Do you feel unloved or have difficulty creating loving relationships? How do you attract positive people who will make your life better? If you have prayed for positive change with no results, you are not alone.  Many people feel prayer produces no results, especially when they desire a loving relationship. When praying, what should you think about and why? How do you create a state of mind and heart to attract more love?

Focusing on God’s qualities first produces results. Emmet Fox, a New Thought minister, taught many people to focus on the seven main aspects of God in prayer.  This is a wonderful essay from the book Alter Your Life. He taught that to produce results in prayer, we must understand our relationship to God, and how to tune into God on a regular basis.

Let’s continue to put your thoughts in the right place, so you can learn to pray successfully and experience results!

The Third Aspect: Love

Emmet is very clear on why our prayers are not answered. The universe is governed by law, and the law cannot be broken.  There have been countless books written about Jesus as one who did not break the law of being when he performed miracles or healings. Love heals. It is the state of being we need to be in. Love should govern our lives; it is our natural state because we come from and are within a creation that is based on love. Fear, is the opposite of love, and is a destroyer.

When Jesus prayed, he fulfilled the law.  And the law is that we must have a sense of love for all involved.  We must generate a sense of love for ourselves, and for others.  We need to drench ourselves in love each day, and project it outward with positive thoughts and words.  Service to others needs to have a sense of love behind it. Love is our fuel, and we must do our best to express love in every action.  There is no exception.

God is Love.  We may think God loves us or is loving, but this view characterizes God as human.  No such human being or entity could be the totality of all infinite creation.  God is not a bigger edition of yourself.  He is not located only in your place of worship or garden. He is everywhere, dwells in all things great and small, as we already talked about. Realizing God as love, means we recognize that God’s nature is love. When you feel lack or fear, think about the nature of God as Love and feel it inside you.  See it everywhere.  Surround yourself in love. Claim divine love in others and in yourself, and what you need will come to you.

Making a Demonstration

When we talk about manifesting, or bringing about a demonstration, it means we are using prayer to draw something into our lives. How do we do this? We need to quiet our minds, and find a few moments of peace, and go within.  We need to shut off the cell phones and TV and be still. Begin to think about God.  Begin to think about the aspects of God: He is love, he is infinite, or absolute truth, intelligence, or harmony.  If it helps you to quiet your mind, meditate or read poetry or scripture you love and admire.

Do not think about your problem but give all your attention to the nature of God. Just be peaceful and think about his aspects. Then claim what you see lacking in your life, for example, a relationship or a new business partner. It can be any area you feel there is lack. Just claim it with quiet confidence, as if you were asking for anything you know will be given to you.

Believe you have received it and give thanks.  Imagine if you have been handed a beautiful gift.  How would you feel?  You would feel thankful.  You would rejoice or be emotionally touched that someone had lovingly given you a gift.  You would be excited and look forward to experiencing the gift. Put yourself in a state of gratitude for receiving what you wanted.  And keep your process to yourself. Relax, and don’t broadcast all over the internet that you are praying and making demonstrations. Have quiet patience and confidence that all is well.

Loving God More Than Your Problem

The greatest spiritual teachers in history have said that any condition can be healed with love.  When we develop an enormous sense of love and dwell in it regularly, we are projecting the highest vibration in existence. Choose to dwell in love when the going gets tough. Like attract like, which is a natural law of this universe. When we dwell in loving thoughts, and surround ourselves with positive people and circumstances, we are in a positive environment.  We attract more positivity in the form of abundance, prosperity, and loving relationships.  A loving human being does not attract strife.  Why is it true that no matter where disagreeable people are, they seem to bring negativity and unhappiness with them? It is because they carry a penchant for strife and fear. Those vibrations attract more of the same.

If you release your fears, suspicions, self-doubts, negativity, anger, judgement, or prejudice, and replace those ideas with the highest vibration of love, the world would look very different. Your life would improve. You can learn to protect yourself in the spirit of love.  In other words, do not allow people to cheat or take advantage of you. By doing so, you help them to be selfish or dishonest.  Protect yourself, but always in the spirit of divine love.

Fear and love are mutually exclusive.  When there is love present, there cannot be fear. When you enter a state of fear and worry about your problem and potential outcomes that your mind is inventing, you must think about divine love.  Shift your attention to the aspect of God that is Love. Shift your focus to love, and learn to inhale it. Meditate on love. See yourself as a loving individual and imagine being around loving people. Practice the presence of love by doing good for others with a joyful and compassionate heart. Soften your language, eliminate criticism and condemnation, and do your best to express more love each day.  Love must reside your own heart to do any good for you.

Why Your Prayers are Not Working

Emmet said that a strong belief in God as absolute truth and divine love will bring about a demonstration under any circumstances. Remember, the universe is governed by law and to fulfill the law when we pray means we have to have a sense of love for all. Love heals and is expansive.  It produces and creates.  Fear destroys and belittles us.  Fear diminishes our potential. Always find ways to express love.

When something is not right in your life, you need to see God present in that individual or situation.  See love in him or her.  If someone is ill, see the presence of God in their body. If someone is poor, see the presence of love in that person and in their situation. Claim that divine love exists in that person and in yourself. Then let go. Emmet said that a strong sense of divine truth and love applied like this, will make a demonstration. In other words, what you need will come.

God is Love

Love is inspiring, comforting, and peaceful. And the more we meditate on that, we will feel better.  We will be happier and healthier.  We will be closer to God. When things aren’t going the way we want in life, it is because we are producing energy (thoughts and actions) that give us the illusion we are disconnected from our source.  We can truly never be outside of God because God is everywhere and we are in him but mainly, we’ve lost a sense of his presence. When we are disconnected, it is easy to bring hardship upon ourselves. Think about it. Get disciplined about your outlook and thinking. And remember to dwell in love for a few minutes each day. It should be your permanent residence. This is a beautiful form of prayer, and the foundation of all positive change you wish to bring into your experiences.

Daily Practice: Practicing the Presence of God as Love

  1. Pray by thinking about love. Hold God in your heart. See love, surround yourself with love.  Surround yourself and others, and any problem you have, in love.
  2. Ask for the highest and greatest good to enter your problem or situation. Ask for peace, healing for all involved. Pray for leadership to make decisions out of love.
  3. Visualize love. Send love into your difficult situation.  Know that the most positive and perfect outcome that is harmonious for everyone involved has been done.
  4. See love as an anchor for positive change throughout the world, your neighborhood, your family, your house, and you.

Successful Prayer

Pray regularly. When you feel unloved or depressed, turn back to this aspect and see the presence of God in your life. Claim that the quality of love is with you always, and works through you. Love is in you. Love never fails, but love must be in your heart first to have any effect. You cannot attract love without being a loving individual first! Do your best to look for love in everyone and everything.  Think of love often, claim it in yourself and in others, and express it.  Practice it toward all human beings without exception.

The closer you feel to God in prayer, the more peaceful and loving you will be, and your nature will change. Therefore, to change our situations or the way we experience love in our life, we must first make change in our minds and hearts. All else will follow!

In Love and Light,

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