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How can we expand our Christ Consciousness in Everyday Spiritual Practices?

prayerWhen Jesus said “follow me” he meant to follow his higher level of conscious awareness.  When we awaken and make that choice, we can achieve exactly what he did.

Affirmative prayer is the highest form of creative thought. It includes the release of counterproductive, negative thoughts as well as holding in your mind statements of spiritual truth. Through meditation, you can experience the presence of God. Prayer and meditation heighten your awareness and thereby transform lives.

Awareness is the key, no matter your spiritual practices, for example, meditation, prayer, Mauna, chakra clearing, or yoga. Also, work on being present. I think the greatest spiritual masters who have lived on this planet would remind us to turn off our text messaging and email while we are talking to people.  Be here now.  Fully behold that which is in front of you: a friend, a sunny day, walking the dog, counseling a friend in grief, or to whatever life is presenting, without any conditioning or suffering to take you away from the present.

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Belief in separation obstructs our perception of unity

To claim the birthright of our own divinity, we must care of our personal business first. When we develop self-awareness, we make room for the Presence to work through us. To prepare for the New Age (and blast off into a new vibratory realm to change the world), therefore, we have to start from the beginning and reflect on our past suffering and family problems. I know it’s no fun to take responsibility for our own joy; it’s much easier to place the blame for our perceived challenges elsewhere. But self-reflection and self-responsibility are the only ways to clear the pathway to truth if we don’t want to enter a religious order, which doesn’t work for most of us living in modern-day suburbia. With some prayer and application, we can learn to recognize the Presence in us so fully that there can be no differentiation in our existence and God’s. We already have at our disposal the most beautiful and enriching written wisdom, owned by all of humankind, so let’s embody the light. Everyday life can become the cocreative experience it was originally meant to be.

To work in conjunction with the Divine Presence, we need to be conscious that we exist as one. Cocreation is our natural state. The universe is one big, receptive, energy sphere. It reflects our intentions, thoughts, and actions, so we can learn to be conscious cocreators with the Divine Presence. For years, my spiritual work was simply getting people to think positively and affirm what was right and good in their lives. I taught people how to broadcast through their words and energies that they are whatever they think they are. When we invite success, prosperity, love, or any number of wonderful qualities into our experience, we are working with natural laws. We enjoy the results. It’s great practice.

But it’s not enough. Those of us who seek to be Christ lights and attune our consciousness with God (and as a result, create loving miracles of healing and abundance in our experience) must go beyond positive thinking and realize that we are one with the Father, no matter our perceived differences. That’s how to find the kingdom within. It’s also nice to have a mystical experience of a unified universe, a deeper connection, a sense of the eternal, that doesn’t discount our Christianity but rather refreshes it.

Oneness is our natural state. It is a complete harmonic convergence with the Divine, where we draw ourselves back to conscious oneness with all creation. It is our realization of God’s own reflection in the son of man, in all of humankind. In all of us. To have the Christ light within, or “have Christ in you,” is to obtain that level of consciousness. A Christed one is an enlightened person who has awakened to his or her own divinity and light, and who embodies the higher vibration and fully reflects God.

I hope you enjoyed this short article on being with ease with yourself. I’d love to hear from you, so please do share your comments and personal stories below.

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Change The World By Raising Your Consciousness

The outer world is made from manifested thoughts and ideas held in your mind. These ideas are the foundation of consciousness, and the nature of these ideas gives consciousness its character.

Everything we create has a belief behind it, an idea once held in someone’s consciousness. Because consciousness is shared, it includes the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and sensitivities held by all people. Therefore, every condition, circumstance, or situation in the material world is the embodiment of humanity’s mental equivalent, whether it is war or peace. War is an expression of an idea held in consciousness by the human race. Human beings have always (it seems) believed in death, fear, lack, aggression, and pillaging, which is why there is war. If enough people in the world have war consciousness, then there will be world war. Again, it begins with the individual and the mental equivalent he or she holds.

If we want peace, we need to enter the consciousness of peace and affirm its truth.

Collectively, we all help to define consciousness by expressing our point of view. Everyone has input, good or bad, into how consciousness is defined. In the aggregate, we are a giant, mass projection of ideas into collective consciousness. That’s why, when a big portion of humanity thinks a certain way and this is translated into behaviors and actions, these energies become very powerful. When we do this together, ideas can become firmly seated in our collective consciousness.

Remember, you are a sum total of everything that is expressed in consciousness. Nasty language, slamming people on the Internet or in the magazine gossip columns, circulating ridiculously negative opinions, and incessant arguing are all dumped into consciousness along with all forms of violence. We will keep recycling this negative energy until people are ready to release it from their conscious awareness. Humanity has a long way to go, but we can do it.

The reason we don’t have peace on earth is that the idea of peace is not fully assimilated into mass consciousness. Since not enough people express peace, we cannot override the wave of unpeace yet. For peace to take hold in mass consciousness, it must begin with you. Contribute to world peace by holding the idea of peace in your own conscious awareness. Practice being a peacemaker. Think peace and demonstrate peace in relationships, speech, and writing, at home and at work. Start small. Make peace with those who irritate you or share a negative history. Try forgiveness. Call your mother. Overlook shortcomings you have perceived in another person. Have peaceful interactions with people and quit flipping drivers the bird when they pull in front of you on the freeway. Practicing peace, love, and lack of flipping is called practicing the presence of God. See God everywhere, in all things and people, despite appearances to the contrary, and be in sync with higher-level ideas. Practice being peace, and don’t just talk about it.

