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How do we walk through a challenge without fear?

Charlene Proctor

How do we walk through a challenge without fear? In the last 3 ½ years, I’ve been fortunate to have only had a pulled hamstring as a dance injury. But after limping home early from Holiday Dance Classic in Vegas, and the entire break dedicated to rest and meeting with good surgeons, I’ve learned that my feet are very angry. Lately, I’ve been thanking them for all the years they have given me, and for holding me up during years of competitive sports – sailing, squash, golf, skiing all over the world, and of course, ballroom dancing. Now, the bone spurs in my big toes and a host of other joint and tendon challenges in my feet and ankles are just too painful to carry on so it’s time to take a journey on another dance floor. When life shifts so dramatically, it’s usually perceived as a setback, but I’m not going to view it that way. There will be wonderful people to meet along the way and who knows? Maybe I’ll teach my physical therapist how to waltz. This is a time to practice the principles of positive thinking, and to remind everyone that 

I learned this from Sri Amma Bhagavan in India years ago, and during a prayer session and meditation with them over Christmas, I realized that there is absolutely no room in my consciousness for fear or sadness, only the energy and discipline to manifest a complete healing. I am moving forward… walking on sunshine, and going to beat this. In my mind, I already have.

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The Story Behind The Oneness Gospel

the oneness gospel


After experiencing much personal suffering in my family, I began to experience physical illnesses. I became intrigued with the idea of deeksha as a means to release emotional trauma from the energy layers in the body. I received this blessing and energy from Sai Maa and Amma Amritanandamayi many years ago. These were my first introductions to deeksha and darshan from holy masters. I experienced what it felt like to release suffering and open my heart and to feel being loved unconditionally.

Studying the works of Yogananda and going back to the New Testament made me realize that truth is universal. God’s grace arrives in uncountable forms and is always available to everyone. It’s free. In the Oneness community, grace is seen as a means of healing.

In the past, deeksha was given only by masters, but now human consciousness is rising to point that we are all able to “tune in” and project this grace with a healing intention to others. I like this idea and pursued it for several years.

During my research, I discovered the Oneness teachings as given in India. They originated in Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, two people who consider themselves one unified, avataric consciousness. They are God-realized and were initiating the collective force of unified consciousness in the form of something called the Oneness Blessing. It’s actually deeksha, but the difference between them and all who have gone before is that they are teaching everyone how to give it. They are interested in creating individual change through this neurobiological event, which they say happens through grace. Once you invite that energy into you, it’s there to stay. I thought this was a wonderful idea. It helped inspire the material and lessons in The Oneness Gospel.

After I discovered the teachings in Fiji and India, I noticed their congruence with the teachings of Jesus. They are simple, interfaith, and universal. Given the polarized society we live in today, these unity-oriented lessons on personal transformation are very exciting.

I enjoyed traveling to Fiji and India and meeting Bhagavan and all the Dasas who were teaching the material. The experiences I had with the blessing were extraordinary. The spiritual training I received with people from all parts of the planet was exceptional. It helped me personally awaken to a new and enriched way of living.

The Oneness Movement

 It is a system that helps you discover the truth of your own faith through a direct

personal experience of the divine. It is not an alternative path but a natural fulfillment of your every spiritual aspiration.

The purpose of the Oneness Movement is to awaken the human family, offering a gift of grace of spiritual opening (flowering of the heart) to all people rather than a few selective seekers as in the past. It is meant to restore wholeness within humanity as well as with the world environment. The Oneness Movement teachings are coming from India are currently helping millions of people around the world awaken to a greater sense of self-worth and boundless joy.

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Why Cutting the Cords of Past Issues is so Vitally Important

rope 2

Filtering life through “old programming” is such a widespread experience that many people feel they are living life unconsciously. Their reaction to current day situations stems from past behaviors or experiences that prevent them from living a full life.  Old programming is the carryover of emotional patterns. We inherit these patterns from culture and our families.

Negative statements like “you are not good enough” are examples. Religion is responsible for a lot of societal conditioning, as well as old traumas, dramas, or stories. This becomes a ‘knee jerk reaction to life’ and results in a person living on autopilot where every experience is filtered through old messages. A step toward personal growth is a willingness to release the past and chose the present moment, to a life that is filled with joy and awareness of what is. Being aware of life and just seeing reality for what it is is part of awakening to a full life filled with joy. Just see. See yourself clearly and situations for what they are.

To be consciously aware of the present and fully experience life—both good and bad—is to be fully engaged in life. Being present is the only way to find joy and see what’s in front of us. It doesn’t mean we can’t plan for the future. It means the past, in the form of resentments, unforgiveness, and old memories or old, negative feelings, does not help us with how to live today. So, part of your spiritual self-development is to be aware of when the past informs the present, learn to recognize old conditioning, and practice seeing the present for what it is.

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