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Open up to abundance!

Although living the simple life might have worked for many of our ancestors, most of us want to know how to enjoy a prosperous existence filled with modern conveniences. What is the secret to feeling fuller, richer, and happier? How do we overcome negative beliefs about wealth and money that hold us back from abundance? Changing your attitude on prosperity and money can produce dramatic changes in your life. Your abundance is not determined by outside conditions but is a manifestation of your beliefs about what is possible.

Master Your Thinking

Creating an abundant life is about mastering the process of thinking and using prosperity consciousness. Many people focus on money as the cause of their abundance or lack of money as reason for scarcity.  But money is not the cause of abundance, it is an effect. It does not cause prosperity in your life. These are challenging concepts for most people who say, “If I only had money life would be easier,” If you place all your focus into the cause and not the effect, you are limiting your abilities.

If you are ill, and you only treat the symptoms and not the cause of the disease, you will never really heal, right?  So, adopting prosperity consciousness means you see yourself as one who has an unlimited, inexhaustible supply. And that energetic and physical supply comes from the Universe, or Spirit, however you define that in your wisdom tradition.

Discover Your Mental Equivalent

Ten years ago, our family company was headed toward financial disaster. We discovered that my husband, who was the C.E.O., did not truly believe he deserved any wealth. His assumptions about wealth were odd – he discovered he enjoyed being poor because he thought it made him more like-able or noble. Nobody can provide income for 150 employees with this kind of mental equivalent! Once he changed his focus, and embraced income and wealth as a positive experience that benefits everyone, the business began to prosper.

To create a truly abundant life, you must also recognize that money is not your true supply but only a symbol of your inner supply. No person, place or condition is your supply. Your employer, spouse, investments, or bank account are not your supply. Your true supply is the limitless Spirit behind all creation.  It is an unlimited and inexhaustible supply that fills every need. You don’t have to feel responsible for creating wealth; it’s already there.  You already have it all.  You just need to change your consciousness about wealth, money, and rely upon our Source to flow. You can read about this spiritual lesson in my book Let Your Goddess Grow! 7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking.

Here’s how to begin to develop prosperity consciousness and lay a foundation for abundance in your life:

  1. Quit thinking about lack. Whatever you focus your energy on is what you will receive from the Universe. Think about what you do want, not what you don’t want, no matter your present circumstances. Visualize yourself in a situation with exactly what you desire. Stop worrying about how much money everyone else has and how they get it.
  2. Take an inventory of your faulty thinking. Were you raised with a belief that there isn’t enough to go around for everyone?  Think about how this energy permeates your belief system and behavior. As a child, if you were told it’s bad to be wealthy or you don’t deserve money when you grow up, it might have become part of your belief system. How can you generate wealth when that is your fundamental assumption?  It is not possible!
  3. Give thanks in advance for what you are about to receive. Successful people create, and know that the demonstration, or effect, will appear.  They acknowledge that it has already been set into motion, and have confidence in the process of the Universe.  Learn to trust at a very deep level while you do the earth- work to get there, such as doing your job.
  4. Be aware of the Source within you as part of your limitless supply. It is important to identify with the Divine Presence because the unlimited consciousness of the Spirit within you is your true supply.  When you know this, your abundance channel is open to whatever you think about with clarity and passion.

With a little mental discipline, let’s begin to change our attitudes about success, abundance, and prosperity. Let’s affirm:

“Today I no longer need to hold back from success and prosperity. I live life with ease. I expand my mind to include what I desire in life, and I know I am worthy of receiving. I open my heart to a new level of thankfulness and recognize all the good in my life. I have an abundant supply in Spirit and prosperity is my natural state. I love being in an abundant state because the Universe knows no boundaries in providing me as much as I want and need.”


Every Blessing,





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More affirmations that help you create an empowering and abundant reality:

Always struggling

I live life with ease. I expand my mind to include what I desire in life. When I ask, I know I am worthy of receiving. I open my heart to a new level of thankfulness and recognize all the good in my life. I love being prosperous because it is my natural state. I go with the abundant flow of life and do not paddle against the current. My ride is joyful and easy and includes everything I desire.

“Can’t afford it” mindset

When I dwell on the idea of lack, I build a consciousness of lack that only attracts more lack. Whatever I ask for, I receive, because the natural state of the unlimited universe is to provide for me. I now have a mindset of abundance because my source is unlimited! I am part of a universal order that provides an abundant and inexhaustible supply. I see abundance reflected in all areas of my life. My income and all things that are valuable to me are prospering and growing bigger as I notice how much abundance there is in the world.

