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Experience the Oneness Blessing in Sacred Sites

Dear Ones:

Is adventure in a sunny climate calling out to you? Maybe you need to relax and affirm the Spirit within? Meditation, mala-making, setting positive intentions, morning yoga, blessings, ceremony, and oneness teachings… Wow! Let’s take a beautiful January Journey of the Spirit together! You are invited to attend this wonderful trip to Mexico!

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Creating Abundance in Your Life

Recently I’ve unearthed a number of amazing seminars and presentations on creating an empowering life. Abundance seems to be a timely topic and so I felt this slideshow would support you in achieving a prosperous August!

Interested in the Empowerment Show? Take a look for more details on how you may add this to your inspirational home library!

Enjoy and be sure to share with those who may need a bit of inspiration!



H.E.A.L. Series with Dan Hanneman

Thank you to Dan Hanneman, host of The Spiritual RockStar Community, for an engaging conversation! It was great to discuss transformation, the Oneness Blessing, spirituality and the link to personal awakening on Dan’s Spiritual RockStar Radio show.

Be sure to tune in and listen to my interview as part of the Highly Evolved Actualized Living (H.E.A.L.) series, hosted virtually May 23rd-27th.