Today’s balancing act isn’t just juggling credit card debt, a mortgage, and aging parents. It is learning how to be consciously aware of who we are and striking a balance between being and becoming. Pick a job that makes a positive contribution to the community. Quit worrying about what anyone else thinks. Get to work on practicing being God. Let’s raise our consciousness and increase our level of self-awareness together. As we grow, we have the ability to experience the simplest things in life with great humor and happiness. When we focus on what is real, we can grow into a living expression of the Divine.

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Open up to abundance!

Although living the simple life might have worked for many of our ancestors, most of us want to know how to enjoy a prosperous existence filled with modern conveniences. What is the secret to feeling fuller, richer, and happier? How do we overcome negative beliefs about wealth and money that hold us back from abundance? Changing your attitude on prosperity and money can produce dramatic changes in your life. Your abundance is not determined by outside conditions but is a manifestation of your beliefs about what is possible.

Master Your Thinking

Creating an abundant life is about mastering the process of thinking and using prosperity consciousness. Many people focus on money as the cause of their abundance or lack of money as reason for scarcity.  But money is not the cause of abundance, it is an effect. It does not cause prosperity in your life. These are challenging concepts for most people who say, “If I only had money life would be easier,” If you place all your focus into the cause and not the effect, you are limiting your abilities.

If you are ill, and you only treat the symptoms and not the cause of the disease, you will never really heal, right?  So, adopting prosperity consciousness means you see yourself as one who has an unlimited, inexhaustible supply. And that energetic and physical supply comes from the Universe, or Spirit, however you define that in your wisdom tradition.

Discover Your Mental Equivalent

Ten years ago, our family company was headed toward financial disaster. We discovered that my husband, who was the C.E.O., did not truly believe he deserved any wealth. His assumptions about wealth were odd – he discovered he enjoyed being poor because he thought it made him more like-able or noble. Nobody can provide income for 150 employees with this kind of mental equivalent! Once he changed his focus, and embraced income and wealth as a positive experience that benefits everyone, the business began to prosper.

To create a truly abundant life, you must also recognize that money is not your true supply but only a symbol of your inner supply. No person, place or condition is your supply. Your employer, spouse, investments, or bank account are not your supply. Your true supply is the limitless Spirit behind all creation.  It is an unlimited and inexhaustible supply that fills every need. You don’t have to feel responsible for creating wealth; it’s already there.  You already have it all.  You just need to change your consciousness about wealth, money, and rely upon our Source to flow. You can read about this spiritual lesson in my book Let Your Goddess Grow! 7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking.

Here’s how to begin to develop prosperity consciousness and lay a foundation for abundance in your life:

  1. Quit thinking about lack. Whatever you focus your energy on is what you will receive from the Universe. Think about what you do want, not what you don’t want, no matter your present circumstances. Visualize yourself in a situation with exactly what you desire. Stop worrying about how much money everyone else has and how they get it.
  2. Take an inventory of your faulty thinking. Were you raised with a belief that there isn’t enough to go around for everyone?  Think about how this energy permeates your belief system and behavior. As a child, if you were told it’s bad to be wealthy or you don’t deserve money when you grow up, it might have become part of your belief system. How can you generate wealth when that is your fundamental assumption?  It is not possible!
  3. Give thanks in advance for what you are about to receive. Successful people create, and know that the demonstration, or effect, will appear.  They acknowledge that it has already been set into motion, and have confidence in the process of the Universe.  Learn to trust at a very deep level while you do the earth- work to get there, such as doing your job.
  4. Be aware of the Source within you as part of your limitless supply. It is important to identify with the Divine Presence because the unlimited consciousness of the Spirit within you is your true supply.  When you know this, your abundance channel is open to whatever you think about with clarity and passion.

With a little mental discipline, let’s begin to change our attitudes about success, abundance, and prosperity. Let’s affirm:

“Today I no longer need to hold back from success and prosperity. I live life with ease. I expand my mind to include what I desire in life, and I know I am worthy of receiving. I open my heart to a new level of thankfulness and recognize all the good in my life. I have an abundant supply in Spirit and prosperity is my natural state. I love being in an abundant state because the Universe knows no boundaries in providing me as much as I want and need.”


Every Blessing,





© Charlene M Proctor and The Goddess Network, Inc. All Rights Reserved. For more affirmations, read The Women’s Book of Empowerment:323 Affirmations that Change Everyday Problems into Moments of Potential. Click Here to buy.

More affirmations that help you create an empowering and abundant reality:

Always struggling

I live life with ease. I expand my mind to include what I desire in life. When I ask, I know I am worthy of receiving. I open my heart to a new level of thankfulness and recognize all the good in my life. I love being prosperous because it is my natural state. I go with the abundant flow of life and do not paddle against the current. My ride is joyful and easy and includes everything I desire.

“Can’t afford it” mindset

When I dwell on the idea of lack, I build a consciousness of lack that only attracts more lack. Whatever I ask for, I receive, because the natural state of the unlimited universe is to provide for me. I now have a mindset of abundance because my source is unlimited! I am part of a universal order that provides an abundant and inexhaustible supply. I see abundance reflected in all areas of my life. My income and all things that are valuable to me are prospering and growing bigger as I notice how much abundance there is in the world.

Can’t attract money

Today, I stop focusing on attracting money and focus on my source, which is my unlimited supply. My source is the foundation of prosperity. From this day forward, I inhale abundance and permanently bring it into my awareness. Because I choose to identify with my source, I am abundance and prosperity. I am now aligning my higher self with a vision of prosperity. I exhale success and satisfaction with each breath.