Do you feel certain areas in your life seem to be going wrong? Has a business deal reached a deadlock or have other conditions in your life seem to be at a standstill? If you have prayed for positive change with no results, you are not alone. Wasting time and energy in the ‘wrong direction’ to fix a problem means you need to think about God in an intelligent way.

According to Emmet Fox, a New Thought minister from the 1940’s, focusing on God qualities first produces results. His book Alter Your Life helped many people understand their relationship to God, and how to tune into God on a regular basis. This series continues to discuss Emmet’s spiritual essay The Seven Main Aspects of God.

Let’s continue to put your thoughts in the right place, so you can learn to have a successful prayer.

The Fourth Aspect: Intelligence

Prayer is thinking about God’s aspects. God is Intelligence Itself, not an intelligent being with many brilliant ways of organizing our lives.  We reside in an intelligent universe. It is efficient. Nothing is designed that is wasteful or without purpose. An intelligent universe is harmonious with all ideas working together for a reason. There are no unnecessary parts. It is perfect and complete, and everything serves an important purpose.

Attract What You Lack

If you dwell on love, life, truth, or intelligence, you are developing those qualities in yourself. As you think, so shall you be. When you think of those qualities in other people, you develop that quality in others. If you want to attract more love in your relationships, then think of yourself as a loving individual. Be loveable in your words and deeds, and practice loving kindness toward others. Stop criticizing your boss or the current political state of affairs and generate a better attitude toward others.  Recognize the good in people. You will see instant results.

To think of God as Intelligence, is to become more intelligent yourself. You will attract smarter, more efficient business dealings, and have an easier time dealing with difficult people. Know that divine intelligence works in you, through you, and through other people because they were created from the same divine substance as you.  If their acts are despicable, condemn the act, but not the human being, and realize that intelligence resides in him or her.  Their essence is the same; they are simply not awakened to their true potential.  To write off people as stupid, stubborn, lazy,  or evil doesn’t make positive change.

Most people are interested in creating a better world through a wide variety of opportunities such as education, economic self-sufficiency, or non-violence.  If you are among those who have a moment to help another individual’s situation beyond practical measures, then take time to realize the intelligence within them.  See divine love, truth, life, and intelligence within them instead of posting negative verbiage on the social media.  If enough people do it, the consciousness of all men and women will rise because the collective vibration with be closer to God’s vibration of harmony and infinite abundance. Doing this will steer everyone toward common sense and goodness.

An Intelligent Universe

If you think you are a vitally important expression of an intelligent universe, you will begin to see less limitation in your daily experiences.  Think about God as Intelligence and claim this quality lives within you. See it in others, and every activity of your life will begin to be more efficient. You will be shown better ways to perform your job. You will attract a higher quality of life, and solutions to problems that put you up against a wall will be presented. Remember, every quality you develop in yourself develops the same quality in another individual.

Everyone needs to work in conjunction with the powers of an intelligent universe, not contrary to it.  Being in awe of our ecosystem or the way the human body was designed is a good place to start. Imagine the endless collection of planets in space. Think about the sheer genius that permeates life as a whole. All of us are part of a very big, harmonious idea that is so big, it’s humbling to realize the intelligence that binds it together. Nobody is outside of this intelligence.  It is in us and works through us. Realize the quality of intelligence first in yourself, claim it, and then see the intelligence that resides in all people and situations.

Daily Practice: Practicing the Presence of God as Intelligence

  1. Think about God. Recognize that God is Intelligence Itself and has no reason to create disharmony, waste, or any inefficiencies. Your purpose on earth is to be part of a greater whole, so think about having an important role in the way the universe works.
  2. Claim that intelligence resides in you and is expressed by you. See it expressed in a difficult individual. Stop analyzing a troubling situation which seems to be unfixable. It could be about health, business, or difficult children. Realize that divine intelligence exists in that person or in that situation.
  3. Recognize God as Intelligence. Sit in this feeling for a few minutes. Have gratitude that you have this quality in yourself.

Successful Prayer

Prayer is thinking about God. Chose to dwell upon the aspects of God, not your problem.  When you do, you develop that quality in yourself and in other people around you. Be diligent and pray regularly. At a minimum, when a negative condition arises, turn back to this aspect and claim that the presence of God is at work in your life. Claim that this quality is with you always, and works through you.

The entire universe, and everything we experience, is a complex, interdependent system of thoughts.  One thing cannot change without changing another.  Therefore, to change our situations or the way we experience life, we must first make change in our minds. All else will follow!

In Love and Light,

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