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How can we expand our Christ Consciousness in Everyday Spiritual Practices?

prayerWhen Jesus said “follow me” he meant to follow his higher level of conscious awareness.  When we awaken and make that choice, we can achieve exactly what he did.

Affirmative prayer is the highest form of creative thought. It includes the release of counterproductive, negative thoughts as well as holding in your mind statements of spiritual truth. Through meditation, you can experience the presence of God. Prayer and meditation heighten your awareness and thereby transform lives.

Awareness is the key, no matter your spiritual practices, for example, meditation, prayer, Mauna, chakra clearing, or yoga. Also, work on being present. I think the greatest spiritual masters who have lived on this planet would remind us to turn off our text messaging and email while we are talking to people.  Be here now.  Fully behold that which is in front of you: a friend, a sunny day, walking the dog, counseling a friend in grief, or to whatever life is presenting, without any conditioning or suffering to take you away from the present.

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Find Peace in the Silence of the Present Moment

Last week, on an island 35 miles off the coast of Belize City, Central America, I connected with nature and felt peaceful.  Turneffe Island is self-powered by a generator, has its own water filtration system, and has no cell phone or television access.  The biggest social event for this island of about 40 people is the weekly hermit crab race. People come to catch and release fish or be neutrally buoyant in the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.  During shared meals, I ate fresh fish (usually a daily catch by a visiting angler) with guests from around the world. The island is a mix of Creole, South American, and Spanish culture. When I arrived, I asked an island resident how a person would tell another “I love you.” Whether you are speaking to your best friend, passionate lover, or your little brother, it’s all the same – Te Amo. The easy pace and simple peace of this island reminded me that love is always the same and should be effortlessly and freely spoken.

After recovering from my techno-withdrawal of my iPod, email, and symbiotic relationship with my computer, I rediscovered silence. This is a spiritual discipline I have lacked since attending many oneness processes in Fiji and India. There, silence (mauna) was the norm within long days of contemplation and prayer. In the Oneness Teachings, silence is considered an enormous gift because we can reflect and empty our minds.  We don’t feel inhibited by time and instead, can tune into the flow of divine life and notice the little things. Silence is the peaceful place where we know the wholeness of our true nature and affirm that right here and now is divine substance in the form of people, nature, loving intentions and expressions, adequate shelter, and good food.

I’ve been scuba diving for about 10 years, and consider it a form of meditation. I dove the Blue Hole, a rare, cavernous dive site near Half Moon Caye. This undisturbed, natural wonder is a collection of stalactites and stalagmites that project through clear water. Resurfacing from 129 feet underwater reveals a world of coral reef, sea turtles, angelfish, and an eel – an entire food chain that lives in a colorful, natural rhythm.  I like to dive because I can sink into silence, and be fully present and aware of nature. I can settle into longer moments of peace which help me establish a stronger relationship with people. And when I establish peace within, kind and compassionate thoughts begin to flow outward, and I can allow God’s good to fill my heart and mind. I affirm the light of Spirit and strengthen my spiritual connection to All That Is.

Western culture, and all its distractions, is the anti-thesis of island culture. We don’t spend enough quiet time to clear our thoughts and appreciate the present moment. In silence, we can be fully present to the Divine Presence that permeates every living thing. Periodically excusing ourselves from time is a healthy exercise in present moment awareness where we can allow each experience flow through us. It is one way to notice our abundance or goodness in others; consequently, we can more easily apply that perspective to everyday life. That’s why silence and simplicity are two pathways to peace.

Whether you are diving off the shores of a remote island, or doing any one of a hundred tasks at work, home, school, or your favorite activity, carve out some time to be silent and just be fully present to what is in front of you. Recognize how you have been enriched by the Universe and consider each experience in life as one that holds learning that helps you evolve consciousness.

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Spiritual Transformation Begins Within

Yesterday, one of my dear friends talked about the importance of the New Thought movement where the goal of humanity is to realize its oneness. It is our purpose as teachers to help others manifest this idea in their personal lives.  Together, we observed the numerous people who diligently work to move themselves into higher levels of conscious awareness. They travel worldwide to attend spiritual programs that help forward their own growth, and then come home to show people the way of oneness by offering support and nurturing.

Accepting the responsibility of such spiritual leadership means we become an example. To reach out and uplift another means we offer encouragement to a person who meets resistance in their challenging experiences. Often helping someone move forward is more powerful than getting that individual to attend a workshop or a class, which we may think shifts a person to a new point of view or gives them a push in the “right” direction. As an inter-faith, inter-cultural community, who are we to say what will forward their spiritual growth? If we raise ourselves, doesn’t that mean we transform collective humanity?

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Celebrate World Day of Prayer

Hello Beloveds:

I am inviting you to be part of the Unity World Day of Prayer. Please join me in the flow of abundant blessings and my heart-felt desire to vibrate peace. If we do not change our vibration, then who will? If not now, then when? We must become that which we desire to see in the world. Remember, peace, joy, and love being with YOU. So, let’s begin by praying together on September 9th. Join me on Facebook and let’s start a conversation with our Unity friends! On this powerful day, I hope you enjoy my special prayer and blessing. Please share it with your family and places of worship. Love, Charlene

Today’s Blessing:

Today, let us dedicate ourselves to listening deeply: to nature, to one another, and to the infinite love and wisdom that emanates from the universe and has endured for generations. Today, in our work and relationships, let us dedicate ourselves as clearly and as authentically as possible. Let us dedicate today to that which is present within us, the divine presence that lives and breathes as us. It is our brightest light by which we navigate life. Today, may all alleviate suffering in our beloved human community, and taste kindness and joy in all forms of life.


Om Shanti


Dear God, we recognize yet another week of a September eleventh. Many of us may still harbor fear which we know is an illusion. Belief in a suspicious world that is always on the edge of terror is a false belief and not true. Belief in a negative condition invites us into a lower level of consciousness. As we see the divine perfection of life, our perceptions of fear, judgment, and hate dissolve. Please help us to understand that love, not fear, is our natural state. Dear Beloved Creator, help us to be a beam of healing in our troubled world. Give healing to those who blame their problems on others, as we know our external world is but a reflection of our inner world. Heal us from the urge to dominate and build power by taking away power. Heal humanity of the false belief that killing our brothers and sisters is necessary to manifest the Divine Presence within. Allow us to trust one another, love rather than hate, and give us the courage to risk our comfort zone in order to be ambassadors of peace.

We pray that our national leaders will adopt a new way of relating and learn to heal world conflict by using their heart-center. Help us to move forward and trust that the way is clear for us to create a better, peaceful, and more prosperous world.

To the Christ Light that lives in each one of us. Amen and Om Shanti.