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Yoga by Sunrise

A few years ago, my husband encouraged me to relax and escape the Michigan winter without any responsibilities. The Universe sensed my need for rest and recuperation from too much work. That evening, a friend telephoned me about a notice that had been posted at her yoga studio. A group was heading down to Isla Mujeres, Mexico for a yoga retreat and they were looking for participants. It looked great and I felt the timing was perfect. I signed up, had a great time, and made life-long friends.

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What is Oneness?

What is Oneness? Many people are apprehensive about oneness. They think it’s just another doctrine, a clever way to relinquish our rugged, Western-style individuality. But nothing could be further from the truth. Oneness is a congruent, timeless teaching that already has a long shelf life. No matter where it originated, the practice of spiritual peacemaking and embodiment of pure love leads to awakening. Remember, true spiritual messages always support one another. I’ve rejoiced over the sheer intellectual beauty of Jesus’ message, but my contemporary teachers have brought this material to life. I’ve hugged Mata Amritanandamayi, meditated with Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi, and laughed with the guides of the Oneness University. Any one of them will explain that everyone on this planet is worthy of everlasting and unconditional love from our Source. Last time I looked, this was Jesus’ message to the masses. From a Hindu perspective, realizing self-divinity and being a fully illuminated human being is completely doable today, not tomorrow in a galaxy far, far away, or in the next lifetime. When we merge the best ideas from the East and the West, therefore, we can find many ways to understand and move toward unity consciousness. Since the essence of God inhabits everyone, we are all traveling to the same place anyway.

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International Day of Peace

Be Peaceful

Today, September 21, is the day declared by the United Nations General Assembly, as the International Day of Peace, a day devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples. Join me in extending your light to the world, and to set an intention for peace.

Remember, peace begins within. It begins with YOU, the individual. Collectively, we cannot manifest a peaceful world when we are in pain, suffering, or living with a judgment mindset. To demonstrate peace, we must become the idea of peace. It must vibrate within our very soul and be expressed in our spoken and written words.

Today, I’d like you to focus on inner peace, and expressing soft and beautiful speech. Feel peace from your heart! Daily Word’s affirmation on inner peace is perfect to align yourself with these ideas.

Affirmation: Inner Peace

The peace of God fills my heart.

A river rushing downstream tumbles over rocks and flows around fallen logs. It is a busy current of power and energy. But deep below the surface the water is calm and quiet, gently lending strength to the bustling activity at the surface.

Deep within me is a center of peace–a quiet strength that gives me the power and energy to pursue my dreams. When I pray, I draw on the peace within me. I trust in the strength and stability of God’s indwelling presence.

Although outer circumstances may appear tumultuous, my strength comes from the center of my being where the peace of my soul is undisturbed.

Be well, my friends, and be at peace.

Every Blessing,



Conscious Studies with Kurt Johnson PhD

Some amazing courses on consciousness and interfaith topics are coming this fall! A worthy list to be on. I highly recommended this!

One Spirit Interfaith Seminary: Consciousness Studies with Kurt Johnson PhD


A Wonderful Event: Russill Paul visits Metro-Detroit

Russill Paul is an inspiration to experience and he’s returning to Metro-Detroit on August 20-21st. Be sure to mark your calendars! I know I have – here are the details:

Exploring Enlightenment and the Deeper Dimensions of Yogic Spirituality

August 20-21st
NW Unitarian Church in Southfield, MI

For more details follow this link or contact Alex Riegel.


This Week's Char Favs

Russill Paul returns to the Detroit, Michigan area, August 20th and 21st, for a Satsang and a Yoga of Sound workshop, respectively.  Please visit for more information, including ticket information. Namaste!

Canadians: Visit Luc Sauvé at the Rama Lotus Yoga Centre ( in Ottawa.  He is a Oneness Trainer presently working at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY. Deeksha sessions soon to follow!