full moonTonight will be a rare blue moon. It occurs only once every 2 ½ years. Whenever there are two full moons in a calendar month, the second one is called a “blue moon.” Even though many would argue there is no correlation between a full moon’s impact on our behavior and circumstances such as car accidents or filled hospital emergency rooms, I believe there is some impact on humanity. I never sleep well during a full moon, and people seem to come to me with more problems during those times.

The last full moon, Kelly, our financial controller at our office, said she was bombarded with negativity from her son’s best friend’s mother who had come over for a visit. She said this woman was seriously complaining about everything, gossiping, and overly negative for over an hour. Kelly was exhausted, after listening to this drama and truly drained.

There is energy in every thought and in solid matter. Energy is held in all things. It permeates the Universe and similar vibrations attract each other. Moon or not, Kelly’s sensitivity and compassion made her open the door to energetically receive. When people stir us at an emotional level, and we are caught off-guard, we take it all in. We need to protect ourselves from lower vibrations, which is the dense, sticky, negative energy that is attached to a sour outlook on life, negative commentary, gossip, manipulative conversation, and rudeness. People who are immersed in this type of energy are often energy vampires. They feed off of our positive energy and walk away feeling uplifted while we feel discouraged.

Be Aware

We cannot allow others to bring our energetic fields down, so we must protect ourselves. It is impossible to accomplish greatness in our lives, and live fully and productively, if our vibration is low. We must be disciplined to recognize when we are exposed to these feelings, and do our best to mentally and emotionally rise above people and situations.
To increase a positive output, and be unaffected by moons, negative energies, and lower vibrations, I recommend the following:

  1. Every day, ask the God of your own choosing, the Arch Angels, or The Universe to protect you and your family. Ask that negativity, fear, worry, and self-doubt be removed from your experience. Surround yourself with light and ask for all negativity to be repelled. Emit a vibration of trust that you are protected.
  2. If you are in a transition period (looking to change jobs, partners, or need an improved situation in your life), visualize that you are attracting the best and most abundant scenario. Then, be in a state of gratitude for what you see yourself having. By emitting the vibration of gratitude, you are already acknowledging that you are in receipt of what you have asked for, so accept it with thanks, and act “as if” it has already appeared. Strong, positive beliefs attract success.

To top it off, I find that saying “anything I send out comes back to me ten-fold and whatever someone sends to me, goes back to them ten-fold” works very well. In extreme situations, it takes care of anyone who wishes you harm (because it will come back to them) and it insures that what you put out toward others (peace, love, generosity, kindness) will return to you in leaps and bounds.
Belief systems, and our energetic fields, are extremely powerful. So, be aware and be positive. Maybe only “once in a blue moon” will you be affected!

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