designed to experience grief, but not to be permanently stuck in it. Remember that adverse changes in life permit personal growth and give us a greater capacity to love. Watch the corresponding video on The Balancing Act here.

Every Blessing,




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More affirmations that help you develop resiliency and strength to survive adversity. Self development lessons and weekly power exercises from Let Your Goddess Grow! are included in attachments.

Grief arising from loss

My heartache fills my entire body today, but I know the love I have for this person who has crossed over is far greater than my heartache. From this day forward, each time I feel my heart aching from the absence of this person, I will focus on the love they brought into my life. I am so very thankful to have been blessed by their presence. No one is ever lost or gone forever, because love lasts forever. Every time I feel a heartache coming on, I send out a greater amount of love to the outer reaches of the universe and beyond. I am comfortable knowing this person will receive my love every day and through every loving thought.

Facing divorce

I leave this relationship with grace and dignity. I know my soul must grow in a place outside the perimeter of this relationship. No matter how painful the past has been, I am thankful that this venture has been part of my learning journey because it helps me to further define myself. My ability to give and receive love remains intact. My heart is healing. I have tremendous capacity to love others, no matter what the circumstances.

Confronting addiction

I no longer run from life. I now fully engage in what life has to offer. I rise above any physical need that does not contribute to my overall health and well-being. I do not need any substance to hide from life because I love what I have to offer. I am the parent and my body is the child. I take care of my child-body with love because I love my beautiful self.

Anticipating unemployment

Finding new work requires facing a transition and changing my old mental habits. I view this period as an opportunity to become clearer about what I want to do with my life. My hurt and uncertainty about the future leave my body before I get out of bed each morning. I arise with an attitude of success. I believe this change is a learning experience, and I step up to this challenge with strength and conviction. I have a great deal to offer both a new employer and the world.



Looking at life with wonder

Life is supposed to be an adventure, right? But how do we express our delight and wonder with life’s magnificence while we’re doing boring  jobs, paying bills, or taking care of our elderly parents? Once we become aware of the present moment and how perfect and powerful that moment is, we look at life differently. Unfortunately, we are accustomed to looking at life rather than looking within. It’s the difference between doing and being. Kids are very aware of the present moment. They’re great at it, in fact, and they don’t think too much beyond the present. As our responsibilities grow in adulthood, we often forget this important key to cultivating more joy in our lives.

As adults, we have forgotten how to play. When we look at any activity with a sense of joy and invite ourselves to be surprised with the simple things, time slows down.  Every moment becomes a gift. If we look at life once in awhile like kids, the simplest things would seem amazing – a sunny day, a lack of structure, seeing everything new with fresh innocence. Recapturing this simple joy, and the gratitude for life’s bounty, is vital to living a balanced life because joy is our natural state of being.

How can we can learn from our children and recapture a joyful, playful, younger outlook?

  1. Unseat old thought patterns about having fun. When you were growing up, did adults tell you that if you were playing you were being irresponsible? Not working hard enough? If you were having fun, did your parents appear to feel worse because they thought there was no fun in their own lives? Sometimes past programming takes all the fun out of having fun. Learn to recognize these old mental programs and release them.
  2. Indulge in more simplicity and wonder. Slow down. Stop looking at entertainment as a pleasure that provides you with an adrenaline rush. Get rid of your “bucket list” and lower your threshold of expectation. Maximize your appreciation with the basics—a delicious meal, a good book, a hummingbird in the garden, the five minutes a day your dog licks your face or your cat purrs at you. Be fully present for these types of simple pleasures.
  3. Learn to love everyday life. Living an intelligent life is being in touch with life. It means being present and connected with other people. At mealtime, eat your food and enjoy it. Appreciate the weather. Rejoice when a friend calls you to chat. Give yourself over to whatever you’re experiencing today. You’ll find that joy can trickle down into the smallest things.

Let’s remember that our natural and balanced state of being is joy. Let’s affirm:

“Today, I am a playful soul child. I look at everything with a sense of wonder and surprise. Time slows down today, and each moment is a gift. I love simply being me, being free, and making it up as I go along. I have a skip in my step and stretch my arms wide to the sky to accept an unlimited universe filled with joy! I have a joyful, playful, youthful spirit.”

Put aside the adrenaline rush you want to experience when you try some new, “over-the-top” experience. Instead, look for the moments of power you find in your home, backyard, or workplace. Empowered and balanced people are constantly in awe of life. They give thanks for the opportunities that exist to appreciate simplicity. Watch the corresponding video on The Balancing Act here.

