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On The Balancing Act, Lifetime television’s positive show for women, I joined My Empowerment Wednesdays to talk about how to facilitate your empowerment within the context of everyday life. What daily encounters do you have that can be reframed to strengthen your approach to family, your workplace, and your community?  What makes you more confident and feel great about who you are?

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Being at Ease with Yourself – Getting in touch with yourself leads to authenticity. We cannot lead a balanced life until we love and appreciate who we are. Article Video
Present Moment Awareness is where Empowerment begins – Life’s most important moment is NOW, not yesterday or tomorrow. When we live with conscious awareness of the beauty and magnificence of the present, we conserve energy and remain centered, even during the complexity of life. Article Video
Planning an Ascent: How Do We Create Positive Change?
Human relationships are enhanced by setting a new mental equivalent and practicing mindfulness. We can do this in at work, at home, or any place we wish to ‘rise higher.’ Changing your thought patterns will elevate your energy and attract new and better conditions in your life.
The Artemis in You
The independent, feminine spirit is personified in Artemis mythology. This imagery represents a woman who seeks her goals on a terrain of her own choosing. We need both masculine and famine qualities to achieve inner balance, the true meaning of wholeness.
Article Video
Nurturing the Heart Center
The importance of Heart/Mind balance in creating an empowered life. We cannot navigate through life through thought and logic alone; we need the feminine qualities of the heart to work in conjunction with the mind. Science factoid on how the heart communicates in a language all on its own.
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Connect to Your Food
Fall harvest is a time to fully appreciate our connection to the important things in life that sustain us: our families, friends, and food. Food is an energetic exchange between you and the Universe. A balanced outlook on life involves a symbiotic relationship with the whole. Get your children in the garden more, and less in the store.
Article Video
Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Meditate
Along with any weight loss regime, first take responsibility to create a positive self image. See yourself as healthy, wealthy, and wise. Self-love and self-appreciation are the keys to deeper, inner growth.  Love yourself from the inside-out.
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Having Gratitude for Life Having Gratitude for Life
Expressing thankfulness empowers us because when we become thankful, we are open to greater joy and richer life experiences. However, we must vibrate, or demonstrate that level of consciousness we wish to receive.
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Expressing Joy is a form of Empowerment
Each of us is a special creation, and an individualized spark of the Presence. We are meant to express our creativity because we are mini-models of the Universe, which is forever evolving and creating. Joy comes through uninhibited expressions of creativity, so let’s dance, paint, or sing and be the idea of joy.
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Open Up to Abundance! Creating a prosperous life is about mastering the process of thinking. Changing your attitude on prosperity and money can produce dramatic changes in your life. Your abundance is not determined by outside conditions but is a manifestation of your beliefs about what is possible. Article Video
Looking at Life with Wonder
Life is supposed to be an adventure. Joy is our natural state of being, so let’s practice joyfulness and recapture our delight and wonder of life’s magnificence.
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Accepting Life’s Challenges Developing resiliency and how to become stronger through adversity.  Suffering is a condition we all “move through.” We are not permanently stuck there. Humans are designed to experience grief. Adverse changes in life make us grow and give us a greater capacity to love. Article Video
Love to Learn! Life is a self development process, so never stop learning! An empowered person desires desire to serve humanity through learning. Without this attitude, it is difficult to personally or spiritually grow. Show others your desire to challenge yourself in order to serve another human being. Be humble to the process that gets you there.  Be the idea of what you wish to be, and all will follow.