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Managing a Busy Mind

Dear Friends,

Lately, my dancing has been challenging because I’m letting my mind get in the way of the joy and freedom of what is supposed to happen on the dance floor. ‘Thinking myself’ into a better performance, or precise footwork and technique is important, but it becomes a problem, not a solution, when it’s out of balance. My body cannot respond and becomes disconnected with the creative process when there is too much analyzing. Overthinking has compromised my performance in several directions. I’m guilty of an overactive mind!

easter ebook giveawayBecause we put so much dedication and energy into doing the things we love the most, it’s always the best place to practice our spiritual principles. So, quieting my endless thoughts and spending more time in stillness is my new goal, and a huge lesson from The Oneness Gospel. Click here for your free copy today!

We have to enjoy some space between thoughts to be successful. A calm mind is not filled with automatic thinking. In stillness, the mind is temporarily shut off. When we sit in emptiness and calmness, we are receptive to our inner voice. My friend Louis Soma, a dance instructor from Michigan, says he meditates before dancing, and encourages others to do the same.

When we are in stillness, even when the body is moving, we can enjoy space between thoughts.

No matter the activity, it’s easier to receive inspiration or help this way, because our inner voice doesn’t have to shout. We’re open to receiving. Our inner voice reveals the root of a problem, and possibly a solution, too. We can’t think ourselves into stillness, however, because it’s not achieved through the process of thinking.  Stillness must be experienced.

The Oneness Teachings say that a mind that is too busy or focused on the material and physical aspects of life is not being used properly. Sure we need mental focus, which is a state of awareness we need to manage the mind, but we cannot have our thoughts wandering around aimlessly. We need to be decisive and clear, and align our thoughts with the right intent. When we have passion for what we do, we create our reality.

So, if you want beautiful relationships, and you put your mental energy into a state of loneliness, and constantly thinking about lack, you have competing energetic priorities. You are not fully aligned with the idea of a beautiful relationship. You have no clarity about what that relationship would look or feel like, and have not experienced it in your mind first, except through an inner struggle that will never manifest your desires. The same principle applies to anything you want to create: a prosperous career, a new car, a new apartment, a physical healing. Or beautiful championship level dancing that woos the crowd.

To design situations the way we like, we need to rethink the thinking behind it… step out of the way… and let Spirit do its work.

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Many Blessings,

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Create Good Vibrations with a Mantra

Having a mantra is important on your journey to greater self-awareness. Too often though, we find ourselves repeating sacred words and phrases without understanding how their meanings can enhance our spiritual practice.

The first time I was in the arms of Amma, known around the world as “The Hugging Saint,” Mata Amritanandamayi whispered a special mantra in my ear to bring me closer to the energy of the Divine Mother.  Traditionally, when a mantra is selected by a holy person, it is intended to become part of your Sadhana, or spiritual practice. After basking in the glow of Amma’s love, I chanted this mantra every day, repeating the sacred phrase 108 times along with the help of my japa mala. I soon came to the realization that a mantra, no matter the words or verse, simply creates a vibration and encourages a spiritual awakening.  It is meant to bring you closer to your Source and provide deeper meaning to your prayers and chants.

prayingSince then I have created many mantras of my own. Mantra is a Sanskrit word consisting of the root man or manas meaning “the mind”, and the suffix tra meaning “tool or instrument.” Hence, mantra is a tool that delivers the mind from illusions through sound and vibration.  Each mantra has a sound pattern that suggests a particular meaning to the mind.  Used extensively in Tibet and India, these phrases and sounds speak to the heart by inspiring unshakable faith and divine love in both the one who chants as well as the one who hears.

Sound Vibrations

Chanting is simply the process of repeating a mantra and is an ancient meditation technique. Often, it is an invocation of the Divine Presence or a devotional chant about the Beloved. When you call the name of the Beloved, you actually invoke the Beloved Itself. The name of God, in any wisdom tradition, is often thought of as God’s very being. This is why it is said you can experience the Divine by repeating the name. The sound vibration of the name of the Beloved can awaken love in your heart, mind, and every aspect of your physical and emotional being.

Mantras relate to the idea of sound reverberation throughout the universe.  They can therefore be understood as the “sound body” of the Divine, or the Divine in the form of sound. All nature’s sounds can be considered mantras: the sound of the birds, wind, or ocean. As humans, we are never at rest because we are constantly vibrating at the cellular level and moving with our breath, the gift of life. Together, we are a sum total of the Living Force.

prayingWe’ve often heard that words are the foundation of creation because language, whether spoken or unspoken, makes our activities possible.  Words are a creative force and carry a positive or negative charge. Any sound that speaks to the heart has the power to produce a reaction. To fully connect with its power, select a mantra that is melodious and meaningful.

Chanting OM (AUM)

According to Indian beliefs, sound existed in the beginning and reverberated as Om.  From that sound, all came into existence. In the Christian text, it is explained as “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Om, sometimes spelled AUM, is considered to be the primordial sound of the universe, or the first sound of creation.

In Hinduism, Om is known as the “Pranava Mantra”, or the source of all mantras.  It is the most basic vibration and represents the past, present and future of the entire universe. This is why many Hindu prayers begin and end with Om.  Chanting Om settles the mind and allows a person to attune to the universal Self that lives within all things.

The AUM sound is a combination of three parts:

A:  Sounds like “ahhh” and represents wakefulness.
U:  Sounds like “ohhh” and represents the dream state.
M: Sounds like “mmm” and represents the serenity of deep and dreamless sleep.

The silence that follows AUM represents pure consciousness.

By chanting Om, you align with the vibration of the universe.  Pretty powerful stuff! It is a beautiful realization that we are connecting with the very essence of life by chanting Om. It is that to which we all belong. It is an expression of Oneness.

Remember, when we repeat words or sounds, we are accepting the essence of those ideas into our field of energy. If your desire is to attune to love, honor, compassion, beauty, kindness, gratitude or unity, you must raise your vibration to that level. If you can imagine the Divine as all that and more, then choose a mantra that encompasses those ideas.  The language is not important. It can be an inspirational prayer, a series of words, a song, or a poem. Chant and identify with your mantra completely and you will draw circumstances and people into your life that align with the essence of those ideas.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all raised our vibration collectively?  Anything we thought or said would attract a similar vibration. If you make the effort to have positive thoughts and use auspicious language, you can expect to see that same vibration, or resonance pattern, appear in many areas of your life!

Make your mantra positive and beautiful! As long as you are vibrating with OM or humming to abundance, loving relationships, or a singing a song of deep gratitude to the Divine, know that whatever energies you hold in your consciousness will manifest in your experience.

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