As a special ‘Thank You’ to all our readers, I am giving away the Kindle version of The Women’s Book of Empowerment. Click on this link to receive the book within the next five days!

It’s the time of year where we can reflect upon our experiences. The Oneness Gospel, my newest book, reached the top in Kindle in the Spiritual and Self-Help categories and won a Silver Nautilus award. In this interfaith book, the Oneness teachings I brought back from Fiji and India, as well as a contemporary look at the New Testament teachings, helped many people have a new perspective on their personal growth. I’m so thankful to all my readers who have shared with me how this piece has inspired them to lead lives that are open to more joy and wonder.

I’m also excited about all the dance memories and for the wonderful people I have come to cherish on the ballroom dance circuit. Blake and I have successfully won two of the three national leaderboards this season, and will complete our scores for the final dance circuit by mid-December. The opportunity to experience music, my body, a creative partnership, and dance as an art form with light and love has put me in a state of gratitude for all human expressions that are available to each and every one of us.

It seems all the ideas I asked the Universe to create with me have come into being, whether writing a book or moving on the dance floor. Many people helped to make my life better and enjoyable. It’s been a year filled with laughter and blessings and I am deeply grateful for everything and everyone.

So, please accept my empowering gift and look for more gifts coming your way on December 21, where we will give away Kindle copies of Let Your Goddess Grow!
Every Blessing,

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