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The Story Behind The Oneness Gospel

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After experiencing much personal suffering in my family, I began to experience physical illnesses. I became intrigued with the idea of deeksha as a means to release emotional trauma from the energy layers in the body. I received this blessing and energy from Sai Maa and Amma Amritanandamayi many years ago. These were my first introductions to deeksha and darshan from holy masters. I experienced what it felt like to release suffering and open my heart and to feel being loved unconditionally.

Studying the works of Yogananda and going back to the New Testament made me realize that truth is universal. God’s grace arrives in uncountable forms and is always available to everyone. It’s free. In the Oneness community, grace is seen as a means of healing.

In the past, deeksha was given only by masters, but now human consciousness is rising to point that we are all able to “tune in” and project this grace with a healing intention to others. I like this idea and pursued it for several years.

During my research, I discovered the Oneness teachings as given in India. They originated in Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, two people who consider themselves one unified, avataric consciousness. They are God-realized and were initiating the collective force of unified consciousness in the form of something called the Oneness Blessing. It’s actually deeksha, but the difference between them and all who have gone before is that they are teaching everyone how to give it. They are interested in creating individual change through this neurobiological event, which they say happens through grace. Once you invite that energy into you, it’s there to stay. I thought this was a wonderful idea. It helped inspire the material and lessons in The Oneness Gospel.

After I discovered the teachings in Fiji and India, I noticed their congruence with the teachings of Jesus. They are simple, interfaith, and universal. Given the polarized society we live in today, these unity-oriented lessons on personal transformation are very exciting.

I enjoyed traveling to Fiji and India and meeting Bhagavan and all the Dasas who were teaching the material. The experiences I had with the blessing were extraordinary. The spiritual training I received with people from all parts of the planet was exceptional. It helped me personally awaken to a new and enriched way of living.

The Oneness Movement

 It is a system that helps you discover the truth of your own faith through a direct

personal experience of the divine. It is not an alternative path but a natural fulfillment of your every spiritual aspiration.

The purpose of the Oneness Movement is to awaken the human family, offering a gift of grace of spiritual opening (flowering of the heart) to all people rather than a few selective seekers as in the past. It is meant to restore wholeness within humanity as well as with the world environment. The Oneness Movement teachings are coming from India are currently helping millions of people around the world awaken to a greater sense of self-worth and boundless joy.

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Dark Night of the Soul

dark night of soulWhat is the dark night of the soul and how does facing this part of awareness help release suffering? When we bring more light into the body, there is a corresponding emotional and biological reaction. Old barriers, physical blocks, and emotional patterns come to the surface in order to be released. The dark night of the soul represents a cleansing of the personal unconscious in preparation for a deeper descent of light, and is usually considered as a prerequisite for the deeper stages of spiritual mastery.

Jesus experienced this dark night of the soul prior to his public mission as he ‘wrestled with Satan’ in the wilderness. Buddha also experienced this during his process of enlightenment as he fought the ‘temptations of Mara’. It is only frightening as long as we are afraid to die. Once we realize that there is no ‘self’ left to die, a new dawn can begin. If we choose to enter and experience our own dark night we must be willing to deeply examine our past and all aspects of from an emotional level, and then accept our humanity and practice forgiveness. Then, release the past and move forward to be part of the human community.

You can also reimagine your own divinity and know, collectively and individually, you are God also.  You are not separate from the divine. Knowing your true self is to know the power and potential within you. By being aligned with this energy and idea, you can certainly do all the works the greatest masters have done. This was a consistent message from Jesus who reminded us to identify with The I AM. “From me, All (The I AM) came forth, and through me, all is attained,” he said.  Light is everywhere and so are we. “Split a piece of wood, I am there, lift up a stone, and you will find me there.” The ALL refers to being itself, in other words, being a light-being, and does not refer to knowing him as a person or through any religion. Light always overcomes darkness, so just remember who you truly are on a regular basis.


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For more affirmations, read The Women’s Book of Empowerment: 323 Affirmations that Change Everyday Problems into Moments of Potential.


How can we expand our Christ Consciousness in Everyday Spiritual Practices?

prayerWhen Jesus said “follow me” he meant to follow his higher level of conscious awareness.  When we awaken and make that choice, we can achieve exactly what he did.

Affirmative prayer is the highest form of creative thought. It includes the release of counterproductive, negative thoughts as well as holding in your mind statements of spiritual truth. Through meditation, you can experience the presence of God. Prayer and meditation heighten your awareness and thereby transform lives.

Awareness is the key, no matter your spiritual practices, for example, meditation, prayer, Mauna, chakra clearing, or yoga. Also, work on being present. I think the greatest spiritual masters who have lived on this planet would remind us to turn off our text messaging and email while we are talking to people.  Be here now.  Fully behold that which is in front of you: a friend, a sunny day, walking the dog, counseling a friend in grief, or to whatever life is presenting, without any conditioning or suffering to take you away from the present.

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