Can’t attract money

Today, I stop focusing on attracting money and focus on my source, which is my unlimited supply. My source is the foundation of prosperity. From this day forward, I inhale abundance and permanently bring it into my awareness. Because I choose to identify with my source, I am abundance and prosperity. I am now aligning my higher self with a vision of prosperity. I exhale success and satisfaction with each breath.


Expressing Joy is a form of Empowerment

Even though we may be dedicated to our families and careers, we must find time to express joy and creativity. Each of us is a special creation, an individualized spark of the Presence. Because we are mini-models of the Universe, we are forever evolving and creating. Joy flows through uninhibited creativity, so let’s be the idea of joy so we can grow personally and spiritually.

Joy is essential to living a balanced and empowered life

Joy is vital to your personal and spiritual development. Expressing joy helps you feel more confident and comfortable about who you are. It’s physically healthy to bring joy though your body, too, through your speech, actions, or artwork. Spiritually, joy helps open your energy centers. It’s part of your true nature and does not fluctuate based upon what happens in your life. It is a steady constant. Unless you find some way to express your joy, you cannot live in this spiritual state, nor will you attract people and situations that give you joy.  You have to resonate with joy at a deep level to attract more joy in your life.

When my boys left home for college, I realized that care-taking had taken up all of my time. I had never had time to cultivate any space in which to learn something new. Today, I use ballroom dancing as an articulation of self-love and happiness. Expressing joy for nothing but the sake of joy is totally freeing. It’s an exercise in letting out your light. Do you desire to sing, dance, paint, sing, play the trumpet, or make a home movie? Creative energy is your divine heritage. You cannot just answer to tasks or live in servitude. These are patterns of behavior you may have adopted by being a caretaker and provider. It’s time to make a change in your life.

How do we invite our creativity and joy to pour forth?

  1. Leave your inner-critic behind. Negative self-talk blocks creative expression. For example, if you say, “I can’t” or ”I’m not talented, fast enough, strong or young enough,” too often, that’s what you’ll be. When you’re pursuing joy and believe in yourself, you realize that life is a miracle. And so are you. There is no limit to what you can do when expressing joy is your objective. Release all those limiting thoughts that hinder your creativity. Do what makes you joyful.
  2. Expect a few train wrecks along the way. Not every creative expression in life is going to be a first-place effort. When you’re learning to let your light pour out, you’re going to be derailed a few times. Be like the Little Engine That Could. Keep your chin up, keep going, and don’t flush all your paint down the drain or throw your dance shoes away just because you didn’t produce a prize-winning painting or get on Dancing with the Stars. You are living art. Be humble to the creative process and keep going.
  3. Create from the most joyful place in your heart. Let go. Joy and creativity is a right brain, intuitive process. It’s very feminine. You can’t stay in your left brain all day, punching numbers and writing corporate memos. At my studio, the happiest people I see each day are doctors, accountants, and lawyers who are pulling buoyancy into the very nature of their being. They are making an effort to be balanced and dance from a joyful place in side of themselves. They don’t worry about how good they look … they’re just letting out their light. And it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Today, let’s put aside our judging and analytical minds and remember that we are each a special and unique creation. Joy is your natural state of being. Let’s affirm:

“True joy is not something I acquire from outer events or things. It is an energy I release from within. I am a unique and special creation. I am an individualized spark of the Divine Presence. I am meant to express my creativity because I am a mini-model of the Universe, which is forever evolving and creating. I welcome joy today as my uninhibited expression. When I dance, paint, sing, or am creative in any way, I AM the idea of joy.”

Every Blessing,





© Charlene M Proctor and The Goddess Network, Inc. All Rights Reserved. For more affirmations, read The Women’s Book of Empowerment:323 Affirmations that Change Everyday Problems into Moments of Potential. Click Here to buy.

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Having Gratitude for Life

Life is a spiritual journey that takes many forms. Whatever comes our way, we must see the good in it and keep our hearts open to every experience. If we want to live an empowered life, we must project gratitude for all our life lessons. Years ago, I gave programs on positive thinking to women who were homeless and jobless. Despite their circumstances, they wanted to learn. I was humbled by their gratitude for what they had. They gave me the simplest of gifts—pictures cut out of discarded magazines, a single rose purchased from a street vendor, and pictures they had drawn. They had nothing, yet they found something to give. I was inspired to keep on teaching them. Like these courageous women, we can all do a little better for one another, no matter our circumstances. Isn’t it true that when someone shows his or appreciation, we want to give more to that person? The universe works that way, too.

