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Charlene changes lives by working with the homeless

Ever wonder how you convince someone to release the past and start over on a fresh, new page in life?  How do you help a woman adopt a powerful self-image that is worthy and has meaning, not just to her children but to humanity? And how do we all align with ideas that serve the greater good and know that our presence will be felt in future generations?

The answer is probably not what you think. It’s intuitive and about embracing the truth that all of us were born with, the truth of who we are at a fundamental, spiritual level.  It is about knowing we are an individualized spark of Divine power.  That we are born with answers and possess the wisdom, no matter what our income level or education, to navigate through the complexity we call life. And we all have these answers.  The challenge is to deploy it and shift the perspective of those who feel there is no tomorrow or that life is overwhelming.  For some women, days brim over with such responsibility to move past the past, they feel the odds seem stacked against them and feel they won’t make it.

Charlene feels embracing a basic spiritual message is what propels these women to higher levels of self-awareness that lead to success. “When we understand we are equally divine as the next individual, we can begin to realize how beloved and gifted we truly are” she says.  “It’s all about embracing the I AM.”  This simple, yet powerful idea presented by mystics, sages, religious leaders, and philosophers in every wisdom tradition over the vast expanse of time is a core philosophy of The Empowerment Show, where homeless, single mothers are brought to practice the concept of affirming their connection to their Source, and visualize a limitless life.

Packed into an electronic format delivered over the internet and followed by live workshops, The Empowerment Show is an on-going educational program designed to bring 7 simple spiritual lessons from Let Your Goddess Grow! to life.  For women who have been in domestic violence scenarios, lost babies to foster care or former partners, or who have multiple children with no place to live and no means of support, it is the final boost toward creating a new life of self-reliance and economic autonomy.

For these amazing women who are moving from crisis to self-sufficiency at Lighthouse PATH, a residential women’s facility in Pontiac, Michigan, The Empowerment Show makes all the difference in the world. In conjunction with PATH, a 15 year old, non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless families, Charlene has joined the mission to keep moving women and children from poverty to independence.  With a 91% success rate, PATH has already made a commitment to provide the tools and resources to keep turning lives around.  They now send their women residents to Charlene’s Path to Empowerment Program in Bloomfield Hills Michigan.

This educational series teaches positive thinking, developing resiliency, releasing old mental programming, and how to love the true self.  It began as an electronic webinar/telelcass linking the women at the shelter with others across the nation on a weekly on-line class followed by a live, experiential workshop with Charlene. She also teaches empowerment, feeling worthy, how to release a victim mentality, and building new mental equivalents for success and prosperity.

This summer, the graduates of the PATH to Empowerment Program were given a makeover at the Tarro Art & Beauty Salon in Bloomfield Hills then asked to address a group of community leaders by stating why they were incredible women of worth.  “To hear a woman who has begun to embrace her own limitlessness is something that is passed on through future generations” says Charlene.  “Hearing them stand up and declare their own value was very emotional that day.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.” Kathleen Ritter of Avon Corporation, John Tarro, and Jon Lieckfelt of Priss Cosmetics also donated their time and energy to the transformation of these women on graduation day.

There is nothing more satisfying than showing someone their own potential… then watching them claim it as their own reality.  That is what makes this project a wondrous journey. Walk with us on The Path to Empowerment and find out how you can help a woman appreciate her own beautiful light…and love herself deeply. We are currently discussing how to empower more inner-city women, teen girls, and incarcerated women who are making a transition back to their families.

At this time, Charlene is completely funding the PATH to Empowerment Program.  Would you like to help?  If so, contact us via our contact form and find out how you can participate!