Winning is about what goes on inside

Winning Charlene Proctor

Last Friday, I judged a team match at Fred Astaire Bloomfield Hills. To all my coaches and judges: I have huge respect for you and wonder how you developed ten eyeballs apiece to see what’s on the floor. Truthfully, being in a position to honor someone’s process with a fair score is an awesome responsibility. In 60 seconds, 10 or more couple’s footwork, technique, posture, partnership skills, quality of movement, and floor presence became my opinion. I also saw dancers and their pros who were enthusiastic and completely open, with no inhibitions. In this sport, I’ve danced thousands of heats, and when all things seem equal, how should a winner be chosen?

Lately I’ve questioned the importance of numbers, so I think Friday night was The Universe providing an answer. I remembered all the times you told me, winning score or not, to please regularly revisit the reason I started to dance. You have to love it wholeheartedly, you said, and let it unfold as it is meant to be. Only allow good to come in, and leave the rest behind. Find value in the process. See yourself as a champion no matter what. Make sure you enjoy who you dance with. Love yourself and what you can do.

Therefore, today’s spiritual lesson is the following:


And here’s everyone’s self-help advice for the week: Trade perspective for a few hours. Dance a mile in someone else’s shoes. See yourself as others see you. You’ll be surprised what you learn. It’s good for the soul.

Many Blessings,

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