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An “Up North” New Years!

Charlene Proctor in Northern MichiganThe dawn of a new year brings refreshing new beginnings. It’s an opportunity for new thoughts and choices and certainly, a time to remind us of a new way of being. Hopefully, this means “being” awake spiritually and using every opportunity in 2011 to open our minds to divine direction and guidance. And it is a time to celebrate relationships – friends, lovers, our communion with Mother Earth, or even our abundant and productive business connections. After all, life IS relationship, the very foundation of what constitutes our oneness as a human community.

Last weekend in Fairview, Michigan, I gathered with old friends to celebrate deep connections and started 2011 with enthusiasm. In between grilling, walking miles in the woods, and visiting the local attraction, a stuffed beaver at The Buckstop, I found time to refresh my spirit in the cold northern air.
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Veteran’s Day Prayer

Dear Ones:

Today let’s recognize the sacrifices others have made to allow us to know freedom and safety. While we know war is not the answer to the issues of peoples or nations, let us bless our veterans who have endured bloodshed and war. Today, let’s open our hearts to those who give their time and courage so everyone can take one step closer to peace.  When our fears subside, wars will cease.

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The Vision Board That Didn’t Work…Or Did It?

Oprah has taken an interest in people who had vision boards that produced positive and abundant change in their lives. On February 11, 2007, after the February 8th airing of the The Secret with James Arthur Ray and Michael Beckwith, I sat myself down and spent the entire day creating a vision board of my own. Since I have no problem visualizing anything, I felt this was a terrific exercise in setting goals, creating an intention, and thanking the universe for what I have already received. I remember looking at my new vision board and thinking, Well, God wants us to have it all, so why not? I held nothing back in creating the board. It was complex, crazy, I shot for the moon.

When I finished, I celebrated. I spent at least an hour dancing joyfully around the living room in a state of gratitude. I allowed every experience on that board to come into my being (and believe me, there were events on that board of such complexity I think even God would have to pause to figure out how to make them manifest into reality). For the first time, I allowed myself to really feel what it was like to receive these gifts and have these events happen in my life. To be given all the gifts on that board, to know them, was humbling. When we ask, it is given, and then we offer thanks to the Divine for being a co-creative partner in our growth and evolution. This is one of the secrets of the visualization process. It’s how we attract new conditions and circumstances. I was reminded in Oprah’s show that after we create in the mind we must express deep gratitude from the heart. This expression tells the universe that we are already in receipt of what we asked for.

But after we ask, how do we draw ourselves into alignment with what we want? With healings, gifts, or more love? During the last three years, the gifts on my board I received were healthy skin (I beat cancer), a healthy body (made it through back surgery), and improved family relationships. I asked for simplicity at work—and wound up losing my office; I wish I knew why I asked for that one!

But many other things I did not experience or receive. Things like working with Michael Beckwith in raising consciousness, or my next book hitting the New York Times best-seller list. The book I was writing at the time didn’t get picked up by a publisher, and since the idea was not well received, I dropped the project. There was no media blitz, no fresh material, and I went back to the drawing board. How long would it take, I wondered to write a book that everyone wants to read? And what am I not doing to support this vision of being a teacher who uplifts the human spirit?

I put the board away.

Then one day I got an email whose subject line was “What guest I learned the most from on Oprah.” …continue reading the entire article here…>


Merging With the Divine Presence Retreat: Deeksha, Oneness Blessing & Mala-Making

MAYAN YUCATAN: Merging With The Divine Presence – Jan 8-14th, 2011

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Relax, affirm, and awaken with Rev. Dr. Charlene M. Proctor! Join her for daily deeksha/oneness blessings, meditations, and oneness teachings in the some of the most sacred sites in Mexico. Many of us are looking for ways to get to know the Divine and feel the joy of being alive and connected with every being. For spiritual seekers, opening the mystical door through practices, such as breath awareness, meditation, yoga, dancing, prayer, and being with nature helps create a sense of openness to the unity, or oneness of all humanity, no matter our wisdom traditions. To fully realize unity with the Divine, we must look within for our truth, a truth that respects our individuality but recognizes that the same divine light lives in everyone.

Learn more and be sure to register for this event early! Space is limited and there is a sold out possibility. Go to the details page by clicking here!



Graduation: The Journey

I was honored to speak at the 2010 Commencement for the Hoosac School in New York. To see all of the graduates and families at this amazing moment in their lives, it was quite lovely. I spoke of the present moment and would like to share that with you now. Enjoy!

The Journey Begins Where You Are, Not Where You Want to Be
Commencement address by Rev. Dr. Charlene M. Proctor
Author and Spiritual Peacemaker
June 5, 2010, The Hoosac School, Hoosick, New York

Years ago, when I decided my career was writing spiritual and self-help books, I started paying attention to life a lot more. A good writer is aware of life’s unspoken dialogue because that’s where all the wisdom lives. Anne Lamott once said that all wise people say the same thing; that you are deserving of love, and that it’s all here now, everything you need. But when you pray, you are not starting the conversation from scratch, just remembering to plug back into a conversation that’s always in progress. So, great writing, like conscious living, is about plugging into what God says then paying close enough attention so you can tell the story. On Saturday, I shared many stories that helped these bright graduates on their path to personal growth and success. And, it was great fun to shake the dust off my old doctoral robe, and march in an academic processional with faculty, students and my son, who was graduating too!