Every Blessing,




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More affirmations that help you be a kid again and embrace life with a sense of surprise

Can’t be a kid again

It feels great to play and relax with my children. I love to be a kid. Laughing together shows we are all worthy of having fun in our lives. I take time to play and love the child in me. Everyone in this family deserves to have fun. Including me!

Can’t spend money on having fun

I do not recognize any lack in the universe. My source works through me to provide what I want. I am worthy of joy and pleasure! Denying myself pleasure does not create more room for other good things to happen. There is an unlimited supply of pleasure in the universe. I now allow my income to move through me so I can enjoy life more fully. The channel is open between my money and accepting good, fun, and joy.

Worried about the cost of having fun

I am an image of wealth because I am my unlimited God-self. I open a clear channel to replenish my supply. Since my needs are met even before I anticipate them, I can spend money on having fun. There is no need to deny myself anything. I am an expression of wealth and abundance. There is no lack in the infinite mind of God.



Open up to abundance!

Although living the simple life might have worked for many of our ancestors, most of us want to know how to enjoy a prosperous existence filled with modern conveniences. What is the secret to feeling fuller, richer, and happier? How do we overcome negative beliefs about wealth and money that hold us back from abundance? Changing your attitude on prosperity and money can produce dramatic changes in your life. Your abundance is not determined by outside conditions but is a manifestation of your beliefs about what is possible.

Master Your Thinking

Creating an abundant life is about mastering the process of thinking and using prosperity consciousness. Many people focus on money as the cause of their abundance or lack of money as reason for scarcity.  But money is not the cause of abundance, it is an effect. It does not cause prosperity in your life. These are challenging concepts for most people who say, “If I only had money life would be easier,” If you place all your focus into the cause and not the effect, you are limiting your abilities.

If you are ill, and you only treat the symptoms and not the cause of the disease, you will never really heal, right?  So, adopting prosperity consciousness means you see yourself as one who has an unlimited, inexhaustible supply. And that energetic and physical supply comes from the Universe, or Spirit, however you define that in your wisdom tradition.

Discover Your Mental Equivalent

Ten years ago, our family company was headed toward financial disaster. We discovered that my husband, who was the C.E.O., did not truly believe he deserved any wealth. His assumptions about wealth were odd – he discovered he enjoyed being poor because he thought it made him more like-able or noble. Nobody can provide income for 150 employees with this kind of mental equivalent! Once he changed his focus, and embraced income and wealth as a positive experience that benefits everyone, the business began to prosper.

To create a truly abundant life, you must also recognize that money is not your true supply but only a symbol of your inner supply. No person, place or condition is your supply. Your employer, spouse, investments, or bank account are not your supply. Your true supply is the limitless Spirit behind all creation.  It is an unlimited and inexhaustible supply that fills every need. You don’t have to feel responsible for creating wealth; it’s already there.  You already have it all.  You just need to change your consciousness about wealth, money, and rely upon our Source to flow. You can read about this spiritual lesson in my book Let Your Goddess Grow! 7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking.

Here’s how to begin to develop prosperity consciousness and lay a foundation for abundance in your life:

  1. Quit thinking about lack. Whatever you focus your energy on is what you will receive from the Universe. Think about what you do want, not what you don’t want, no matter your present circumstances. Visualize yourself in a situation with exactly what you desire. Stop worrying about how much money everyone else has and how they get it.
  2. Take an inventory of your faulty thinking. Were you raised with a belief that there isn’t enough to go around for everyone?  Think about how this energy permeates your belief system and behavior. As a child, if you were told it’s bad to be wealthy or you don’t deserve money when you grow up, it might have become part of your belief system. How can you generate wealth when that is your fundamental assumption?  It is not possible!
  3. Give thanks in advance for what you are about to receive. Successful people create, and know that the demonstration, or effect, will appear.  They acknowledge that it has already been set into motion, and have confidence in the process of the Universe.  Learn to trust at a very deep level while you do the earth- work to get there, such as doing your job.
  4. Be aware of the Source within you as part of your limitless supply. It is important to identify with the Divine Presence because the unlimited consciousness of the Spirit within you is your true supply.  When you know this, your abundance channel is open to whatever you think about with clarity and passion.

With a little mental discipline, let’s begin to change our attitudes about success, abundance, and prosperity. Let’s affirm:

“Today I no longer need to hold back from success and prosperity. I live life with ease. I expand my mind to include what I desire in life, and I know I am worthy of receiving. I open my heart to a new level of thankfulness and recognize all the good in my life. I have an abundant supply in Spirit and prosperity is my natural state. I love being in an abundant state because the Universe knows no boundaries in providing me as much as I want and need.”


