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A Reader Asks, "What is Christ Consciousness?"

Recently, a reader asked me to briefly explain what I meant by Christ Consciousness. It is discussed in my newest book The Oneness Gospel: Birthing the Christ Consciousness and Divine Human in You (coming soon!)

By Christ Consciousness, I mean the state of attunement and alignment Jesus had with the Father, a state of being, and elevated state of consciousness. A state where only love exists.

Hence, he was so identified with the Father, he considered himself one with Him at all times. You will find him referring to himself as such, throughout the Gospel of John.

It is important to note that he told us we could achieve this state too, with diligence and attention paid to what we carry – our thoughts, intentions, and our forgiveness factor. Also, an awareness of what resides in our hearts, which hopefully, is good (God). These are all are important to rising in conscious awareness of our relationship to Spirit. In The Oneness Gospel, I discuss this state of oneness, talk about how we discover it, and make it work in our lives.

Since I went to India this year, I noticed many congruencies with some of the teachings of the monks who studied under Sri Amma Bhagavan, the founders of the Oneness University India, and the teachings of Jesus. I thought this was very interesting!  In many respects, the two camps are really talking about the same ideas, only using different terms. I thought my readers would be interested in the oneness teachings enough to spark their interest in New Testament, and read it with fresh eyes.  To embrace it at a metaphysical and metaphoric level!

Remember, whether we are from the East or West, and no matter our wisdom tradition, we are all one people who carry the same light within. It is the Christ within that illuminates your life (and the life of others). When we attune with that, and realize our potential, it allows us to achieve excellence in all things. When we recognize it in ourselves, we can then see it in our family and friends, and all of humanity.

How do you view this light that is within you? Do you feel this helps you rise in confidence and tackle difficult circumstances?  Does it assist you in inspiring and uplifting others? In what ways do you rise in conscious awareness? Let share some thoughts!

Today’s tip from a reader:  pay careful attention to using auspicious language and simply speak positive in all ways, no matter what is going on in your life!  See if you notice any difference in your energy, attitude, and the way people react to you.

There is a wonderful affirmation on Daily Word at! See about excellence and the Christ Light within. Check it out!

Have a beautiful day, filled with many blessings. Thank you for writing in!



Where is the Sun?

Recently I traveled to South Florida for a little R and R along with some sun and fun. Tarpon fishing!

The peace and solitude of the open water was a reprieve from the 12 hour days I have lately in front of my PC, as I channel grace into writing my new book.

It was a great trip but alas, no fish for my efforts!

But I didn’t mind. The true “trophy” from the adventure were the moments of stillness I was experienced under the sky. So much connectivity with nature.

Out of my office window, today’s Michigan sky looks gray, gloomy, and rainy – hardly resembling the peaceful canopy that enveloped me on my trip. But all I need to do is to remember the peace and harmony of those hours on the open water.When we are connected with nature, life’s Mind chatter falls away and we can fully and openly receive the Divine (as the true sunshine!) inside our being.

Repeat this affirmation today to recognize your spirit:

(Found on Page 372 of my book, The Woman’s Book of Empowerment.)

I now align my God-self and know that my own consciousness belongs to everyone on this planet. All life contains Spirit and I am a reflection of the Divine. I am He, I am She, and they are within me.Together we are unified as one presence, one blessing, one light.


Oneness India Adventure

Hello Beloveds! I just returned from The Oneness World Headquarters in Varadaiapalem, in the Andhra Pradesh area of Southeast India. I spent two weeks with the Oneness Spiritual Guides who reviewed the Oneness teachings as given by Sri AmmaBhagavan. Nearly 400 people seeking to become oneness trainers (those who can initiate Blessing Givers to give Deeksha) attended from every country on the globe: Russian, China, Japan, The Netherlands, Italy, and Spain to name a few. All faiths were represented. During the week, Bhagavan met with each country separately and we had an opportunity to laugh with him as we received his blessing. His mission remains the same: to spread the power and beauty of God’s grace to every corner of this planet, as abundantly as possible.

Golden City, where the temple was built, is an amazing structure. It hosts thousands of visitors and local residents for ceremonies and darshans with Amma and Bhagavan. A darshan is an event in consciousness, where the spiritual seeker or devotee develops a greater love and devotion for the Divine Presence. The energy in the temple is very powerful and in some areas, I could feel it throughout my entire body.

At the Oneness University campus, we spent two weeks in deep meditation and honed our spiritual practices, such as PranaYama. Our group had many Homas which are ancient sacred fire ceremonies in the Vedic tradition of Sanatana Dharma. They last about 2 hours, and during many of these, my third eye opened up and I saw many mystical symbols while meditating. During a Homa, the spiritual guides hold an intention for healing, world peace, or even prosperity, and forms of the Divine are invoked through mantras and prayers. They cast offerings of fruit, flowers, or money in the fire, while chanting in Sanskrit. These chants have a unique vibration that infiltrates the energy field of everyone present.

