Having a healthy and empowered outlook on life includes taking care of our bodies. We must not only tend to our diets and exercise, but also make time to strengthen our inner connection with spirit, which is the source that provides unconditional love. It is part of a healthy body-mind-spirit regime. A mental diet of self-love is just as important to, if not more important than, your success on the scale.

When I had back surgery a couple of years ago, I was physically inactive for a long time. The weight piled on. The worst was the heavy heart I got by realizing that I could not ski anymore or do certain other things I used to do. I hurt all the time. Pretty soon, I began to see myself as an injured or incapacitated person. I was sending my body continuous messages of being limited. The body does not heal quickly when we do not support it mentally and emotionally. Until I changed my mental process, I had difficulty losing weight, but once I changed my thinking and released those energies, dieting became a joy, not a burden.

Everyone knows there is no magic to losing weight. It’s about diet and exercise. But what is overlooked is our mental equivalent, or our self-image. Do we love ourselves? Do we feel confident about who we are and what we contribute to the world? Are we experiencing positive personal growth in our lives? Get your head and heart aligned while you diet, and the excess weight will easily fall away.

What can we do to create a positive self-image that supports a healthy diet and lifestyle?

  1. Celebrate every bite you eat by loving your body. Shift your mental state from counting carbohydrates and calories to feeding your body with love. Food is fuel, and fuel makes things go. It allows you to do your soul work on the planet! Adopt a nutrition consciousness and let it become a way of life. Focus on what you can feed your beautiful body to give it energy and kindness. Don’t focus on what you are not feeding it.
  2. Center yourself every morning. You’ll be more in tune with your physical needs when you take a few minutes each day to go within and center yourself. Meditate to align yourself with the concept of perfect health, slimness, mobility, grace whatever your physical goals are. A few minutes a day is all you need. Say, “I see myself as healthy, wealthy, gorgeous, and wise.”
  3. Know that you are a beautiful human being. Shed negative and unnecessary mental and emotional baggage along with your excess weight. Make forgiveness part of your daily diet. Expand your vision of who you are as a limitless being. Know that no matter what your body size is, you have tons of potential! See yourself as whole and beautiful inside.

Pull the light inside your body.[Tweet ” This light is love, so you’re lightening yourself from the inside-out first!”] Let’s affirm:

“Today, I reset my priorities to include a healthy and nourishing routine. My diet is about purging all negative thoughts, including guilt. I love and approve of my body and of my whole self. I shed this weight easily as I become more positive, lighter, and in love with my true self. I feel safe and protected. From this day forward, I choose a healthy and nourishing diet and state of mind.”

We must accept ourselves, and see ourselves as beautiful works in progress during any weight loss program. Weight loss never lasts if you don’t feel good “from the inside-out,” so be mindful about your positive self-image. See yourself as healthy, wealthy, and wise and bask in self-love and self-appreciation. These are the keys to deeper inner growth and permanent body transformation.

Every Blessing,




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