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Affirmations that help you develop resiliency and strength

Grief From Loss

My Heartache fills my entire body today, but I know the love I have for this person who has crossed over is far greater than my heartache. From this day forward, each time I feel my heart ache from the absence of this person, I will focus on the love they brought into my life. I am so very thankful to have been blessed by their presence. No one is ever lost or gone forever, because love lasts forever. Every time I feel a heartache coming on, I send out a greater amount of love to the outer reaches of the universe and beyond. I am comfortable knowing this person will receive my love every day and through every loving thought.

Facing Divorce

I leave this relationship with grace and dignity. I know my own soul must grow in an area outside the perimeter of this relationship. No matter how painful the past, I am thankful that this venture has been part of my learning journey because it helps me to further define myself. My ability to give and receive love remains intact. My heart is healing. I have tremendous capacity to love others, no matter what the circumstances.


I no longer run from life. I now fully engage in what life has to offer. I rise above any physical need that does not contribute to my overall health and well-being. I do not need any substance to hide from life because I love what I have to offer. I am the parent and my body is the child. I take care of my child-body with love because I love my beautiful self.

Anticipating Unemployment

Finding a new work situation requires transition and changing my old mental habits. I view this period as an opportunity to be clearer about what I want to do with my life. My hurt and uncertainty about the future leave my body before I get out of bed. Each morning I arise with an attitude of success. I believe this change is a learning experience, and I step up to this challenge with strength and conviction in what I have to offer the world.

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Feeling Supported

Charlene Proctor


Last weekend at Maryland Dancesport Championships, it occurred to me that most of the time we need to rely on faith to know we are supported and guided by the Divine. Lately, I’ve been doing my fair share of risky death drops, backbends, nosedives and dips at competitions. I plunge to the dancefloor without knowing if I will have a hard landing or wind up in a beautiful position in front of the audience or judges. Will Blake catch me? In two years he hasn’t dropped me once so we’ve had time to build trust.  I know if I do my job right, he will too, and all will be well. He will be there because I trust that on The Floor, he leads the way and is my means of support. This dance lesson has a spiritual dimension.  How many times in your life did you feel you were without support or guidance?  Were you in a situation that forced you to trust the Universe for a positive outcome? Did you learn to release the need to know every result and just let go?

The Divine is always our resource for support. Once we trust that the Higher Power works in us and through us always, we can relax, whether we are on the top of the world or going through tough times. All our experiences are for our benefit, and when we know we are supported, we can turn over the outcomes to God and let the learning unfold.  Often, it seems that missed opportunities or even painful challenges do not seem worthwhile but when we know we are truly supported in our journey, we can restDeath Drop easier and wait for the results.

The Higher Power is your rock, your resource for love and support, your professional helper and partner in all things.  When you resonate with this wisdom, you will be more open to receiving the support you need to guide you toward the best and most productive outcome imaginable. You are never without guidance, no matter if opportunities are flourishing or if it seems they are passing by you.

Next time you are ready for your own version of a tango trick at work, home, or in any other area of your personal life, remember to trust God first and all else will follow perfectly.

Dance Blessings,

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