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Veteran’s Day Prayer

Dear Ones:

Today let’s recognize the sacrifices others have made to allow us to know freedom and safety. While we know war is not the answer to the issues of peoples or nations, let us bless our veterans who have endured bloodshed and war. Today, let’s open our hearts to those who give their time and courage so everyone can take one step closer to peace.  When our fears subside, wars will cease.

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International Day of Peace

Be Peaceful

Today, September 21, is the day declared by the United Nations General Assembly, as the International Day of Peace, a day devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples. Join me in extending your light to the world, and to set an intention for peace.

Remember, peace begins within. It begins with YOU, the individual. Collectively, we cannot manifest a peaceful world when we are in pain, suffering, or living with a judgment mindset. To demonstrate peace, we must become the idea of peace. It must vibrate within our very soul and be expressed in our spoken and written words.

Today, I’d like you to focus on inner peace, and expressing soft and beautiful speech. Feel peace from your heart! Daily Word’s affirmation on inner peace is perfect to align yourself with these ideas.

Affirmation: Inner Peace

The peace of God fills my heart.

A river rushing downstream tumbles over rocks and flows around fallen logs. It is a busy current of power and energy. But deep below the surface the water is calm and quiet, gently lending strength to the bustling activity at the surface.

Deep within me is a center of peace–a quiet strength that gives me the power and energy to pursue my dreams. When I pray, I draw on the peace within me. I trust in the strength and stability of God’s indwelling presence.

Although outer circumstances may appear tumultuous, my strength comes from the center of my being where the peace of my soul is undisturbed.

Be well, my friends, and be at peace.

Every Blessing,



Celebrate World Day of Prayer

Hello Beloveds:

I am inviting you to be part of the Unity World Day of Prayer. Please join me in the flow of abundant blessings and my heart-felt desire to vibrate peace. If we do not change our vibration, then who will? If not now, then when? We must become that which we desire to see in the world. Remember, peace, joy, and love being with YOU. So, let’s begin by praying together on September 9th. Join me on Facebook and let’s start a conversation with our Unity friends! On this powerful day, I hope you enjoy my special prayer and blessing. Please share it with your family and places of worship. Love, Charlene

Today’s Blessing:

Today, let us dedicate ourselves to listening deeply: to nature, to one another, and to the infinite love and wisdom that emanates from the universe and has endured for generations. Today, in our work and relationships, let us dedicate ourselves as clearly and as authentically as possible. Let us dedicate today to that which is present within us, the divine presence that lives and breathes as us. It is our brightest light by which we navigate life. Today, may all alleviate suffering in our beloved human community, and taste kindness and joy in all forms of life.


Om Shanti


Dear God, we recognize yet another week of a September eleventh. Many of us may still harbor fear which we know is an illusion. Belief in a suspicious world that is always on the edge of terror is a false belief and not true. Belief in a negative condition invites us into a lower level of consciousness. As we see the divine perfection of life, our perceptions of fear, judgment, and hate dissolve. Please help us to understand that love, not fear, is our natural state. Dear Beloved Creator, help us to be a beam of healing in our troubled world. Give healing to those who blame their problems on others, as we know our external world is but a reflection of our inner world. Heal us from the urge to dominate and build power by taking away power. Heal humanity of the false belief that killing our brothers and sisters is necessary to manifest the Divine Presence within. Allow us to trust one another, love rather than hate, and give us the courage to risk our comfort zone in order to be ambassadors of peace.

We pray that our national leaders will adopt a new way of relating and learn to heal world conflict by using their heart-center. Help us to move forward and trust that the way is clear for us to create a better, peaceful, and more prosperous world.

To the Christ Light that lives in each one of us. Amen and Om Shanti.


Meeting Russill Paul

Last weekend, I attended a Kirtan, lecture, and a workshop given by author, spiritual teacher, mystic, and gifted musician Russill Paul. Thoroughly illuminating and enjoyable! His East meets West teachings come at a time when humanity needs them the most. Russill was a monk and yogi under the direction of renowned sage and mystic, Bede Griffith, in South India for many years. I was able to experience his work on sonic mysticism and immerse myself into The Yoga of Sound for the weekend. This workshop was rare opportunity and helped me more deeply understand and refine my own spiritual practice. No matter your wisdom tradition, it is highly recommended! Please read his book Jesus and the Lotus or attend one of his many presentations on Christian prayer, interspirituality, unity, and eastern mysticism. You’ll be able to tune into the authentic sounds of chanting, mantra recitation, and enjoy a special connection to the Divine Presence within. Thank you Russill, for sharing your wonderful gifts. You are a treasure!