The Women’s Book of Empowerment Audiobook Available Now

Dear Friends,

Recognizing your strength, abundance, power, ability to cope, good health, or any number of positive things, raises your vibration.  You can create better conditions in your life because that is where your mental energy is spent.  Like attracts like. And all it takes is a little work and discipline in your thinking to produce results.

It works!

Are you ready to experience change? Can you find a few minutes today to shift your negative thinking to the positive track? If you do, you can reap the rewards.

The Women’s Book of Empowerment Audiobook Now Available

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The women's book of empowerment

Since I wrote The Women’s Book of Empowerment: 323 Affirmations That Change Everyday Problems into Moments of Potential, I have helped thousands of readers improve their state of awareness on how they think. My readers have learned to release old thought patterns and resentment, and focused their attention on love, setting clear goals, loving what they believe in, have a passion for what they love to do, and attract what they desire.

You can begin to create a language of success and positivity, and separate yourself from the concept of failure. You can learn how to make a choice to live in the present moment, and honor yourself and the Spirit within.

Are you ready to practice?

I have produced The Women’s Book of Empowerment into a beautiful audiobook.  Now, while you’re sitting in traffic, at the gym, or airport, or anywhere else you have “down-time,” you can focus your energy toward a life filled with prosperity, love, good health and happiness. You’ll learn in 7 Powerful Lessons how to replace your self-doubt and discouragement with a better response to your stress.

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I encourage you to believe that each day you choose a positive attitude, and focus your intentions on the present moment, that it is possible to change your reality for any problem you may experience.

Now through December 25th, order the paperback book for just $5.99 online!


Many Blessings,

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