On the last day of our spiritual pilgrimage, we were invited to do our own individual Homa, in the tradition of the local villagers. Under a thatched roof in the countryside, we sat at our own alters while Satish, a Oneness guide, presided over the ceremony. In conjunction with the fire, he instructed us in how to transform our intentions and prayers into reality. It was a beautiful experience!

I will be offering Blessing Giver events this spring in addition to the Oneness Experience course, so please check my website for details! The course will be given in an ‘East Meets West’ style, encompassing some of the eastern spiritual practices from India but will also include reverence and love for Jesus, the Spiritual Master. It should be very interesting! Above all, these classes will cultivate a deeper love for the Divine Presence within you, in whatever wisdom tradition that you hold most dear. Remember, we are all one within the Divine. I hope to pass the grace to many of you soon so please stay tuned! Om Shanti and Love, Charlene
Links: Oneness University:


Meeting Russill Paul

Last weekend, I attended a Kirtan, lecture, and a workshop given by author, spiritual teacher, mystic, and gifted musician Russill Paul. Thoroughly illuminating and enjoyable! His East meets West teachings come at a time when humanity needs them the most. Russill was a monk and yogi under the direction of renowned sage and mystic, Bede Griffith, in South India for many years. I was able to experience his work on sonic mysticism and immerse myself into The Yoga of Sound for the weekend. This workshop was rare opportunity and helped me more deeply understand and refine my own spiritual practice. No matter your wisdom tradition, it is highly recommended! Please read his book Jesus and the Lotus or attend one of his many presentations on Christian prayer, interspirituality, unity, and eastern mysticism. You’ll be able to tune into the authentic sounds of chanting, mantra recitation, and enjoy a special connection to the Divine Presence within. Thank you Russill, for sharing your wonderful gifts. You are a treasure!


Birthday Joy and Optimism

Photo: Charlene with her 50th Birthday Cake. The Lotus Flower on top was made of molded White Chocolate and symbolizes growth of spirit and renewal in many cultures.

Last week, I turned fifty and loved every minute of it.

There’s nothing like entering the half-century club especially when you know the sun is at its highest point in your birth chart. Because the sun returns to the place it occupied at your birth, astrologers say it is a glorious, feel-good day (mine made extraordinary with best friends and too much cake.) Many positive vibes come along for the ride on your birthday. It’s the start of your own personal new year where we can direct positive change because we naturally have energy.

We feel the most productive around the months surrounding our birthday, and for the meticulous, practical, and diligent Virgo it is good news all around – we can reset our meter and put our lives back in order as long as we are tuned into self-love and awareness. Birthday energy is a huge blast of confidence. It helps with changing our minds, especially with better ideas regarding our own health and where to draw personal boundaries. We can mentally and emotionally straighten up and fly right. Our personal lunacy, like stopping self-criticism and worry, can be dropped in favor of a new direction taken at work and home. For Virgos, this endeavor usually revolves around efficiency (I humbly admit to my innate compulsive-neatness disorder) and can finally laugh with an open heart as I rearrange my desktop for the 10th time in a week.

For women, the difference between pre- and post-fifty is poise. We spent our twenties wondering who we were; the thirties were about laying a foundation for our choices, everything from having children to careers. Our forties?  Most likely, our kids again took center stage and we squeezed out time for classes, additional degrees, building wealth, and learning about what makes the opposite sex tick (hopefully I got that one right, having lived with three men all these years – my husband and two sons.) We gave birth, saw death, fell in and out of love with people, music, money, organizations, political parties, and food. We steered through countless mercury retrogrades and stopped feeling compelled to check the horoscopes because we knew those were times to let change set the tone. Trying to comb your hair during a wind storm just doesn’t work – and the phrase “this too shall pass” became our mantra of quiet confidence in God and the stability of the universe.

Turning fifty has nothing to do with age and everything about blooming. We rock on in our fifties because we are empowered by so much life experience, a jubilant place to dwell. No longer bothered with where to exhibit our artwork, we just do. No matter who shows up, it is one more person inspired and uplifted. On all fronts, the older we get, the bolder we get, from fashion to parenting young adults, and we quit wondering about panty lines, waiting in line, or lining up with the status quo. We bloom where we are planted!

In this growing season, I will continue my research and writing about the Oneness teachings from India and Christ Consciousness. I can hardly wait to share my new book with you! Please be sure to hear our new audiobook on Let Your Goddess Grow! now sold at Kosmic Music. This fall, I’ll keep you updated on new events from The Goddess Network and the Oneness Community. And, if YOU are entering the half-century club, don’t forget to drop me an email and tell me what it means to you. I’d love to share your wisdom and wit with our list!

~Blessings, Char