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Enlightenment is a Process

Although “enlightenment” means awakening to our God-self within, it is a word with a lot of nuances. It suggests that spirituality is a destination we reach after we achieve a state of spiritual wonder, or a reward for having trekked a specific number of times to Tibet, India, or Rome. It’s a term Bhagavan likes to avoid, probably because he is lovingly correcting the Western scorecard mentality. Many overachieving Westerners consider oneness with God to be either a state granted by a guru or some sort of grand finale to life. Although a guru (translation: “one who dispels darkness”) might give you a particular energy transmission to jumpstart the process of awakening, enlightenment is a dynamic process, not a one-time-only event. Attaining a state of enlightenment does not mean we are excused from attending to everyday life. When a person achieves an awakening (enlightenment), he or she grasps that God is present in everything and everyone, but there will always be more to learn. Many highly evolved individuals who have attained very high levels of consciousness on this planet are fully awakened to the Divine within, but they keep on going to reach even higher levels of conscious awareness. They help raise the planet’s collective consciousness through their own individual self-development. By the way, awakened people maintain their personalities (they need to function as human beings), but they’ve learned to let life flow through them without their ego getting involved. They find unique ways to contribute to humanity. Enlightenment is thus not about reaching a state of illumination and posting a new sign on your door, then becoming complacent and spending the rest of life in front of the television.

Everyone on a spiritual path wants to grow, find and express love, and make a contribution. Even if you are instantly awakened by receiving a master’s mukthi deeksha (an energy transmission that helps change a person’s brain cells by a current of grace flowing through a blessing giver), transformation is a conscious exercise; it won’t happen automatically. You still have to receive the deeksha from a person who can send the energy into your brain cells. You also must meditate regularly, take care of your body, eat right, be aware of when you fall into sense consciousness, and practice selfless love. You can take a variety of actions to maintain a connection with the higher states. A master can summon Spirit to envelop a person with grace, but awakening happens more easily when the person is aligned to this expansive state and ready to receive such a transmission.

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Dance With Joy

dancebeat4X6-1-ohio6115With the advent of the new year, I’m reflecting on all my experiences from the ballroom dance world. It was less about winning, more about dwelling in joy and gratitude, and learning to invite a spiritual exchange with the Divine.

The purpose of the entire universe is to live. Because life must live itself, consciousness has an experience through each one of us. And joy is “loving engagement” in life, a very beautiful expression.  This is a state of total awareness of what is, in the present moment.

Being present is to be externally and internally aligned with your purpose in that moment. It is to feel aligned with life and rejoice in your aliveness.  There is no worry or fear, only room for joy. I thought about this countless times when I was on the competitive dance floor during my national tour. I took plenty of time to be fully present and sink myself in gratitude – for my healthy body, for the music, and for simply having an opportunity to be there.

The purpose of being on The Floor was not to score higher than the next competitor nor win another trophy.  It was a place to practice the expression of both joy and gratitude, and through dancing, learn to establish an energetic flow with the universe. Dance invites us to awaken to a greater trust in the Presence’s spontaneity and creativity.  This is the moment when we actively participate in life as a co-creator with the Divine.  A good waltz or tango can drive the point home because I noticed I was always more successful at winning when these points were aligned.charlene proctor

How can we take these ideas off The Floor and put them to use in our daily experiences? Practice by slowing down. Take a moment to feel where you are.  Sometimes there is no other reason for doing something than just being. Joy is simply experiencing what is in front of you, like smelling a delicious dessert, playing a sport you love, or resting your gaze on beautiful scenery.  When simple acts become enjoyable experiences, you live joyously.

I don’t think I’ll give up my ballroom dancing this year, but use it to observe life from a different perspective. Hopefully, it will allow me to teach some spiritual lessons along the way!  I don’t know what opportunities are on the horizon, but whatever is presented to me I think will be a result of being aligned with joy and gratitude for all life has offered me in 2012.

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See John 15:9-17 for instructions on loving and dwelling in joy.