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A Spiritual Transformation Gives You Joy in Simple Things

Bhagavan makes spirituality easy, and says it is the amount of joy you have in your life. It is not measured by how many hours you meditate. Everyone, he says, will have a unique form of spirituality and awakening. If there are six billion people on the planet, then there will be six billion extraordinary experiences of awakening and of the Divine. That’s six billion special practices of spiritualities, six billion special experiences of spiritual transformation. One is not better than the other. Just be honest with yourself and know growth never really ends.

There’s an old story about a man seeking enlightenment. He finds an enlightened holy man who shares his before-and-after scenario with the spiritual seeker. “Before I was enlightened, I chopped wood and carried water,” says the holy man.

The seeker, expecting to hear about how amazing the holy man’s life became after his awakening, says, “Wow, what did you do afterward?”

“Chopped wood, carried water,” replies the holy man. “Only after I was enlightened, I really enjoyed it.” The spiritual seeker who looks to quiet the mind and pursues communion with God is growing his or her consciousness and doesn’t look for extraordinary experiences. When your consciousness grows, it means that you are developing the ability to experience the simplest things in life with joy.

You can have the same experiences repeatedly and feel a new, heightened sense of awareness each time. Eating a big slice of your birthday cake is always fun. So is seeing the same family members every year, riding the Tilt-A-Whirl, or catching the same bass in the lake behind your house. Unawareness is feeling disconnected or let down by life, feeling depressed, like a robot living on emotional reactions. You sense lack everywhere, in everything. If you think you’re leading a spiritual life, ask yourself, “How well am I experiencing my reality? Is there joy in nearly everything?” If you’re awakened, you see life for what it is rather than what you think it should be. Living a spiritual life is feeling at ease with yourself, your feelings, and your relationships. It’s accepting people exactly as they are and being grateful for them. You’re able to face other people without fear, guilt, or defense mechanisms because you’re not on guard, not afraid of making mistakes or losing something.

A person who is truly spiritual can live alongside of others and never forget God, even for a moment. The Sufi sage Abu Sa’id ibn Abi-al-Khayr once said that the true mystic can come and go, eat and sleep, buy and sell, marry, chat, and be with others in the mainstream of life but never be out of touch with his or her own divinity. No matter what your life experiences are, there is no reason ever to be separated from who you really are.

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Belief in separation obstructs our perception of unity

To claim the birthright of our own divinity, we must care of our personal business first. When we develop self-awareness, we make room for the Presence to work through us. To prepare for the New Age (and blast off into a new vibratory realm to change the world), therefore, we have to start from the beginning and reflect on our past suffering and family problems. I know it’s no fun to take responsibility for our own joy; it’s much easier to place the blame for our perceived challenges elsewhere. But self-reflection and self-responsibility are the only ways to clear the pathway to truth if we don’t want to enter a religious order, which doesn’t work for most of us living in modern-day suburbia. With some prayer and application, we can learn to recognize the Presence in us so fully that there can be no differentiation in our existence and God’s. We already have at our disposal the most beautiful and enriching written wisdom, owned by all of humankind, so let’s embody the light. Everyday life can become the cocreative experience it was originally meant to be.

To work in conjunction with the Divine Presence, we need to be conscious that we exist as one. Cocreation is our natural state. The universe is one big, receptive, energy sphere. It reflects our intentions, thoughts, and actions, so we can learn to be conscious cocreators with the Divine Presence. For years, my spiritual work was simply getting people to think positively and affirm what was right and good in their lives. I taught people how to broadcast through their words and energies that they are whatever they think they are. When we invite success, prosperity, love, or any number of wonderful qualities into our experience, we are working with natural laws. We enjoy the results. It’s great practice.

But it’s not enough. Those of us who seek to be Christ lights and attune our consciousness with God (and as a result, create loving miracles of healing and abundance in our experience) must go beyond positive thinking and realize that we are one with the Father, no matter our perceived differences. That’s how to find the kingdom within. It’s also nice to have a mystical experience of a unified universe, a deeper connection, a sense of the eternal, that doesn’t discount our Christianity but rather refreshes it.

Oneness is our natural state. It is a complete harmonic convergence with the Divine, where we draw ourselves back to conscious oneness with all creation. It is our realization of God’s own reflection in the son of man, in all of humankind. In all of us. To have the Christ light within, or “have Christ in you,” is to obtain that level of consciousness. A Christed one is an enlightened person who has awakened to his or her own divinity and light, and who embodies the higher vibration and fully reflects God.

I hope you enjoyed this short article on being with ease with yourself. I’d love to hear from you, so please do share your comments and personal stories below.

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Change The World By Raising Your Consciousness

The outer world is made from manifested thoughts and ideas held in your mind. These ideas are the foundation of consciousness, and the nature of these ideas gives consciousness its character.

Everything we create has a belief behind it, an idea once held in someone’s consciousness. Because consciousness is shared, it includes the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and sensitivities held by all people. Therefore, every condition, circumstance, or situation in the material world is the embodiment of humanity’s mental equivalent, whether it is war or peace. War is an expression of an idea held in consciousness by the human race. Human beings have always (it seems) believed in death, fear, lack, aggression, and pillaging, which is why there is war. If enough people in the world have war consciousness, then there will be world war. Again, it begins with the individual and the mental equivalent he or she holds.