One story was about knowing what you want in life. When I was a senior in high school I had a class ring. I loved this ring and treasured it dearly.  Everyone wore class rings back then. One day, I went to the beach. When I reclined on the sand, I took my ring off and rested it on my stomach because I didn’t want any tan lines around my fingers. I fell asleep and after I woke up, I had forgotten about the ring.  I stood up and packed up my things, and rode a couple of miles home on my bike. Much later that day, I realized I had lost my ring. I panicked. Then I remembered, “It’s at the beach.” Yea, at the beach but somewhere within a dune. Too much sand to even calculate. But I decided to set an intention, to focus on nothing but that ring and I went to look anyway. I rode my bike all the way back to the beach, and visualized finding the ring.

When I got there, I didn’t notice how vast a space this beach was. I chose not to see the obstacles. There were no markers, people, rocks, nothing… only miles of endless sand. But I saw myself finding that ring in my mind because I couldn’t accept any other possibility.  

I walked down the wooden steps to the beach, and focused. I walked about 300 yards to what I believed to be the spot, reached down and moved my hands through the sand, feeling for the buried ring.  And I found it. Statistically speaking, the odds of this happening are a kazillion to one that I could find this ring, but I did. So, my point is, no matter the odds, as long as you focus and have clarity in your life, you are going to be OK.  You can always beat the odds. If you have a three percent chance of being accepted into Harvard or beating cancer, so what?  Who is to say you won’t be in the three percent?  Learn to set an intention and follow through, and just don’t talk about it. And you need to have a passion for finding things. Don’t wander aimlessly. Set some goals!  And if you lost something that meant a lot to you, it is never too late to get it back.

Life’s wisdom always resides in-between the lines of the present moment – those are the everyday experiences we often overlook. Once, on a spiritual retreat in Fiji, Sri AmmaBhagavan said, “The journey begins where you are, not where you want to be.” It is the best advice I have ever received as a human being. Your journey doesn’t start at some future point, or even in your past. It is wherever you are right now, so choose to be fully present. Henry Miller, the American novelist and painter, said that writing, like life itself, is a voyage of discovery because it is a way of acquiring a total view of the universe. At the end of each day, you have graduated from one thing or another because life is such a rich learning experience. So, as you write your own next chapter tomorrow, and for each day after that, remember you are here to transform the world in some way. Work hard, challenge yourself, and seek a path that is true to your own inner voice because that is how you bring your light to the world. Be thankful for every experience and pay attention to the small stuff.

This month, and always, as you remain open, aware, and present, I wish you all the best that life can offer.

Every Blessing,



Here are the cards I handed out to the graduates and families. Click on them to view them full-size:



Birthday Joy and Optimism

Photo: Charlene with her 50th Birthday Cake. The Lotus Flower on top was made of molded White Chocolate and symbolizes growth of spirit and renewal in many cultures.

Last week, I turned fifty and loved every minute of it.

There’s nothing like entering the half-century club especially when you know the sun is at its highest point in your birth chart. Because the sun returns to the place it occupied at your birth, astrologers say it is a glorious, feel-good day (mine made extraordinary with best friends and too much cake.) Many positive vibes come along for the ride on your birthday. It’s the start of your own personal new year where we can direct positive change because we naturally have energy.

We feel the most productive around the months surrounding our birthday, and for the meticulous, practical, and diligent Virgo it is good news all around – we can reset our meter and put our lives back in order as long as we are tuned into self-love and awareness. Birthday energy is a huge blast of confidence. It helps with changing our minds, especially with better ideas regarding our own health and where to draw personal boundaries. We can mentally and emotionally straighten up and fly right. Our personal lunacy, like stopping self-criticism and worry, can be dropped in favor of a new direction taken at work and home. For Virgos, this endeavor usually revolves around efficiency (I humbly admit to my innate compulsive-neatness disorder) and can finally laugh with an open heart as I rearrange my desktop for the 10th time in a week.

For women, the difference between pre- and post-fifty is poise. We spent our twenties wondering who we were; the thirties were about laying a foundation for our choices, everything from having children to careers. Our forties?  Most likely, our kids again took center stage and we squeezed out time for classes, additional degrees, building wealth, and learning about what makes the opposite sex tick (hopefully I got that one right, having lived with three men all these years – my husband and two sons.) We gave birth, saw death, fell in and out of love with people, music, money, organizations, political parties, and food. We steered through countless mercury retrogrades and stopped feeling compelled to check the horoscopes because we knew those were times to let change set the tone. Trying to comb your hair during a wind storm just doesn’t work – and the phrase “this too shall pass” became our mantra of quiet confidence in God and the stability of the universe.

Turning fifty has nothing to do with age and everything about blooming. We rock on in our fifties because we are empowered by so much life experience, a jubilant place to dwell. No longer bothered with where to exhibit our artwork, we just do. No matter who shows up, it is one more person inspired and uplifted. On all fronts, the older we get, the bolder we get, from fashion to parenting young adults, and we quit wondering about panty lines, waiting in line, or lining up with the status quo. We bloom where we are planted!

In this growing season, I will continue my research and writing about the Oneness teachings from India and Christ Consciousness. I can hardly wait to share my new book with you! Please be sure to hear our new audiobook on Let Your Goddess Grow! now sold at Kosmic Music. This fall, I’ll keep you updated on new events from The Goddess Network and the Oneness Community. And, if YOU are entering the half-century club, don’t forget to drop me an email and tell me what it means to you. I’d love to share your wisdom and wit with our list!

~Blessings, Char