When we get in the habit of giving thanks for what we experience on our life path, when we acknowledge the blessings that have been a consequence of these experiences, that’s when we acknowledge the most empowering connection that exists between human beings and Divine Spirit. We no longer sit at the sidelines, waiting for something to happen. We become conscious, creative participants in life.

Further, we can never fully receive anything that we do not already have within ourselves. If we want more love, then we must practice the art of love. If we want more friendships, then we must first practice being a friend. If we want to be thanked and appreciated, we must first express gratitude and feel it at a deep level. It’s all about reciprocity.

How can we learn to practice more gratitude?

  1. Say “yes” to the goodness of life. Quit being a “doom-sayer.” Stop complaining about the state of the world. Don’t make a habit of creating daily exchanges filled with fear, blame, and doom. Use auspicious language. Encourage others to be thankful for being alive and for all their experiences. Count your blessings!
  2. Find ways, no matter how small, to thank others. I write tons of thank you notes, and wherever I go, I show up with a compliment. I’d rather receive a compliment from someone than a fancy hostess gift. At the next party you attend, take an affectionate or caring compliment. Tell your friends how much you appreciate their sense of humor or their graciousness. Don’t ever assume people don’t need to be thanked. That’s a need everybody has, whether they admit it or not. When you learn to get the words out, their energy will circulate back to you.
  3. Use the Law of Attraction. Don’t you always feel more inclined to give more to someone when they’re enthusiastic and appreciative? Consider the times you’ve helped a friend or employee and were overwhelmed with thanks. Did it make you want to give more? Of course it did! “Like attracts like” is a scientific principle at the sub-atomic particle level. Put this principle to work in your life every day!

Give thanks for all you are, for being part of that limitless, magnificent, empowered relationship we call life. Let’s affirm:

“With each breath, I expand my love and gratitude for the many opportunities that await me. Today offers me a chance to live in appreciation of all the blessings in my life. My thankfulness is my true state of being. I create positivity with my thoughts, actions, and words. I am grateful for the abundance that sustains me during my life lessons. I am alive with vitality and enthusiasm. I am grateful for everyone and everything.”

Every Blessing,





© Charlene M Proctor and The Goddess Network, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Are You Feeling Empowered?

Charlene Proctor

Charlene Proctor and Danielle Knox

Consumed by fast paced lives, we feel they have to be superhuman to keep up. But if we work out the problems and complexities in life by letting go of the negative and making time for our spiritual selves, life can become more manageable and meaningful.

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Charlene getting make up done on the set of The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV

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Divine Thoughts: Worry Less by Building Gratitude

In the current economic conditions, many people are worrying about how change will trickle down into their personal lives. If a daily exchange of fear, blame, or doom has replaced your daily affirmation, you need to say yes to the goodness life has to offer and build an attitude of gratitude.

Living in a true state of thankfulness allows us to manage worry with ease. No matter how difficult they are, life’s lessons are always learning opportunities. Spirit is attempting to get your attention in an area that is not serving your best interests. When we acknowledge the lesson, learn from it, and add gratitude to our daily life, worrying will fall away. Let’s practice six ways to build gratitude today.

  1. Yes, You can cope. Affirm it! When the caca hits the fan, first learn to affirm your innate ability to cope.
  2. Remember that you are made of Unlimited, Divine Spirit. Affirm that spirit is a part of your skill set. Invite the Divine Presence into each day and every circumstance and in whatever wisdom tradition or faith feels right to you.
  3. Widen your perspective to deep appreciation.
  4. Use the Law of Attraction.
  5. If you want to be a person who is loved, continue to give unselfishly and thank others for all they do.
  6. Get the energy to return to you by practicing gratitude.

Living in a continual state of gratitude for being alive and well and having a chance to improve the lives of others through your words and actions turns negative situations around very quickly. When you express gratitude in your words and actions, you’ll be among the most beloved people on this planet, and your worrying will fall away. Without a thankful approach to life, we do not have as great an opportunity to explore the limits of our patience and our capabilities as loving individuals have.

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