Season of Joy

At this joyous time of year, many people find sadness in the holiday season. How can we feel joyful when we are missing loved ones, have lost a job, or can’t pay our bills?

We all encounter tough times and no one is immune to feeling sad or blue.  Some situations are very challenging and many folks are encountering tough economic conditions, causing them to dread the holiday season. I’m finding that my “Journey to Joy” video lessons have encouraged people to rekindle joy.  Click here to watch Journey to Joy! Here are a few easy steps from the series that will lighten your heart center:

Make room in your life for joy

Allow yourself to experience what makes you feel sad. Acknowledge difficult times. Do you miss a loved one?  Did you lose your job? Go ahead and think about these things, and talk about them.  This is all part of the healing process. Even though these feelings seem to bring you down, give yourself permission to feel sad or grieve. It helps you move forward so you can enjoy what you experience in life today and not dwell in the past.


Live NOW

Make a commitment to being here now. Be fully present for all life has to offer. Dredging up fear, self-doubt, regret, worry, resentment, anger, and old emotions holds you prisoner in the past. In order to experience joy and improve your current situation accept what is in front of you and appreciate what you have today.  If you find yourself recycling old emotions, gently move your mind to the present. Replace these energies with those of love and gratitude. It’s how you anchor yourself in the here and now.

Think like a child

Children are fully seated in the present. Children with cancer are so inspirational because they find something to smile about, no matter the odds. Why? They live one day at a time.  They live for the moment because they cannot think past the next week or day. Each moment and every hour is a blessing.

Enjoy the simple things

When is the last time you relished a sip of coffee, listened to the sounds of nature, watched a funny movie with gusto – all without multi-tasking, talking on the cell phone or texting?  The Indian monks say we can never lead a joyful life unless we can enjoy simple acts wholeheartedly. Sit back and sink into a few uncomplicated moments.  You will be surprised how much energy it gives you. Be with an activity and be fully present, even if it is a conversation with a friend. Our society is addicted to the endorphin rush of peak experiences. Stop raising the bar on pleasure and get back to basics.

Find your Passion

It’s important to find an activity that brings you joy.  When I began ballroom dancing, it quickly became a passion for me.  Parents, and busy moms:  it could be cooking, singing, painting or anything that helps you grow! Joy is infectious to everyone around you. To increase your light, you need to do something for yourself.

When you are aware of your thinking, finding joy is possible, even during the holidays. Remember, as within, so without. If you are consciously aware of the light inside you, and seek to grow it, then you can create and attract joyful and positive conditions in your life.  It will be different for everyone, but the end result is the same: true joy!

Every Blessing,





Charlene with Anna Trebunskaya and Jonathan Roberts at the Detroit Dancing with the Stars competition.