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Let Go To Grow

LET GO TO GROWThis is a year of tremendous personal growth in all areas of your life. During this time of rapid change, many elements may exist that no longer serve you well. Relationships that are no longer productive, or even your career may seem heavy and require a new approach. Lighten your load and be willing to let go of old ideas. Stay with what is true and authentic. Focus on experiencing the present moment as is and do not be afraid!

Thought for the day: See reality clearly and believe that you are being prepared for a greater vision.

Many Blessings,



Saving Coyote Joe



Coyote JoeA few days ago my son Vaughn discovered a critter wandering on the road and brought him home, thinking it was a fox pup. He also thought I would be happy to raise this little guy in my backyard who was severely dehydrated, and infested with parasites and mange. After nearly a hundred calls to wildlife rehabilitation specialists, and a couple of photos of the Little Guy sent by text to the experts, it was confirmed: he was a coyote. And no wildlife center or rescue operation within a 4-hour radius would take him. Since coyotes are neighborhood predators of cats and dogs, and considered a nuisance where we live, others recommended that we either have him removed by the police or kill him ourselves. Discouraged, but with my mothering impulse intact, I knew there had to be a better way, especially since we had already named him Joe. We stayed up most the night feeding Joe applesauce and water, and asked for a spiritual solution to present itself.

Yesterday, after being turned down by countless wildlife centers, I remembered going to school in Indiana, a state with endless farms and beautiful woods. I visualized Joe living there. So, we revisited the internet list, this time leaving dozens of messages for anyone living in Indiana who would be interested in tending to Joe’s needs, raise him to be self-sufficient then release him into his natural habitat.Charlene Proctor article

Within minutes, Kush, a wildlife specialist, who raises baby owls, turtles, birds of all sorts, foxes, and other baby animals unfortunate enough to have lost their way, returned our call. She said 2 days ago she prayed someone would call her and give her a coyote pup, as she had rescued a young female earlier in the week.  Could this be true? The coyote mother, she said, had been killed by a vehicle and the 8-week old pup, the same age as Joe, had been injured, but was healthy enough to be healed and taught self-sufficiency. Kush needed another coyote right away to help her stay warm and learn to eat.

We volunteered to make the trek to give Joe and his companion the life they were meant to live. With Kush’s kindness and love, we know the two pups will have a great chance of survival, and take their place in the ecosystem later this year on her 40 acres of property.

Sometimes in life, you may be afraid to make a request in the form of a prayer. Situations may seem hopeless or outlandish, where you feel a viable solution is a longshot at best. You may be tempted to take the easy way out. But you cannot live without faith. Trust God. Unlike praying for the winning lotto numbers or a new Ferrari to make an appearance in your life tomorrow, a heartfelt, powerful prayer with an underlying Coyotetrue need and a strong intention for change can bring instant results.

Yesterday, we were the answer to Kush’s prayer. How amazing! Besides, Joe taught us that against all odds, we can change our energy to jumpstart the process. Pray when the chips are down! The Universe, in its infinite wisdom acts like a Rubik’s cube, and will begin to align the situation or relationships as soon as we ask. Only then, as we learned, can life flow effortlessly where all creatures great and small find way their home.


Many Blessings,