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Lily Farewell

Dear Everyone,

Because our dear dogs are such regular fixtures in our lives, and mean the world to us, I thought you should know that this morning our dear Lily Bernadette Lemontine has crossed over and is no longer with us. I am so sad today.

Lilly A somewhat misshaped lemon and white Basset Hound, Lily wasn’t ill, just getting old. Last night, parked in her usual spot under the dinner counter, she received wonderful New York steak tidbits and pasta that conveniently fell off of our plates. She lived an amazing life, considering when we found her at a pet store nearly 13 years ago, she had Parvo but she triumphantly conquered that disease along with the hearts of everyone who has ever been to our home. I don’t think any dog had more nicknames nor enjoyed digging for critters in the mud outside of the Dogtrot (a northern Michigan lodge with miles of woods) as much as Little Miss Muffin Buttcakes.

For years, she marched in the Birmingham Bassett Hound Parade in a pink ruffled southern bonnet that she never complained about, while I dressed up like a goofy tourist in Basset Hound attire, always wondering if she’d be too lazy to finish walking the three-block parade route. No worries, she would be rescued by the Pooped Pup Truck, a golf cart driven by a morning volunteer whose job was to pick up tired Bassets from the roadside. And her favorite place to be other than the dinner bowl was on the boat, taking a nap under the summer sun.

Sometime this morning, she simply walked outside the doggie door, took one last look at the sky and just laid down to rest. And on her own terms, and without any fuss, that was the end of her earth journey. My guess is that she went on to find her buddy Duncan somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge and the two of them are now leaping over logs and rabble rousing with the squirrels.

It always amazes me how much we grow to love our dogs (are they truly dogs? I think they are furry angels in disguise) and how big a presence they have in our lives because they give without asking. They listen to our silly stories, offering us love and comfort whenever we want, and are our biggest fans. This dog was my dear friend for so long, it is difficult to let go today, but like all things in life, this too shall pass and all will be well.

Blessings, Charlene







An “Up North” New Years!

Charlene Proctor in Northern MichiganThe dawn of a new year brings refreshing new beginnings. It’s an opportunity for new thoughts and choices and certainly, a time to remind us of a new way of being. Hopefully, this means “being” awake spiritually and using every opportunity in 2011 to open our minds to divine direction and guidance. And it is a time to celebrate relationships – friends, lovers, our communion with Mother Earth, or even our abundant and productive business connections. After all, life IS relationship, the very foundation of what constitutes our oneness as a human community.

Last weekend in Fairview, Michigan, I gathered with old friends to celebrate deep connections and started 2011 with enthusiasm. In between grilling, walking miles in the woods, and visiting the local attraction, a stuffed beaver at The Buckstop, I found time to refresh my spirit in the cold northern air.
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The Joy of Reconnecting

Summertime brings us together.  And being together is a joyful gift! Last week, Tom and I gathered with dear friends to watch fireworks and laugh about old times. Our kids are all in college. How fortunate we are to share our collective lives! Our young adults arrived at the picnic with new boyfriends and girlfriends in tow, stories of freshman year drama, and plenty of hugs to go around. In the Michigan Midwest, being with people you love under a perfect sunny sky while something is on the grill, well, it doesn’t get much better.

The simple pleasures of jumping into a lake or time spent in a wicker rocking chair near the impatiens on a screened porch is one way I reconnect with nature. Every summer, I marvel at the stretches of hot, sunny days and how good it feels to have a cool lemonade in hand. On Sunday mornings, when I stroll through the Farmer’s Market in town to buy tomatoes and basil, I inhale the smells of newly picked produce. It’s good to reconnect with our food too! I try to pass by the cherry pie vendors, unsuccessfully of course, as I cannot resist fresh baked goods. But at this time of year, it’s important to wake up our senses too, and consciously reconnect with Mother Earth and her bounty. It feels good to enjoy.

Having just completed my new book The Oneness Gospel: Birthing the Christ Consciousness and Divine Human in You, I’m so happy to reconnect with you, my reader! And, I am now indulging myself in a few summer reads.  I am enjoying The Gentle Art of Blessing by Pierre Pradervand. As a blessing giver, this book caught my eye. Pierre writes about new ways of seeing our world and says we remain connected and in tune with our “world family” through the power of blessing. I couldn’t agree more.  Living life, Pierre says, is simply the process of removing barriers to experiencing Divine love. As a spiritual practice, constantly blessing people wherever we go brings us closer to humanity and the heaven within.  When we bless someone, we affirm the good (and God) that is within all beings. A blessing helps us be aware of our own inner perfection.

Let’s recognize that the whole world is one family. This month, when you meet friends or even God through quiet meditation, be aware of the perfection that exists in your connection though consciousness.

Summer Affirmation: I am at peace with life and nature, fully connected to the light that exists in everything and everybody. My world feels good and I radiate beauty. God’s love is reflected in me.

Summer blessing:  I acknowledge the universal presence and loveliness hidden from my eyes and the unlimited good in every person and situation. I invoke the Divine to provide my friends and family with abundance. From the bottom of my heart and with great love, I see their complete fulfillment and deepest happiness.

Every Blessing,


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