Every Blessing,





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More affirmations that help you create an empowering and abundant reality:

Always struggling

I live life with ease. I expand my mind to include what I desire in life. When I ask, I know I am worthy of receiving. I open my heart to a new level of thankfulness and recognize all the good in my life. I love being prosperous because it is my natural state. I go with the abundant flow of life and do not paddle against the current. My ride is joyful and easy and includes everything I desire.

“Can’t afford it” mindset

When I dwell on the idea of lack, I build a consciousness of lack that only attracts more lack. Whatever I ask for, I receive, because the natural state of the unlimited universe is to provide for me. I now have a mindset of abundance because my source is unlimited! I am part of a universal order that provides an abundant and inexhaustible supply. I see abundance reflected in all areas of my life. My income and all things that are valuable to me are prospering and growing bigger as I notice how much abundance there is in the world.

Can’t attract money

Today, I stop focusing on attracting money and focus on my source, which is my unlimited supply. My source is the foundation of prosperity. From this day forward, I inhale abundance and permanently bring it into my awareness. Because I choose to identify with my source, I am abundance and prosperity. I am now aligning my higher self with a vision of prosperity. I exhale success and satisfaction with each breath.


Expressing Joy is a form of Empowerment

Even though we may be dedicated to our families and careers, we must find time to express joy and creativity. Each of us is a special creation, an individualized spark of the Presence. Because we are mini-models of the Universe, we are forever evolving and creating. Joy flows through uninhibited creativity, so let’s be the idea of joy so we can grow personally and spiritually.

Joy is essential to living a balanced and empowered life

Joy is vital to your personal and spiritual development. Expressing joy helps you feel more confident and comfortable about who you are. It’s physically healthy to bring joy though your body, too, through your speech, actions, or artwork. Spiritually, joy helps open your energy centers. It’s part of your true nature and does not fluctuate based upon what happens in your life. It is a steady constant. Unless you find some way to express your joy, you cannot live in this spiritual state, nor will you attract people and situations that give you joy.  You have to resonate with joy at a deep level to attract more joy in your life.

When my boys left home for college, I realized that care-taking had taken up all of my time. I had never had time to cultivate any space in which to learn something new. Today, I use ballroom dancing as an articulation of self-love and happiness. Expressing joy for nothing but the sake of joy is totally freeing. It’s an exercise in letting out your light. Do you desire to sing, dance, paint, sing, play the trumpet, or make a home movie? Creative energy is your divine heritage. You cannot just answer to tasks or live in servitude. These are patterns of behavior you may have adopted by being a caretaker and provider. It’s time to make a change in your life.

How do we invite our creativity and joy to pour forth?

  1. Leave your inner-critic behind. Negative self-talk blocks creative expression. For example, if you say, “I can’t” or ”I’m not talented, fast enough, strong or young enough,” too often, that’s what you’ll be. When you’re pursuing joy and believe in yourself, you realize that life is a miracle. And so are you. There is no limit to what you can do when expressing joy is your objective. Release all those limiting thoughts that hinder your creativity. Do what makes you joyful.
  2. Expect a few train wrecks along the way. Not every creative expression in life is going to be a first-place effort. When you’re learning to let your light pour out, you’re going to be derailed a few times. Be like the Little Engine That Could. Keep your chin up, keep going, and don’t flush all your paint down the drain or throw your dance shoes away just because you didn’t produce a prize-winning painting or get on Dancing with the Stars. You are living art. Be humble to the creative process and keep going.
  3. Create from the most joyful place in your heart. Let go. Joy and creativity is a right brain, intuitive process. It’s very feminine. You can’t stay in your left brain all day, punching numbers and writing corporate memos. At my studio, the happiest people I see each day are doctors, accountants, and lawyers who are pulling buoyancy into the very nature of their being. They are making an effort to be balanced and dance from a joyful place in side of themselves. They don’t worry about how good they look … they’re just letting out their light. And it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Today, let’s put aside our judging and analytical minds and remember that we are each a special and unique creation. Joy is your natural state of being. Let’s affirm:

“True joy is not something I acquire from outer events or things. It is an energy I release from within. I am a unique and special creation. I am an individualized spark of the Divine Presence. I am meant to express my creativity because I am a mini-model of the Universe, which is forever evolving and creating. I welcome joy today as my uninhibited expression. When I dance, paint, sing, or am creative in any way, I AM the idea of joy.”

Every Blessing,





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