If we want peace, we need to enter the consciousness of peace and affirm its truth.

Collectively, we all help to define consciousness by expressing our point of view. Everyone has input, good or bad, into how consciousness is defined. In the aggregate, we are a giant, mass projection of ideas into collective consciousness. That’s why, when a big portion of humanity thinks a certain way and this is translated into behaviors and actions, these energies become very powerful. When we do this together, ideas can become firmly seated in our collective consciousness.

Remember, you are a sum total of everything that is expressed in consciousness. Nasty language, slamming people on the Internet or in the magazine gossip columns, circulating ridiculously negative opinions, and incessant arguing are all dumped into consciousness along with all forms of violence. We will keep recycling this negative energy until people are ready to release it from their conscious awareness. Humanity has a long way to go, but we can do it.

The reason we don’t have peace on earth is that the idea of peace is not fully assimilated into mass consciousness. Since not enough people express peace, we cannot override the wave of unpeace yet. For peace to take hold in mass consciousness, it must begin with you. Contribute to world peace by holding the idea of peace in your own conscious awareness. Practice being a peacemaker. Think peace and demonstrate peace in relationships, speech, and writing, at home and at work. Start small. Make peace with those who irritate you or share a negative history. Try forgiveness. Call your mother. Overlook shortcomings you have perceived in another person. Have peaceful interactions with people and quit flipping drivers the bird when they pull in front of you on the freeway. Practicing peace, love, and lack of flipping is called practicing the presence of God. See God everywhere, in all things and people, despite appearances to the contrary, and be in sync with higher-level ideas. Practice being peace, and don’t just talk about it.

Today’s balancing act isn’t just juggling credit card debt, a mortgage, and aging parents. It is learning how to be consciously aware of who we are and striking a balance between being and becoming. Pick a job that makes a positive contribution to the community. Quit worrying about what anyone else thinks. Get to work on practicing being God. Let’s raise our consciousness and increase our level of self-awareness together. As we grow, we have the ability to experience the simplest things in life with great humor and happiness. When we focus on what is real, we can grow into a living expression of the Divine.

Charlene Proctor is the author of the new book “The Oneness Gospel” and the founder of The Goddess Network, an on-line educational resource for topics on spiritual growth, positive thinking, consciousness, and unity.

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Spiritual Transformation Begins Within

Yesterday, one of my dear friends talked about the importance of the New Thought movement where the goal of humanity is to realize its oneness. It is our purpose as teachers to help others manifest this idea in their personal lives.  Together, we observed the numerous people who diligently work to move themselves into higher levels of conscious awareness. They travel worldwide to attend spiritual programs that help forward their own growth, and then come home to show people the way of oneness by offering support and nurturing.

Accepting the responsibility of such spiritual leadership means we become an example. To reach out and uplift another means we offer encouragement to a person who meets resistance in their challenging experiences. Often helping someone move forward is more powerful than getting that individual to attend a workshop or a class, which we may think shifts a person to a new point of view or gives them a push in the “right” direction. As an inter-faith, inter-cultural community, who are we to say what will forward their spiritual growth? If we raise ourselves, doesn’t that mean we transform collective humanity?

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Giving the Oneness Blessing or Deeksha

When I give a blessing, or deeksha, I feel the receiver’s emotional state. I can feel that person’s pain instantly because I am already tuned into my own ability to generate compassion. I listen to a person’s heart, feel it, drop any preoccupation I have with my own stories or dramas. Then I can extend my awareness to that person’s experience. A blessing-giver is most effective when he or she is both passionate about God and compassionate toward humanity, when he or she allows the Divine to heal in any way it sees fit. When a blessing is delivered through my hands, I feel the energy, but I know I am only a conduit. When my heart opens before I give a blessing, compassion emerges from a place that is not entirely my own but part of the Presence.

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Experiencing Energetic Shifts and Spiritual Awareness with Deeksha

Deeksha (a Sanskrit word meaning “benediction” or “initiation”) is delivered when a giver, who has the intention of being a conduit for God’s healing grace and is in a state of divine union, becomes a channel for cosmic energy. The deeksha giver places his or her hands on the recipient’s head for a few minutes and the energy is transferred. Deeksha can be used to bless a person and pull grace into their body for healing purposes.

A deeksha giver’s healing potential is directly proportionate to the power of their will. Great spiritual masters have control of their will and can project healing rays though their hands, feet, and eyes. A healer can lay their hands upon another person (each hand represents either a positive or negative pole), and the hands produce some exchange of magnetism from the energy within. But this alone is not sufficient in healing power. Healing is consciously generated and directed through a person’s hands. It is intelligent life-force energy and is most effectively directed by will. It is an alignment of a person’s will with Divine will. Grace comes through the healer who serves as a conduit. It is impossible to be healed by a person who thinks he or she is doing this type of healing. A deeksha giver is merely a vehicle for grace to come through and be transferred to another. The most skillful healers are ones who know they are big pipelines for grace and do not let their egos interfere. They always understand the source of the healing which is the “I Am” presence. They attribute the healing to the Divine through which all good works are accomplished.

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